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Answer the questions. 1.Who is telling the story?

5-9 класс

2.Where was the writer born?
3.Where did he live in England?
4.Where was the end of the Roman territory?
5.How did the Roman boy and the Celtic girl meet?
6.Why didn't the girl die when she fell off the wall?
7.What was the girl's name?
8.Who was the girl's aunt?
9.Why was the Roman boy scared of Druids?
10.Patrick and Hilori got married,didn't they?
11.Who started the war between the Romans and the Celts?
12.What happened in yhe end?
13.What did the ring bring in this story?
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1.He has read this book.
2.Charles Dickens has written many novels.
3.I have told you the answer to this question.
4.This writer has lived in England for a long time.
5.I have seen some of his plays.
6.I have left my book at home.
7.she has cooked dinner for the whole family.
8.They have written a letter.
9.The teacher has corrected our mistakes.
10.He has done the work.


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Поставьте слова в правильном порядке,чтобы получилось предложение.

1) Reef, world, in, largest, the, is, Barrier, the, coral, the, reef, Great.
2) Australia, the, off, Sea, located, the, of, is, northeast, Reef, the, in, coast, Coral.
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7) to, corals, forbidden, from, it, any, Reef, the, take, is.

Помогите сделать кроссворд:

1 H E 2 A L T H
P 3?
4 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
A ?
5? ? ? ? 6? R ?
? A ?
7 B Y L L Y I N G ?
? C ?
? E ?
? ?
1)The condition of your body.
4) Work the teacher gives you to do at home.
5) Tests to see how much you know about a sibject.
7) Hurting or frightening a person who is weaker or younger.
2) The way a person or thing looks.
3) Angry discussions between people.
6) Being nervous in the company of others.

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Answer the questions

1) are you answering the teachers questions?
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Answer the questions.

1. Who is the main character of the story?
2. What was the duty of his clan?
3. Who was Dorell?
4. What couldn't Douglas forgive Dorell for?
5. How did Douglas and Robert the Bruce meet?
6. What did Douglas think of Robert the Bruce?
7. What did Robert the Bruce give Douglas for his help?
8. What happened in Scone Abbey on 25 March 1306?

Read the card and answer the question. 1.Who is inviting you to

the party?2.What is he/she celedrating?3. When is the party going to
begin?4.Where is the party?

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