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исправте ошибки (граматические) в предложениях : 1. The Williams usually have three meals a day . 2.He often goes to

5-9 класс

North America, but he never was in South America .

3. I have not bought the ticket yesterday .

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1. The Williams  have three meals a day .
2.He often  to North America, but  never was in South America .
3. I have  bought the ticket yesterday 


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1)do you need____help with your work
2)it's cold.don't open___windows.
3)i need___information about trains to kyiv.
d)a few
4)i want___glass of water.

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When we have a holiday my mum usually cook's nice food. We usually lay the table nicely with a new tablecloth, clean plates, spoons and forks. We usually

sit down at the table together. We often smile and make jokes. We discuss interesting problems. We always say: "Help yourself" and "Thank you". We usually enjoy your dinner. But sometimes I prefer to eat fast food. I eat a pizza, ice cream and yoghurt for my dinner. I have a glass of juice. I like to eat while lying on the bed in my room. We usually have three meals a day. They are: breakfast, dinner and supper. I have breakfast at 9 o'clock at home. It is usually a sandwich and glass of coffee. For dinner I have soop and glass of juice. I prefer eat biscuit and drink a cap of tea for supper. I don't like hunny, fish and milk. проверьте текст плиз исправьте грамматические ошибки...там лишние артикли или пропущенные..

Помогите, срочно нужно.

Как читается этот текст:

Meals In Russia

Each country has its own traditions of
cooking and national dishes. Russia is mainly a northern country with harsh
winters, so food there is the source of energy and warmth. The essential
components of Russian cuisine are bread and wheat products, vegetables, dairy
produce, meat and fish. Russians usually have three meals a day: breakfast,
dinner and supper. Breakfast is a quick meal, as the majority of people are in
a hurry for work or school. It may contain a sandwich or two, an omelette, a
cup of tea or coffee. Some people eat porridges or cornflakes in the morning.
Dinner is a more sufficient meal. It is usually in the afternoon and may
contain fresh salad, soup, main course and a glass of compote – stewed fruit
drink. Typical Russian soups are shchi, solyanka, rassolnik, ukha. One of the
people’s favourites in summer is okroshka – cold soup based on kvas or sour
milk. Traditional Russian salads include Olivier and vinegret. Supper is served
in the evening, when everybody comes home after work or studies. It is the
second largest meal after dinner and it usually consists of the main course and
dessert. Russians like meat and fish dishes, such as pelmeni, kotlety,
shashlyk. Pelmeni are similar to dumplings with meat. Kotlety are like
meatballs with spices. Shashlyk is a marinated meat grilled on a skewer. After
nourishing dinner Russian people like to drink hot tea with jam or honey.
Sometimes they cook blini or syrniki for the dessert. It is worth mentioning
that Russians practice various techniques of preserving food, such as drying
mushrooms and herbs, canning fruit and vegetables. Thus, in winter they can
have a piece of summer goodies.

Put questions to the underlined words. My mother runs the house perfectly. 2. Mr Short is a nice man. 3. My students are

very nice. 4. John and Dick are playing tennis. 5. They run for the bus every morning. 6. We like English tea. 7. Louisa has got a very interesting job. 8. I have dinner at 7 o’clock in the evening. 9. Babies usually have five meals a day. 10. There is a round table and five chairs in the middle of the room. 11. These are my postcards. 12. Jill goes to work by bus.

Помогите Пожалуйста.......

Помогите пожалуйста измениить эти предложения в отрицательные и вопросительные плиз ))

4) I have breakfast at 7 o clock
5) I leave home at half past 7
6) I take a bus to the institute
7) it usually takes me about 15 minutes to get there.
8) Classes begin at 8
9) My usually have 4 classes a day
10) he goes to school at 1 o clock

Write the following sentences

a). in the negative , b). in the interrogative
1. Sne knows the rule well.
2. He usually has breakfast early.
3. These flowers look fresh.
4. It is cold today.
5. He has coffee in the evening.
6. He plays chess better than his brother.
7. She leaves home at 10 o'clock every day.
8. Ann misses you badly .
9. They feel very cold.
10. Tom looks sick.
11. They harvest grapes in March.
12. That train goes very fast.
13. The teacher is pleased with your answer.
14. Most people have three meals a day.

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