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Можете пожалуйста дать перевод .At my grandfather's. My sister and I enjoy living in the country, that is why we usually spend our summer holidays at

1-4 класс

our grandfather's. He lives and works in the forest - he is a forester. He lives in a small house. He has a garden. Different plants grow in his garden. It is very beautiful there. There is a lake near the house. The lake is full is fish. Near the lake there are high green hills and large fields. A lot of different flowers grow in the fields. I like forget-me-not best of all. The forest is full of mushrooms and berries. Different birds and animals live on the hills and in the forest. Grandfather knows and loves them all. He knows a lot of things about animals: where they live in winter and in summer, what they eat, what they like to do, how they teach their children and play with them. He knows all about birds too. When a bird is singing he can say what bird it is. In winter when there is not much food to eat in the forest, he gives the birds something to eat. Grandfather likes the forest. He always says that the forest is full of wonders. We like to listen to grandfather's stories about the forest's wonders. At my granny's Last summer we went to visit my granny. She has got a nice little house in the country. It is very comfortable. There is a living-room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, a hall and there are two bedrooms. There are many different flowers in front of the house and behind it, there are a lot of fruit trees too. We like to visit our granny, but we don't often go there, as we are very busy. That summer day my granny was out but w had the keys with us. I wanted to have a nice day in the country. We went there by taxi. Granny's house is very neat and nice. There are two floors. The kitchen and the living-room are on the ground floor. There is a fireplace in the living-room. I like to sit in the old rocking arm-chair by the fire in the evening. The television is also here. The bedrooms and the bathroom are upstairs. The curtains in the granny's bedroom are very nice. There is also an old framed mirror in this room. When I was a little girl I thought it is magical. The toilet is next to kitchen on the ground floor.

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У моего деда.


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Прочитать текст Dear Alex,Thank you for your letter. In summer I v/as in the country, too. In June my mum took my brother and me to the Black Sea. The sea

was blue and nice. The weather was sunny and hot. We swam and dived a lot. We saw dolphins in the sea.They were big and strong. I think dolphins are the nicest animals in the sea.In July I went to the country with my grandma. We lived on the farm. There were many green fields and a long river next to our farm. There was a green garden with apple trees behind our house. In the morning I fed hens and ducks. Then I rode a horse in the fields. I saw a lot of cows and sheep there. I like to live in the country.In August my dad and I went to Moscow. It's the capital of Russia. It's thebiggest city in our country. The streets are wide and long in Moscow. There are lots of people, cars and tall houses. One day we visited the most interesting place in Moscow — the zoo. We saw many different animals: eagles, camels, monkeys, elephants, tigers, bears and a giraffe Samson. I spent (провёл) five days in Moscow. And I was glad to come back home. Now I know "East or West home is best!" I like my friends and my old green town — Kaluga.Would you like to visit Kaluga next summer? We'll have a good time together'Write back.Your friend, Dima SokolovСлайд 2Выполни задания к тексту Закончи предложения, выбрав один вариант из трёх предложенных. 1) In June Dima went to...a) to the country. b) to the Black Sea. c) to Moscow.2) Dima liked the dolphins because...a) they were nice, big and strong. b) he fed them in the morning. c) they swam and dived a lot.Выбери правильные ответы на вопросы. 1) Where did Dima ride a horse?a) in the forest. b) in the fields. c) in the garden.2) Why was Dima glad to get back home?a) He didn't like Moscow. b) He likes to live in the country. c) He likes his friends and his old town.3. Выбери утверждение, которое не соответствует содержанию письма. a) Dima and his brother saw dolphins in the sea.b) Dima and his dad lived on the farm in July.c) Dima visited Moscow zoo in August.d) Dima was glad to come back home.

Переведите пожалуйста предложения : Gemma- I met Sophie at university / I was on my own and she came up and talked to me she's like that / What's

interesting is that we're complete opposites / She's very happy to meet new people but i'm really shy she's very sociable i'm quiet she's sporty and i'm not / But it wasn't important / we became friend's and shared a flat for two years / i'm very organizet and did most of the housework / Sophie's not very tidy and she can be lazy around the house / But she's a great cook and a really nice person / On my own alone or without other people be complete opposites be very different shy if you're shy you can't talk easily to people you don't know /
Sociable friendly and good at it share a flat live in the same flat as another person organized An organised person plans things well / A tidy person likes everything to be in the right place / opp untidy lazy / A lazy person doesn't like working / Opp hardworking /

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Помогите раскрыть скобки. I (to spend) my holidays in the country last summer. My father (to read) newspapers every day. The boys (to play) tennis

in the yard next Sunday. I (to write) a letter now. My mother (to cook) dinner every day. Look! The baby (to sleep). Children (to watch) TV yesterday. We (to visit) our friends tomorrow. Listen! The children (to sing) a beautiful song. Nick (to have) five lessons every day. They (to build) a new house by next summer. The Browns (to live) in London for twenty years. I (to swim) in the sea for two hours before the storm began. At twelve o clock tomorrow I (to read) my English book.

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