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Put the words in the correct order 4 класс английский горячева стр 53 номер 3

1-4 класс

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1. Will he buy two tickets for a London train tomorrow?
2. Shall we spend holidays at the seaside next summer?
3. Where will they celebrate new year?
4. When shall we go shopping?
5. How much will the tickets to Windsor cost?

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Помогите раскрыть скобки1) My granny---- (to live) in the village. She always------(to have) alot of things to do outside the house. 2)

------you--------------(to have) an exciting trip to the mountains last summer? 3)---------------you-----------(can/to ride) a bicycle at the age of 5? 4) ------------Kate and Ohla-----------(to go) camping next year? 5) ------------they------------(to talk) about their school life now? 6) Carol-------------(to take) swimming lessons last year.

помогите пж срочно сейчас

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напишите ответ на задание. put the words in the correct order and write down the sentences. Расставь слова в правильном порядке и запиши предложения.

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