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1. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст. Выполните задания к нему. WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL TRADE? When Honduras exports bananas to

10-11 класс

Switzerland, they can use the money they earn to import

Swiss chocolate — or to pay for Kuwaiti oil or a vacation in Hawaii. The basic idea of

international trade and investment is simple: each country produces goods or services that can be

either consumed at home or exported to other countries.

The main difference between domestic trade and international trade is the use of foreign

currencies to pay for the goods and services crossing international borders. Although global trade

is often added up in U.S. dollars, the trading itself involves various currencies. Japanese

videocassette recorder is paid for in German marks in Berlin, and German cars are paid for in

U.S. dollars in Boston. Indian tea, Brazilian coffee, and American films are sold around the

world in currencies as diverse as Turkish liras and Mexican pesos.

Whenever a country imports or exports goods and services, there is a resulting flow of funds:

money returns to the exporting nation, and money flows out of the importing nation. Trade and

investment is a two-way street that, with a minimum of trade barriers, usually makes everyone

better off.

In a interlinked global economy, consumers are given the opportunity to buy the best products at

the best prices. By opening up markets, a government allows its citizens to produce and export

those things they are best at and to import the rest, choosing from whatever the world has to


Some trade barriers will always exist as long as any two countries have different sets of laws.

However, when a country decides to protect its economy by erecting artificial trade barriers, the

result is often damaging to everyone, including those people whose barriers were meant to


The Great Depression of the 1930s, for example, spread around the world when the United States

decided to erect trade barriers to protect local producers. As other countries retaliated, trade

plumpered, jobs were lost, and the world entered into a long period of economic decline.

2. Выучите слова к тексту.

To earn – зарабатывать

To consume – потреблять

Domestic trade – внутренний рынок

International trade – внешний рынок

Currency – деньги, валюта

Goods and services – товары и услуги

To make better off – создавать прибыль

Investment – инвестированиеConsumer – потребитель

Opportunity – возможность

Price – цена

3. Закончите предложения в соответствии с содержанием текста.

1. The main difference between domestic trade and international trade is the use of foreign


2. International trade and investment usually make…

3. When a country decides to protect its economy by erecting artificial trade barriers…

4. There is a resulting flow of funds whenever…

5. Indian tea, Brazilian coffee and American films are sold…

4. Ответьте на вопросы к тексту.

1. What is the basic idea of international trade?

2. What is the main difference between domestic and international trade?

3. How can you consider trade barriers?

4. What opportunities are given to consumers in an intrelinked

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Когда Гондурас экспортирует бананы к Швейцарии, они могут использовать деньги, которые они зарабатывают, чтобы импортировать

Швейцарский шоколад - или оплачивать Кувейтскую нефть(масло) или каникулы в Гавайях. Основная идея относительно

Международная торговля и инвестиция просты: каждая страна производит товары или услуги, которые могут быть

Или использованный дома или экспортируемый в другие страны.

Главное различие между внутренней торговой и международной торговлей - использование иностранных

Валюты, чтобы оплатить товары и услуги, пересекающие международные границы. Хотя глобальная торговля

Часто складывается в долларах США, торговля непосредственно вовлекает различные валюты. Японец

videocassette регистратор оплачен за в немецких марках в Берлине, и Немецкие автомобили оплачены за в

Доллары США в Бостоне. Индийский чай, Бразильский кофе, и Американские фильмы проданы вокруг

Мир в валютах столь же разнообразный как Турецкие лиры и Мексиканские песо.

Всякий раз, когда импорт страны или товары экспорта и услуги, там - заканчивающийся поток фондов:

Возвращения денег к нации экспорта, и деньгам вытекают из нации импортирования. Торговля и

Инвестиция - двухсторонняя улица что, с минимумом торговых барьеров, обычно делает каждого

Выигрывая материально.

В связанной глобальной экономике(экономии), потребителям дают возможность покупать лучшие изделия в

Лучшие цены. Открывая рынки, правительство позволяет его гражданам производить и экспортировать

Те вещи, из которых они являются лучшими в и импортировать остальное, выбирающее, что мир должен


Некоторые торговые барьеры будут всегда существовать, пока любые две страны имеют различные наборы законов.

Однако, когда страна решает защищать ее экономику(экономию), устанавливая искусственные торговые барьеры,

Результат часто разрушителен к каждому, включая тех людей, чей барьеры предполагались к


Большая Депрессия 1930-ых, например, распространение во всем мире, когда Соединенные Штаты

Решенный, чтобы установить торговые барьеры, чтобы защитить местных производителей. Поскольку другие страны приняли ответные меры, торговля

plumpered, рабочие места были потеряны, и мир, введенный в длительный период экономического снижения.


2. Выучите слова к тексту. (Это я думаю как-то сами)

 3. Закончите предложения в соответствии с содержанием текста.

 1. The main distinction between internal trading and international trade - use foreign

Currencies dollar, euro.

2. International trade and the investment usually do(make) a revolution in system of economy, putting financial resources.

3. When the country decides to protect its(her) economy (economy), establishing artificial trading barriers the condition of market economy raises.

4. There is a coming to an end stream of funds every time when the bankrupt appears.

5. The Indian tea, the Brazilian coffee and the American films are sold for the good sum of money.



Другие вопросы из категории

do animals have any unexplained powers we are unaware of? For many years pet owners and scientists have reported examples of unusual behaviour in

animals. They say that pets can anticipate their owners leaving for trips or returning home. These animals somehow know when they are going to be fed or taken for a walk. Does this mean anything or is it just a coincidence? Maybe it has nothing to do with psychic powers, maybe pets just understand enought language to get the message? Surprisingly, little research has been done on these phenomena. However, naturalists have carried out some experiments to investigate such behaviour. The evidence suggests that pets seem to react to their owners' thoughts and intentions but the mechanism of such communication remains unknown. Another thing scientists are unable to explain is animals' sense of direction. How can pigeons find their way back home over hundreds of miles in unfamiliar places? The research into animal navigation has not helped to solve this mystery. In some experiments pigeons were taken away from home in closed vans to check whether they could remember their way. They were still able to find their way home easily. They could navigate on cloudy days and even at night which means they don't use the sun. And they couldn't smell their home because they were miles away from it. It's quit remarkable to think that many animals escaped the great Asian tsunami in 2004. Elephants in Sri Lanka moved to high ground before the giant waves struck. Some dog owners were surprised by the fact that their pets refused to go to the beach for a walk on the day of the tsunami. Some local tribes on the islands were warned by the behaviour of the animals and moved away from the coast before the disaster. But how did the animals know? They also seem to know about other disasters. Domestic animals often behave in an anxious or unusual way several hours before earthquakes strike. Similar behaviour occurs before avalanches or even explosions. The ability of animals to anticipate disasters could be of great help to people. In China, for example, the authorities encourage people to report unusual animals' behaviour and it has enabled cities to be evacuated before earthquakes, saving lots of lives. Do we have any unexplained powers? Have you ever felt like someone was staring at you while you had your back turned to them? Have you ever felt like you knew what someone was going to say before they said it or even that you were familiar with a place that ypu knew you had never been to before? These may all be indications of the powers which we might have lost just because we no longer need them: telephones and television have replaced the feelings, maps and global positioning systems have replaced the sense of direction. But still we have much to learn from animals about their nature, and about our own.

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XII.​Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст. Ответьте на вопросы после


Natasha works at the Ministry of Trade. She is a secretary of Rossvneshtrans. Their firm
does business with many countries: England, France, Spain, Italy and others. She
usually comes to her office at 9 o'clock. She types many letters, offers and other
documents during the day.
Many customers come to Rossvneshtrans every day to discuss business matters. The
secretary always meets them. She prepares everything for the talks. At the talks parties
discuss prices, terms of payment, shipment and delivery. In the evening Natasha goes to
University. She studies languages there because she wants to become a good specialist in foreign trade.
Now Natasha is at her office. She is speaking on the phone with Mr. Bill, a representative
of Bell&Co. She is writing down some details for the company manager. The manager is
preparing for the talks. He has an appointment for Monday. Bell&Co are interested in a new model of trains. The manager and his secretary are preparing different catalogues and quotations for the talks. Natasha likes her job very much.

1) Where does Natasha work?
2) When does she come to the office?
3) Who meets customers?
4) What do parties discuss at the talks?
5) When does the secretary go to University?
6) Why does Natasha study languages?
7) What is the secretary doing now?
8) What is the manager doing at the moment?
9) What models of equipment are Bell & Co interested in?

Задание 1. Перепишите предложения, употребив существительные во множественном числе и сделав соответствующие изменения:

1. That was a long story.

2. The leaf of this tree is yellow.

3. Is this a man or a woman?

4. There is a child in the garden.

Задание 2. Перепишите предложения, употребив прилагательные в нужной степени сравнения. Переведите предложения.

1. Which is (large): the United States or Cana­da?

2. What is the name of the (big) port in the United States?

3. Moscow is the (large) city in Russia.

4. The London underground is the (old) in the world.

5. There is a (great) number of cars and buses in the streets of Moscow than in any other city of Russia.

6. St. Petersburg is one of the (beau­tiful) cities in the world.

Задание 3. Перепишите предложения, подчеркнув в них местоимения. Укажите разряд местоимений. Переведите предложения.

1. Who can better know my weakness than I?

2. He has never got anything interesting to say.

3. None of those dogs are ours.

4. The child fell and hurt himself badly.

Задание 4. Перепишите предложения, раскрыв скобки и употребив глаголы в соответствующей временной форме группы.

1. He (to spend) last summer in the country.

2. He (not to spend) last summer in the country.

3. He (to spend) last summer in the country?

4. Where he (to spend) last summer?

5. She (to help) mother yesterday.

6. She (not to help) moth­er yesterday.

7. She (to help) mother yesterday?

8. How she (to help) mother yesterday?

9. Kate (to cook) dinner every day.

10. Kate (to cook) dinner tomorrow.

11. Kate (to cook) dinner now.

12. Kate (to cook) dinner yesterday.

Задание 5. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык:

В следующем году мой старший сын будет изучать иностранный язык. Вы часто ходите в театр? – Я люблю театр, но в прошлом году я не посмотрел ни одного представления. Кем была переведена эта статья? – Статью перевел наш лучший переводчик два дня назад. Как часто приносят письма? – Их всегда приносят утром.

Задание 6. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времен: Present, Past, Future Simple; Present, Past Continuous.

1. Look at these children: they (to skate) very well.

2. You (to skate) last Sunday? — Yes, we (to skate) the whole day last Sunday. We (to skate) again next Sunday.

3. My brother can skate very well. He (to skate) every Sunday. 4. What you (to do) now? — I (to wash) the dishes.

5. What you (to do) at three o'clock yesterday? — I (to have) din­ner.

6. You (to have) dinner now?

7. Where your brother (to work)? — He (to work) at an institute.

8. Your grandmother (to sleep) when you (to come) home yesterday?

9. What your brother (to do) to­morrow?

10. I (not to go) to the shop yesterday. I (to go) to the shop tomorrow.

Задание 7. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст:

Healthy Food

Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favourite food. Some people enjoy eating sweet things like cakes, chocolates and ice cream. Other people enjoy savoury foods like cheese and meet. Enjoying eating is our body’s way of making sure that is gets the things it needs to work properly. Food helps us to keep warm, talk, run and do all the other things we do. It helps us to grow and stay healthy. Vitamins also help us to be healthy. Scientists name vitamins after the alphabet. All of them are very important, for example: vitamin C keeps our skin and gums healthy. It is found in fresh fruit and green vegetables, such as oranges, blackcurrants, lettuce. Brussels sprouts and spinach also contain a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin D helps our bones to grow strong and hard, and we are able to make it for ourselves if our skin gets enough sunlight. But we can also get vitamin D if we eat fish, milk, butter, cheese and margarine. Some people buy pills and tablets containing vitamins. But most of us get more than enough of them from our food.

Задание 8. Прочитайте текст и соотнесите заголовки с параграфами

The vitamin to make your hard. Tastes differ. You can’t live without food. Vitamins and the ABC.

Задание 9. Ответьте, верны ли эти предложения.

When we enjoy eating our body gets everything to work well. ______ To get vitamins you need to buy pills. ______ Vitamin C is important for our skin. ______ You can get vitamin D only when eating special food. ______

Расставьте слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения. Письменно переведите получившиеся предложения. 0 am/from/Germany/I/.

I am from Germany._________________________________

1 from/is/not/He/Greece/.


2 favourite/is/sports/star/Who/your/?


3 a/She/is/not/film/star/.


4 Moscow/My/is/grandfather/from/.


5 Where/they/from/are/?


4 Вставьте в пробелы необходимый артикль (a, an or – ). Письменно переведите получившиеся предложения. Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму.

0 He’s _____an________ actor.

1 My father is _______________ doctor.

2 They are _______________ students.

3 Peter is _______________ architect.

4 I am _______________ student.

5 He is _______________engineer.

5 Вставьте в пробелы необходимый артикль (a, an, the). Письменно переведите текст.

I’ve got (0) ___a_____ new computer and (1) ________ old television. (2) ________ computer is in my bedroom and my brother has got (3) ________ television in his bedroom. My brother and I have got (4) ________ CD player too. I’ve got (5) ________ English CD. It’s interesting!

Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст

The Disney Story
The greatest cartoon-maker in cinema history was Walt Disney. He produced his first (black and white) Mickey Mouse cartoon in 1928. It was an instant hit with both children and adults. More cartoons followed, including `Flowers and Trees`. Then three years later Disney created his second cartoon superstar –Donald Duck. By this time he had his own studio and a large team of cartoonists. These were the people who helped to draw the thousand `cells` for `Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs`.
A magical mixture of fantasy, comedy, music and colour, `Snow White` was a landmark in a cartoon history. It was also a huge hit with international audiences, who demanded more full-length cartoons.
They say, Disney seldom praised anybody and he didn't like to show his feelings and emotions. But once when he saw a few episodes from Bambi and turned to the animators there were tears in his eyes. This was how Disney approved of their work. But it happened only twice in thirty-nine years.
Disney respected people who could make some¬thing with their hands. He especially respected the carpenter working in the studio. Although every-one called Disney Walt and he called everybody by their first name, the carpenter was an exception to the rule. Disney always called him Mr. Rogers.
When Walt Disney was making a film, he al¬ways thought not only about children but also about grown-ups. That's why he tried to touch up-on the subjects of nature and life, he wanted to make people think about life, love, justice, about good and evil powers. There were episodes in Dis¬ney's films that did not leave a dry eye in the cine¬ma. At the same time all Disney's films are full of optimism and have a happy ending. A great num¬ber of people were brought up on Walt Disney's films and they are grateful to him for these unfor¬gettable moments in their childhood.
It may seem strange that after the success in animation, Disney directed his energies to a new field — constructing Disneyland. Everybody thought that it was impossible to realize this idea but Disney saw it as continuation of what he had been doing all his life. Disneyland (in California) and Disneyworld (in Florida) receive millions of visitors every year.

2. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту
1. Who was the greatest cartoon maker in the world?
2. When did Walt Disney produce his first cartoon film?
3. What film by Walt Disney do you know?
4. What film was a huge hit with international audiences?
5. Are all Disney`s films full of optimism?
6. What people did Disney respect?
7. Where did Walt Disney direct his energy after success in animation?
8. What did he wan to make people think about?
9. What parks of attractions did he create?
10. How many visitors do they receive every year?

Помогите пожалуйста Перепишите и письменно переведите текст на русский язык. Сделайте лексико-грамматический анализ текста:

1) Выпишите из текста существительные, употребленные с неопределенным артиклем, переведите их.
2) Выпишите предложения с глаголом `to be' в роли сказуемого во временах группы Indefinite.
3) Подчеркните предложения, где используются местоимения some, any, no и их производные.
At home with SUPERMAN
Dean Cain, the 28-year-old actor who plays reporter Clark Kent and Superman in the TV series ``The new adventures of Superman'', told us about his typical day.
'I wake up at 5.00 a.m. and ten minutes later I have breakfast, which is usually five or six eggs (for protein) with onions. I leave home at about 5.30 a.m. and drive to the studio - it's an hour's drive. When I get there, at 6.30 I have a shave. Then they do my hair and make-up and I learn my lines for that day - there's never any time to read them before that.
When I'm filming I always eat rice, chicken, and vegetables two or three times a day. I finish work at about 7.30 p.m., and get home an hour later. Then I look at my mail and check my answerphone for messages. I usually have meat and pasta for dinner. I go to the gym for half an hour before I go to bed at 10.00 p.m. It isn't easy - I work hard, play hard, and sleep hard - you need discipline in my job.'

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