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Is eight o'clock all right with you then ? Переведите пожалуйста ?

1-4 класс

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Здесь однозначно не грамотно написано

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12 авг. 2013 г., 4:59:23 (7 лет назад)

в 8 часов вас устроит?


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Найди, обведи и выпиши знакомые тебе названия продуктов питания.

c o f f e e c (Первая строчка)
o m i l k h a(2 строчка)
r p e n a e r(3)
n g h a t n r(4)
s w e e t s p(5)
c h e e s e t(6)
b u t t e r a(7)

Read and make sentences


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Помогите! Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в нужную форму. Будьте внимательны. Некоторые из этих глаголов должны стоять в неличной форме

(причастие или инфинитив, остальные - в форме Present Simple), Present Continuous или в повелительном наклонении.

1. ... (not / look up) the words in the dictionary. It is ... (prohibit).
2. ... (you / listen) to the radio, or can I turn it off?
3. Tom never ... (drink) coffee.
4. Nobody ... (know) the answer to this question.
5. None of my friends ... (sleep) now.
6. Most of my classmates ... (study) well.
7. ... (make) noise. The baby ... (sleep).
8. He ... (be) always glad ... (see) me. I like ... (meet) him as well.
9.What... (you / do)? - I ... (write) a letter to my friend). I ... (write) to him twice a week.
10. Paul ... (not / like) classical music). He never ... (listen) to it. He ... (listen) to rock music. At the moment he ... (listen) to Pammstein.
11. Few of my friends ... (be good) at English. They think they ... (not / need) it.
12. Paul and Mary ... (stand) by the window. They ... (talk) aabout they weather. They often ... (talk) about the weather because they never ... (know) what ... (talk) about.
13. Look! It ... (snow)! The ground and the roofs ... (be) all write!
14. Ben ... (be) a bus driver. He ... (drive) a nice coach). He ... (not / drive / often) a car. But now he ... (drive) his own "Niva".
15. Ted! You look ... (exhaust)! What time ... (you / go) to bed?
16. My daughter usually ... (go) (sleep) at half past ten. But it is a quarter to eleven now and she ... (not / sleep). She ... (finish) her report on history.
17. What an ... (excite) story it is!
18. The more he ... (learn) Ffrench, the more new words he ... (come) to know.
19. There ... (be) no money in Ann's purse. She ... (phone) her cousin to borrow a little. Generally, she seldom ... (ask) people for money as she .... Iearn) a lot.
20. It is eight o'clock in the morning. We ... (have) breakfast. We always ... (have) breakfast at this time.

I am so excited to right to you! I am a ten year old girl from Alexander Elementary in Katy,Texas. I love doing interesting sports, but I would say

that my 2 favorite sports, are soccer and swimming. My whole family is crazy about them but when it comes to me. I look more intrested than them. Not too many things are happening at the time except that I rarely see my father because he is in Brazil. I was born on March 17,2001 in Anchorage, Alaska, I have one brother who is older than me with my mom and dad. I am very talented at soccer and swimming, but not in math. I love reading and learning science with my awesome teacher, I also like puzzles that are almost impossible. Now that I have told you about my self, I will ask you a faw questions. Do you play any sports? Do you have any brothers, or sisters? What do you like to do on your free time?

Переведите пожалуйста, а то у меня какая то ерунда получается!!

переведите пожалуйста текст The mice chased every elephant out of the palace. But now the poor king was right back where he started (пришел к тому, с чего

он начал)! Mice! Mice! They were everywhere! Mice! Mice! Eating his cheese! "What can I do?" the king thought. For three long days the king sat and asked himself that question. After three days of thinking, he thought of the only answer. The king called all the mice together. "Listen, mice, let's make a deal (давай договоримся)," said the king. "I'll learn how to get along with you (уживаться с вами). And you'll learn how to get along with me." From then on (c тex пop), the king shared his cheese with the mice and the mice learned to eat with very nIce manners.

помогите пожалуйста)Ticket 7

текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа.

They Mixed up Everything

young men came to a little station in the country and asked when the train to
London was leaving. They were told that it was leaving at eight o’clock. “Oh, we have a lot of time,’ said one of them.
Let’s go to the bar and have a drink. So they went to the bar, took a drink.
They forgot about the time and when they came to the platform their train had
left. They saw the station master on the platform. They went up to him and
asked, “When is the next train to London, please?” “Trains to London leave
every hour”, said the station master. “Oh,
all right,” said the three friends, “We
have a lot of time. Let’s go to the bar and have another drink”. They went to
the bar and forgot about the time again. So when they came to the platform they
didn’t see the train. It had gone. “The last train to London will leave at ten
o’clock and if you miss it, you will have to wait until the morning”, said the
master. “Oh, it’s O.K.”, said the
young men and went to the bar again. Of course they forgot about the time again
and when they came to the platform the ten o’clock train was just leaving. They
rushed along the platform trying to catch the train. Two of them ran very fast
and managed to jump on the steps of the last carriage. But the third man
remained on the platform.

Amelia Bedelia looked in all the stores. She cam to a dress shop. It had HELP WANTED sign in the window. Amelia Bedelia went into the store. "What kind

of help is wanted? " she asked. "Sewing help", said the lady. "Can you sew? " "Yes", said Amelia Bedelia. "I am very handy with a needle". "Then come with me", said the lady. She took Amelia Bedelia into a back room. "Please shorten these dresses. They are already marked", said the lady. "All right", said Amelia Bedelia. The lady left her. "I don't need to sew to do this", said Amelia Bedelia. She took the scissors and shortened those dresses. Amelia Bedelia went back to the front of the store. "I'm finished", she said. "What is next? " "Finished! " said the lady. "How could you be? "

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