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Use words from above to complete the sentences. Use words from above to complete the sentences.1. The amount of ________ in the air can be bad

5-9 класс

for our health.2.Sam had to change the ________in his torch.3. My uncle has given me a calculator that is____________.4. A lot of rubbish is caused by _______ being thrown away.5. We can save a lot of _______ by turning lights off.6. Rocks, rivers and the air are all part of our______.

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1) carbon dioxide
2) lamp
4) garbage
6)environment или nature


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20 за правильные все ответы) прошу помочь) Ex-1 1)Use the words below to complete the

sentences. There are three words you do not need to use.

-connect - link - frozen - transfer - join - memory - domload - deleted - connection - virus -split

Вставить слова в предложения:

1)Oh,no ! I've accidentally ..... all the photographs on my hard disk! 2)Let me make a copy of these files before you .... them to your computer.3) The reason why your computer is so slow is that it needs more.... 4)Is there a problem with the network? I can't ..... to the Internet. 5)I need to buy a new mobile phone. I've water on my old one, and it's stopped working. 6)Click on this ..... to go tothe international site of the online store. 7) I think your computer has a... You'd better run a full scan . 8) What's wrong with the screen? It's been .... for the last ten minutes.

Ex 2-Form nouns from verbs and translate.






Ex 3- Match the phrasal verbs to their definitions and then use them in their correct form to complete the sentences.

1)break down =2)break into =3)break up =4) break out= 5) break out of

A go into a building by force to steal sth B escape from a place C stop having a relationship with sb D start happening E stop working

1)The police stopped cars on the motorway in search of the criminal who had ..... the local prison. 2)Fighting .... between opposing football fans after last night's game. 3) The couple .... but got back together a month lated . 4)When her car .... she called a local garage to ask for help. 5) The poloce are looking for two men who were filmed as they were ...... an electrical shop lats night.


1)Don't call Jessica tomirriw morning ; she..... a tennis lesson. a) will be having b) is having c) will have

2)Send me a copy of the photographs.... I can show them to my friends. 1)in order b)so that C) in case

3)James stopped playing his video game... he heard his mum at the door. a) while b) by the time c) as soon as

4)I don't like my next-door neighbor; she's ... nosy woman! a)such a b)such c)a so

5)Can we watch the parade when we... to the Carnival? a) are going b)go c)Will go

6)It's not worth going to the footbal pitch now; the game.... by the time we get there. a)wil have started

b)Will start c)Wil be starting

GRAMMAR Open the brackets to make the sentences complete. Present Perfect, Past Perfect or Future Perfect? My brother writes that he … just … back from Lon

don. a) has … came; b) has … come; c) had … come When Charlie … painting he decided to show his pictures to the father. a) Will finish; b) had finished; c) has finished 3. By half past seven they … supper yet. a) hasn’t have; b) will not had; c) will not have had 4. I promise that by the end of the day I … my homework. a) will have done; b) had done; c) has do 5. wait, I’ll go and see if she … out. a) will have gone; b) has gone; c) has go 6. … you ever … any tropical fruit? a) Have … taste; b) Will have … tasted; c) Have … tasted B. Put in articles where necessary. 1. They have built … new house at … end of our road. 2. … England lies to … north of France. 3. I’d like to become … engineer. 4. English is … global language nowadays. 5. … sun is shining so brightly but there are … clouds in … sky. 6. Would you like to go to … university with me? VOCABULARY Complete these sentences using “ around, out, over, inside out” I turned … and saw my sister near the shop. He turned … his pockets but didn’t find any money. Sam turned … to be a very good friend. Bill was turning … the pages of his magazine without reading. In few seconds the monster turned … the mouse and the cat ate him. Choose the right word to complete the sentences. Jane left (home/house) at. What a beautiful ( home/ house) stands on the hill over there! Andrew said that he would come back (home/ house) at the end of July. Aren’t your parents in Germany? – No, they are (at home/ in the house). (Home/ House) becomes (home/ house) when you speak of it as the place you live in. CULTURE Choose the right information: Swan Upping and Highland Games are … holidays. winter; b) autumn; c) summer; d) spring … has two birthdays in Britain. Prime Minister; b) Gay Fawkes; c) the Queen The Vikings came to Britain in ships and took away … . Gold, animals and sometimes people; b) gold and people; c) only people Carols have been written as hymns celebrating the birth of … . The Queen; b) Jesus Christ; c) new Church Christ The Queen Elizabeth II has … . Three sons and one daughter; b) four sons; c) two sons and one daughter

(1) Insert the right words to complete the sentences with the verb to run.

1. He ran_to sea at the age of fourteen and never returned home. 2. She doesn't like your success;
that's why she's always running you_. 3. The electric battery won't work. It has run_. 4. Our
food will soon run_. 5. A small rabbit has been run_by a bus. Poor little thing! 6. I'm afraid
we have run_of petrol.
(2)Complete the sentences using the ideas in brackets.
I. Ask the teacher when (вы будете писать тест) 2. If they (отошлют письмо завтра), you'll
get it at the end of the week. 3. (Если ты будешь бормотать стихотворение себе под нос), nobody
will hear you. 4. (Если он пообещает прийти вовремя), he will come. 5. Ask him (когда он
придёт). 6. It will be a gloomy day tomorrow, (если погода не изменится).
(3) Fill in the articles where necessary.
1. Brazil exports a lot of_coffee. 2. Gold is_metal. 3. Jane always has_light breakfast in
the morning. 4._lunch that was served yesterday was really very good. 5. Shall we go for_walk
after_supper? 6. Would you like _ ice-cream? 7. Pas me_sugar, please. 8. Has she ever eaten_
brunch? 9. Do you like_fish and chips?
(4)Open the brackets to make the story complete.
The Lion And The Stoat1
Far away in a small country, there lived two artists - a stoat and a lion. They (be)1 both good
painters, but each of them (think)2 that he (can)3 (paint)4 better. One day the lion (say)5 to the stoat, I
(paint)6 pictures for ten years next month. (Kleet)7 me in the market square in a month at 110011. Each of
us (bring)8 a painting and the public (be)9 the judge." The stoat (agree)10.
On the day of the contest the whole town (come)" to the market place. The two paintings
(hang)12 on a wall, each (cover)13 by a curtain. "I (show)14 my painting first," (cry)15 the lion, and he
(draw)16 back the curtain. The crowd (begin)17 (clap)18 . Suddenly some birds (fly)19 down to the
painting and (try)20 to peck 'at the grapes in the picture.
"I (win)21," (roar)22 the lion. "My painting (look)23 so real that it (fool)24 the birds! And what
(be)25 behind that curtain of yours?"
The stoat (smile)26. "There (be)27 no curtain. It's my painting of a velvet curtain. The grapes in
your picture (fool)28 the birds and my picture (fool)29 you."

I. Choose the right word to complete the sentences.1. Excuse me, could you (do/make) me a favor and watch my bags for a moment? 2. Have you(done/made) any

progress on that report yet? 3. We need to buy (fruit/fruits) and vegetables.4. I have just bought a good (dictionary/vocabulary). I’m sure it will be helpful. 5. What is the(last/latest) news? 6. Do you know that our neighbour’s (older/elder) daughter is a ballet dancer?7. Have you got any (farther/further) questions? 8. The (next/nearest) train to London is at 10.00. 9. Thecontents of this story (is/are) very unusual. 10. You can get (any/either) book you like in our library.II. Complete the sentences giving English equivalents.1. The ship (экипаж) were all saved when the ship went down under the water.2. John’s sister (оказалась) to be a very rude girl.3. Let’s (отправимся) on a trip before it gets dark.4. I forgot to turn off the tap and the water (перелилась) the sink.5. My dog and my cat (ладят) with each other.6. My father was so tired out yesterday. He (заснул) as soon as his head touched the pillow.7. Be careful! It is (темнеет) outside. Hurry back home!8. Let me (представить) my wife to you.9. Daniel (произвел хорошее впечатление) and the manager gave him a good job.10.Six public holidays (празднуются) in Great Britain.11.A new library (построят) next year.12.(К сожалению) they were late and missed the beginning of the performance.III. Put in the articles where necessary:1. After school they had … lunch. 2. It was … warm Friday afternoon at … end of the month.3. … morning we met was surprisingly bright. 4. People go to … church to say their prayers (молиться).5. The lawyer went to … hospital to make a will (завещание) for Mike. 6. It was … late autumn. 7. If youwant to see … Lake Victoria and … Mount Kilimanjaro go to … Kenya.IV. Open the brackets to make the story complete:Harry’s Adventure.Harry got a letter from his friend Jack. Jack (have)0 was having a week’s holiday in a camp. He invitedHarry to join him if he (be)1free at the weekend. Harry (catch)2the five o’clock train. But he (leave)3 all histhings behind. He (think)4 he (borrow)5 what he needed from Jack. On the train Harry (run)6into* astrange man. He remembered that he (see)7the man’s face on television as the police (look)8for him.Harry (keep)9 watching the man during the trip. When the train (stop)10 at the station, Jack (wait)11for hisfriend Harry. Harry called the policeman and they (catch)12the man. He (send)13to prison. Harry (feel)14very proud about his adventure.*to run into smb - столкнуться, случайно встретиться с к.-л

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1. Сomplete the sentences with the correct from of the word in brackets. 1. She is a perfect __________(dance). She

was invited dance at the Bolshoi Theatre.

2. Nobody likes going to the _________ (dental) although nowadays it is painless.

3. I think she will be a good ________(nursery). She is very kind and helpful.

4. He is a qualified ____________(programme). He spends all his time in front of the computer.

5 I am hopeless at writing compositions. I have no chance of becoming a _________ (journal).

6. It's not always easy to earn a living as an __________ (art)

2a. Match the words in the columns to from phrases describing skills and abilities.

1. give clear a) hours

2. have good/ bad physical b) explanations

3. work long c) co-ordination

4. have good/ bad d) concentration

5. have an ear for e) music

2b. Use the expressions from Ex.2a to complete the sentences.

1. You stand no chance of being good at singing unless you _________________

2. To me a good teacher is a person who can ____________________________

3. I have never been able to_________________________ as i get tired very quickly

4. Although I __________________________________________ , I like dancing very much.

5. To be a taxi driver you need to _____________________________________

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