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5-9 класс

Fight, depends, prepare, God, turkey, round, since, discoverer, sail, discovered, harvest, gold, tailor, dangerous, independence, states, stripes, colors, blue, stars, dangerous

The ship … … … for America in two weeks.
Columbus was a great … … …
Christopher Columbus … … … in America in 1492.
The Earth was … … …
People often have … … … for Christmas dinner.
You can read about … … … in a Bible [‘baibl]
He has lived in Moscow … … … 1992
The first people in “New England” had a large … … … of vegetables
They … … … turkey for the dinner.
One of the … … … animals of India are tiger.
My trip to the country … … … on the weather.
It was … … to live in the Wild West.
I have many … … … coins in my collection.
Boys mustn’t … … … with girls.
The Americans fought … … … for their … … … from England
Levi Strauss was a … … …
The American flag is red, white and … … …
There are 13 … … … on the American flag.
There are fifty … … …on the American flag.
There are fifty … … … in the USA.
There are three … … … in the American flag


Buy Beautiful Poor Interesting Good

Weak True Easy Fast Strong

Cheap Happy Miss a bus Downstairs Wet

Clean Long Short Old Busy

Behind Round Comfortable Big Cold
[0:48:12] Мария:*: 7. Вставьте верное слово в каждом пропуске: tooth, men, women, children, teeth, man, woman, child,

This … is an engineer. These … are workers. This … is my mother. Those … are my aunts. This … is four. He does not go to school. The baby has got only one … My dog’s … are white and big.

8. Вставьте вместо точек пропущенные слова.

1. Sam … in London. (live)

2. He … two small children.(have)

3. Jane … not … in Britain.(live)

4. She … not … up early(get)

5. Henry … his breakfast at half past seven (have)

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1. starts, discoverer, discovered, round, turkey, God, since, harvest, prepare, dangerous. depends, dangerous, gold, fight, states, independence, tailor, blue, stripes, stars, states, colors

2. sell, ugly, reach, boring, bad, strong, false, hard, slow, weak, expensive, sad, catch a bus, upstairs, dry, dirty, short, long, new, free

7.man, men, woman, women, child, tooth, teeth

8. lives, has, doesn't live, hasn't get, have had


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do you think people will still do in another 100 years` time? Can you make
predictions about people’s life style in the future?

Помогите плиз очень срочно!!!

Ariau Towers Hotel.
What’s a holiday in the Amazon rainforest like? Well, come to Ariau
Towers Hotel in Brazil and find out! The hotel is next to the beautiful
Rio Negro, or “black river”, and it is 60km from Manaus, the largest
city in theAmazon. But it’s not the location that makes the hotel
unique. The hotel is 10-20 metres above the rainforest floor. That’s
right, it’s a hotel in the trees! The hotel has got eight large wooden
towers with rooms for guests and many small tree houses. Eight
kilometres of bridges join the different areas of the hotel. So, when
guests at Ariau want breakfast, they don’t go downstairs.They have to
leave their rooms and walk along small wooden bridges to the Ariau
restaurant! So, what can you do high up in the trees in the Amazon
rainforest? Well, like any normal hotel, Ariau has got big swimming
pools, an Internet café and shops. And simply walking around the hotel
is like being in a huge zoo! You can watch the colourful parrots and
monkeys in the trees of the rainforest. Then there are extraordinary
activities for guests to try. Guests can swim with dolphins, take aboat
ride to see alligators or go on a rainforest tour and learn which plants
they can use as medicine. At the end of the day, guests can have dinner
in one of the hotel’s restaurants and they can try lots of delicious
Brazilian meals. After dinner is a good time for guests to have a coffee
in a tree-top café and watch the wildlife. Guests can sit outside, but
they have to watch out for the playful monkeys. They like to eat the
hotel food too! At Ariau Towers, the staff want guests to feel welcome
and have an amazing experience. Experienced staff that speak many
different languages also teach guests about the importance of the
environment and wildlife. Guests at Ariau have a great time. They can
also learn something if they want, too!

The above text is typical of

ответьте пожалуйста буквально 6-8 предложений:Talk about your last summer holidays.Say:where you spent your summer holidays;what you liked doing during

your summer holidays. Talk about your first day at school.Say:what you did the first morning;what you did after the lessons. talk about your favourite school club.Say:what clubs you have got at your school;wgat club(s) you joined and what you do in your club.

Напишите правильный вариант.

1.The dog......(like/likes) to run.
2. The dogs......(like/likes) to run.
3. The cat......(love/loves) the kittens.
4. I......(want/wants) to be a doctor.
5. The kitten......(jump/jumps).

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Fill in the right words.

1) My trip to the country .... on the weather.
2) It was .... to live in the Wild West.
3) I have many .... coins in my collection.
4) Boys mustn't .... with girls.
5) The Americans fought for their .... from England.

Task 1.Fill in the blanks with the following verbs: get/getting, go/going, watch/watching, rain/raining, drive/driving.

1.What time do you usually… up in the morning?
2.Where are you…?- To the shop.
3.Did you… television last night?
4.Put up your umbrella. It’s… .
5.The police stopped her because she was… the car too fast.
Task 2.Choose the correct answer for each of the sentences:
1.If his nose were smaller, he … very handsome. a) would be b) was
2.I would come if I … a car. a) would have b) had
3.If she hadn’t told him, he … . a) will never find out b)would have never found out
4.If I … about it, I would have told you. a) know b) had known
5. I wish I … win the competition. a) could b) have
6. He wishes we … good friends. a) are b) were
Task 3. Choose the correct modal verb for each of the sentences:
1.When I was 5, I … speak English. a) can b) will be able to c) could
2.Kate is a very talented girl. She… sing and dance. a) could b)can c) was able to
3.I think I… to the party on Friday. a) will able come b) will be able to come c) will come
Task 4. Turn the following sentences into reported speech using the words in brackets:
1.”You should go to the doctor.” ( my mum/advise)
2.”Open the window,please.” ( our teacher/ ask)
3.”Don’t be late!” ( his dad/ tell)
4.”Let’s go to the theatre.” ( my friend/ suggest)

Fill in the missing words.

1)Doctors use a special .... when they talk about medicine.
2)Where did you buy this ..... for children?
3) The baby*s .... is very small, he knows only ten words.
4)There is a .... at the end of the book. You can find all the difficult words there .
5)What famos .... of the English language do you know?
6)This book is a German-English ... .
7) Pupils write the new English words in their .... .
8) When you open a ... you can learn a lot about words.

1. Fill in the correct word.

* dusting, * cake, * phone, * decorations, * homework, * celebrate, * fireworks, * tea,
* gardening, * flowers, * costumes
e.g. Everyone’s getting ready to celebrate the New Year’s Day.

a) Att Halloween, we all wear strange …..
b) Susan is doing the ….. She loves plants and flowers.
c) He loves to watch the ….. in the sky on Guy Fawkes’s Night.
d) Are you thirsty? Molly is making some ……
e) He gives his mother …… on her birthday.

2. Chose the correct item.
e.g. It’s a great party! Come …. And have some fun.
A over B under C to

2.1. The house is very messy. You can help me to ……
A work B take C clean

2.2. The New Year’s Day, we like to ….. TV.
A listen B watch C eat

2.3. This is a great game. Why don’t you ….. in?
A join B go C come

2.4. She wants to play a game of ….. chairs.
A talented B musical C dramatic

2.5. I love it when we ….. gifts.
A exchange B lose C return

3. Underline the correct word.

e.g. It is/are raining today

3.1. They is/are having a party.
3.2. She is/are washing the car.
3.3. They is/are watching a film.
3.4. Is/Are she listening to the radio?
3.5. Is/Are you eating my sandwich?

Put the scrambled paragraphs in the right order. 1) Shannon concentrated and did her best. She worked hard, and her teammates

appreciated her for it. She always had a positive attitude and encouraged her teammates to work harder and do their best. But that day, Shannon twisted her ankle and fell down. She cried out in pain, which was unusual for Shannon. She rarely cried. Everyone rushed over to see if she was okay.2) So, the whole team climbed aboard the school bus and the coach took them all out for ice cream. As she licked her mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, Shannon said, "Today, I love basketball practice more than ever!"3) Coach always started practice the same way. They ran ten laps around the gym and then stretched out. They then practiced shots. (Shannon usually sank most of hers!) Then the coach introduced new drills. Then they practiced the plays they used in games.4) One of her teammates ran to get ice for her ankle. (Ice helps with the swelling.) The others helped her off the court and she sat down to rest. The coach asked Shannon if she was okay. She said, "I am fine. Ankles heal." The coach shook her head. "Shannon," she said, "As usual, I am impressed with your attitude and team spirit. In honor of Shannon, we should all go get ice cream!”5) Shannon loved basketball. She loved everything about basketball. Shannon always looked forward to basketball practice. She enjoyed the workout. She enjoyed the competition. She enjoyed the time with her teammates.

The parts of the following text are all mixed up.
Put them in the right order.

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