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The actors give good advice. Sara wants to be an actress. нужно задать 5 видов вопросов. общий,альтернативны,разделительный,с частичкой OR,и

5-9 класс

специальный...помогите пожалуйста.заранее спасибо=)))))))

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The actors give good advice.

 1.Do the actors give advice?(общий)

 2.Who gives good advice? ( специальный, к подлежащему )

 3.What do the actors give? ( специальный )

 4.Do the actors give good or bad advice? ( альтернативный)

 5.The actors give good advice,don't they? ( разделительный )

Sara wants to be an actress. 

 1.Does Sara want to be an actress?

 2.Who wants to be an actress?

 3.What does Sara want to be?

 4.Does Sara want to be an actress or a writer?

 5.Sara wants to be an actress,doesn't she?

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11 окт. 2016 г., 2:21:11 (4 года назад)



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i like reading, too. last month i ______(take)
part in school competition for young readers. i ______(to win) the first prize. i like reading fantasy stories. i ______(just/ to finish) a novel " The Hoddit" by J. Tolkien _______you _______(to read) it?
theatre is my another hobby. i _____(to join) the School Theatre recently. and now i want to be an actress. yesterday my parents ann i_____(to go) to the theatre. the perormance was wonderful!

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