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Choose the right form of the verb to make the sentences complete.

5-9 класс

1)I can't give you John's article now.It (is translated/is being translated).
2)We couldn't get in because the rooms (were painted/were being painted).
3)When your granny was a little girl,computer games(were not played/were not being played).
4)In England milk and newspapers (are brought/are being brought)to the door of your cottage.
5)At the moment a new bridge (is built/is being built)across the river.
6)I can't give you any information about the project.It(is discussed/is being discussed)now.
7)Christmas and Easter (are celebrated/are being celebrated)in many European countries.
8)Such cakes (are made/are being made) easily.
9)What about the hall?-When I entered the house it(was decorated/was being decorated).
10)Everybody was busy.The rooms(were prepared/were being prepered) for the arriving guests.HALP ME

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1)is translated


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Пожалуйста раскройте скобки и вставьте глаголы в правильной форме (Спасибо!)

I Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense form
When Mr Smith 1 _________ (get up) in the morning the weather was very bad. It 2
_______ (be) very bad. It 3 _________ (be) cold outside and it 4 _________ (rain)
heavily. He was about to leave for his office when he 5 __________ (find) that all his
umbrellas 6 _________ (be) out of order. So he 7 __________(take) his umbrellas to the
umbrella-maker and 8 __________ (say) that he 9 _________ (come) back and take them
in the evening. In the afternoon Mr Smith 10 _________ (go) to have lunch at a restaurant.
A lady and 11 __________ (come) in 12_________ (sit) down at his table and 13
________ (have) lunch. Mr Smith 14 ________.(leave) earlier. By mistake Mr Smith 15
_________ (take) her umbrella and 16 ________ (go) to the door. However, the lady 17
_______ (ask) him to give her umbrella back. "Oh, I 18 ________ (be) sorry," 19
_________ (say) Mr Smith. In the evening Mr Smith 20 _______ (take) his umbrellas
from the umbrella-maker and 21._________ (get) on the train. The young lady 22
__________ (be) on the same train too. She 23 _________ (look) at his umbrellas and 24
_________ (say), "You 25 ________ (have) a good day, ________ you?"

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1. Choose the correct form of the verbs

When you...Brian again, you...him
a)Will see, won't recognize b) will see, not recognize c)see, won't recognize d)see, will not recognize .
2. Complete the sentence with appropriate modal verb :
Whatever you do, you...touch that switch.It's dangerous.
a)don't have to b)mustn't c)needn't d)shouln't
3.Choose the rifht variant:
I put...salt in the soup. Prhaps too...
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Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ... ?
a)any b)something c)some d)anything
5.Choose the rifht variant:
The cinema was almost empty. There were very ... people there
a)few b)a few c)little d)a little
6.Choose the corect form of the verbs:
The swimming pool ... at 9.00 and ... at 18.30 every day
a)is opening, is closing b)open, close c)opens, closes d)has opened, has closed
7.Choose the right conjunction:
Can you look after my flowers ... I am out?
a)until b)while c)as soom as d)when
8.Choose the right variant:
I wish my room... larger
a)to be b)was c)were d) will be
9.Insert the correct preposition:
I congratulated Jane... passing the exam.
a)on b)about c)for d)of
10.Choose the right variant:
I don't...money. It's not important to me.
a)care of b)care for c)care about d)care with

TEST (Variant II)1. Choose the right variant of the Reported Speech.1. “We can’t remember where we put our passports,” said Richard.a) Richard said they

couldn’t remember where they had put their passports.b) Richard said they couldn’t remember where they put their passports.2. “You don’t keep your flat warm enough,” said Jack.a) Jack said I didn’t keep my flat warm enough.b) Jack said you didn’t keep your flat warm enough.3. “He doesn’t get on with his stepma,” said Sam.a) Sam said that he doesn’t get on with his stepma.b) Sam said that he didn’t get on with his stepma.4. “Who is going to give a talk?” asked Fred.a) Fred asked who is going to give a talk.b) Fred asked who was going to give a talk.5. “When can I see Mr Marcony?” Charles asked the secretary.a) Charles asked the secretary when could he see Mr Marcony.b) Charles asked the secretary when he could see Mr Marcony.2. Choose the right variant of the Direct Speech.1. I asked the boy not to make such a fuss.a) I said to the boy, “Don’t make such a fuss.”b) I asked the boy, “Not make such a fuss.”2. The teacher ordered the pupils to open the books.a) The teacher to the pupils: “To open the books!”b) The teacher to the pupils: “Open the books!”3. Jacky asked Pat if she would spend her holidays in Russia.a) Jacky said to Pat, “Will you spend your holidays in Russia?”b) Jacky said to Pat, “If you spend your holidays in Russia?”4. He asks if I am an actress.a) He says, “Are you an actress?”b) He says, “Do you an actress?”5. The teacher asked the boys not to talk very loud.a) The teacher to the boys, “Doesn’t talk very loud.”b) The teacher to the boys, “Don’t talk very loud.”3. Choose the right answer.1. She said that she … twenty years old the following Friday.a) will be b) would be c) was2. Liz says she … the film.a) already saw b) had already seen c) has already seen3. Mr. Green told the children … so much noise.a) don’t make b) not to make c) not make4. Our children said they … school.a) don’t like b) didn’t like c) won’t like5. She asked me if I … my dinner.a) enjoyed b) enjoy c) have enjoyed

Complete the sentences choosing the right form of the verb to be (has been,have been,had been).

1)I am absolutely sure that a lot of recent programmes...devoted to the globalproblems of our time.
2)The teacher explained to us that the BBC ... formed in Britain according to the monarch's order.
3)Lately a lot of old feature films ... shown on "Culture"channel.
4)A new remake of my favourite cartoon ... just ... shown on TV.
5)They said the books ... published several years before.
6)This TV programmes ... introduced lately.I haven't seen it yet.
7)Such video clips ... never ... enjoyed by old people.
8)This concert ... just ... recorded.Now my parents can listen to it.
9)Alice said the books ... not ... bought yet.We can't find the shop where they are sold.
10)They told us the new school ... built in our street.

помогите очень надо!!! Choose the right form of the verb to make the sentences complete. A.1.Such long bridges seldom(are built/are being built).2.Excuseb

the mess .The house(is painted/is being painted).3.I can`t give eou the articles now.They (are translated/are being translated).4.Room 47 is not ready yet.It (is cleaned/is being cleand).5.At the moment a new road (is built/is being built) round the city.6.Such books (are not translated/are not being translated)easily.7.We are expecting guests.Tables(are land/are being laid).8.Your room will be ready soon.The beds (are made/are being made). B.1.John said they couldn`t take photos.The camera (was repaired/was being repaired).2.When they arrived home the walls of the dining room (were painted/were being painted).3.We couldn`t get inside.the floors (were washed/were being washed).4.Computer games (were not played/were not being playrd)when I was your age.5.Last summer this edition of the novel(was not sold/was not being sold).6.When Mr Brown phoned,the article still (was translated/was being translayed).7.When I live in Germany,newspapers (were brought/were being brought)to us early in the morning.8.I entered the hotel at.8.Everybody was busy.Rooms (were prepared/were being prepared) for the arriving guests.

V. Read the story and choose the right form of the verbs: 1. I (have been / was) to so many interesting places in Britain! 2. The Tower of London, for

example. They (build / built) it 900 years ago. 3. Look at the picture. My father (is taking / takes) part in the famous marathon in London. 4. It is not my first trip to Britain. I (visited / will visit) London and Edinburg two years ago. 5. My parents and I (came / come) to see the festival in Edinburg. They (do / will do) it nearly every year. 6. We (stayed / stay) in London only for five days. But we (are / were) going to Britain for a longer trip next summer. 7. My brother (has gone / went) to Britain last year. He (studies / is studying) biology at the University of Oxford. 8. My parents and I (visit / visited) him last year. I (have liked / liked) Oxford very much.

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