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1)Match the phrasal verb "to quest for" with its Russian equivalent: А) успокаивать(ся), унимать(ся); Б) дрожать,содрогаться (от

10-11 класс


В) ссориться из-за кого-либо,чего-либо;

Г)искать, разыскивать;

Д)освобождаться, избавляться.

2) Choose the right preposition:

Did you know that Mary is enggger ...her former classmate?



B) to

3) Which sentense is correct English?

A) I love the landscape in scotland;

Б) I love the the countryside in Scotland,

В) I love the nature in Scotland

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1)Match the  phrasal verb "to quest for" with its Russian equivalent:

Г)искать, разыскивать;


2) Choose the right preposition: 

Did you know that Mary is engager ...her former classmate?

B) to


3) Which sentense is correct English? 

В) I love the nature in Scotland  


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Talk to your parther. tell your parther about your interview.

Lena has a nice kitchen.
There's a
There a are.
but there isn't a.

Сочинение по английскому на тему "Вред видео игр и нужно ли их запретить". В форме ЕГЭ. по плану: Методы первого и последнего абзаца

Метод первого абзаца:
Ваш первый пункт должен привлечь внимание и поддерживать интерес вашего читателя. Вы можете добиться этого путем:
• Обращение к читателю напрямую, Задумывались ли вы, каким был бы мир, если бы не было никаких законов?
• использование цитат / кто-то говорил / Прямой речи: Как говорится, "постоянные работы и недостаток игр сделали Джека скучным мальчиком”.
Метод последнего абзаца :
Тоже самое, что и подведение итогов и пересчета вашего взгляда, последний пункт может включать:
• дать читателю что-то рассмотреть.
• закончить задав вопрос риторический,.

1) Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple.

- Cast usually (sleep) a lot.
- We (buy) a new car last month.
- He (visit) his parents tomorrow.

2) Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect.
- Mary (love) chocolate since she was a little girl.
- He (come) home and was watching TV when she called.
- I (prepare) the documents by 9 o'clock tomorrow.

Shto znachit "Precious"?

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When Honduras exports bananas toSwitzerland, they can use the money they earn to importSwiss chocolate — or to pay for Kuwaiti oil or a vacation in H

awaii. The basic idea ofinternational trade and investment is simple: each country produces goods or services that can beeither consumed at home or exported to other countries.The main difference between domestic trade and international trade is the use of foreigncurrencies to pay for the goods and services crossing international borders. Although global tradeis often added up in U.S. dollars, the trading itself involves various currencies. Japanesevideocassette recorder is paid for in German marks in Berlin, and German cars are paid for inU.S. dollars in Boston. Indian tea, Brazilian coffee, and American films are sold around theworld in currencies as diverse as Turkish liras and Mexican pesos.Whenever a country imports or exports goods and services, there is a resulting flow of funds:money returns to the exporting nation, and money flows out of the importing nation. Trade andinvestment is a two-way street that, with a minimum of trade barriers, usually makes everyonebetter off.In a interlinked global economy, consumers are given the opportunity to buy the best products atthe best prices. By opening up markets, a government allows its citizens to produce and exportthose things they are best at and to import the rest, choosing from whatever the world has tooffer.Some trade barriers will always exist as long as any two countries have different sets of laws.However, when a country decides to protect its economy by erecting artificial trade barriers, theresult is often damaging to everyone, including those people whose barriers were meant toprotect.The Great Depression of the 1930s, for example, spread around the world when the United Statesdecided to erect trade barriers to protect local producers. As other countries retaliated, trade

1)match the two halves of these combinations

1.to lie a. dull grey
2.to get b. a tent with somebody
3.to turn c. to someone
4.to share d. in a tent
5.to smash e. lost
6.to set up f. into something
7.to talk g. tents

2)match the two halves of these sentences:
1. the sun had appeared in the sky a.before i passed the exam
2.when my father got home after work b.since the beginning of the
3.i had been learning English at school for two years second term
4.the lesson had already lasted for fifteen minutes c.before they left the campsite
5.i had know her for five years d.before we became real friends
6.my teacher said that i had missed two classes e.when i entered the classroom
f.i had already gone to bed

СРОЧНО!!! НАПИШИТЕ,ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, СОЧИНЕНИЕ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ НА ТЕМУ "a journey", с данными словами: to travel by car; to the North;not to know the way;for

the first time;to find out;I wonder if you could;to have to stop for the night;in the woods;to be cross (with);no food to eat;to be hungry;not to be able to go to sleep;to reach;to go on with the journey.

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