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Написать письмо о школе твоей мечты. !00-120 слов.

5-9 класс

Anely 10 окт. 2014 г., 4:50:11 (3 года назад)
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10 окт. 2014 г., 7:25:18 (3 года назад)

The school of my dream is a big, brilliant school with wide corridors. There are new chairs and desks. There is a sport centre with good swimming pools. There is a big and beautiful park around the school. There is a nice and tasty food. There students spend a lot of time together. They help each other. There is a very interesting school life. Students often go for walks, on excursions, to museums and theatres. There are kind, intelligent and responsive teachers. Students go to lessons at ten o’clock. They like to study very much.

I would like to be happy at the school.


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