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помогите пжж

10-11 класс

переведите предложения используя PASSIVE VOICE. укажите время
1. Анну отвезут в Чикаго следующим летом.
2. Фрукты были куплены на рынке.
3. Обед будет готовиться.
4. Завтрак был приготовлен моей мамой.
5. Его часто приглашают в ресторан.

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Anna will be taken to Chicago next summer.


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очень надо сочинение "как я провела лето", на английском

пожалуйста, кому не сложно или кто то знает сайт где есть что-то такое, скидайте всё что только угодно


Перевести текст
Interview with
the Company Chairman.

Russian representative: Mr. Chairman was
last year good for your company?
Chairman: Yes, particularly when
viewed against the background of the worsening of the economic situation in
this country.

R: That’s nice to hear. And how do
last year’s result compare with the result of the year before?

Ch: Quite favorably, I must say.
Last year we considerably expanded volumes of operations. As a result, the
company’s profits before tax increased two times.

R: What final dividend was
approved by the Board?

Ch: The total dividend was equal
to 8 percent last year.

R: Your shareholders must have
been happy. What were the main lines of your company’s activities last year?

Ch: We are a diversified financial
and trading company. Last year we
continued to effect conversion, clearing and deposit operations, gave loans to
industrial enterprises, performed leasing operations.

R: How do you assess the work of
your foreign trade division? Did they fulfill all their plans?

Ch: The results of this division
were particularly gratifying. The division was set up only three years ago.
They managed to successfully resolve all teething problems. I’m happy t sax
that all objectives of the department were met last year.

R: I see, you have every reason
to be satisfied with the work of your company.

Ch: Undoubtedly, I have. We are
all proud of our success.
Построить общий, разделительный,альтернативный, специальный вопросы к тексту.

Выберите правильный вариант ответа 1. We wait ___________ them.

a) -
b) for
c) to
d) at
2. I can't help __________ this letter.
a) to write
b) writing
c) write
d) have written
3. There is ______________ I want to tell you.
a) something
b) anything
c) somebody
d) nobody
4. I shall listen to you when I ______________ this form.
a) have filled
b) filled
c) filling
d) fill
5. Please look at_____________.
a) they
b) their
c) theirs
d) them
6. _______________ are you talking to?
a) Why
b) Whom
c) What
d) Whose
7. Every evening I ask her if_____________ at home.
a) are her children
b) her children
c) her children are
d) her children is
8. After ____________ a letter he left.
a) writing
b) write
c) wrote
d) written
9. She was dressed ___________ red.
a) in
b) -
c) with
d) at

Помогите пожалуйста!!! Раскрыть скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужном времени (Все дествия совершались в прошлом) You (to hear) what ( to

hapen) to me last month? I (to go) to Spain on business at that time. After i ( to take) my bags out of the car, I (to realise) that I ( to forget) my passport at home. I (to find) a phone and( to telephone) home in hope that my wife ( not to leave) for work yet. A minute ( to pass) but nobody ( to answer) I ( to think) *She (not to be) at home at the moment. she already ( to leave)*. Then I (to think) that my wife might bein the bathroom. When some seconds (to pass) my wife ( to answer). I (to be) right she ( to take) a shower while I (to telephone). She quickly ( to jump) in her car and (to bring) me my passport to the airport. She (to arrive) just in time.

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Помогите пжж....)

Fill in the gaps with the correct passive tense of the verbs in brackers.
1. Have you ever appeared on TV?
Actually, I .................. (recently/ask) to take part in a show.
2. When will I have my car?
It ............. (deliver) to your housethe day after tomorrow.
3. So, when did they tell you about the robbery?
I ............ (inform) by the police as soon as they found out.
4. Why can't we go over the bridge?
Because it .......... (repair) at the moment.
5. I'm tired.
So am I. But these reports must ......... (type) before we leave.

Помогите написать эссе.... Work in group.Write dawn a list of changes you expect to happen in the world in a hundred

years' time.Follow these steps.

Нужно написать про Education...

Dialogue vocabulary :

In a hundred years' time there will ...

The most dramatic change will take place in..

First of all, it's necessary to mention ..



We are convinced that..will..

We think... might become..

...is / are likely to become...

To sum it up , I'd like to say that..


advanced technologies .....computer classes...


(do) recearch.. alter.. become crucial..maintain....run out..

in response to..

нужно написать эссе 100 слов.помогите пожалуйста..

2. Помогите пожалуйста перевести предложения, обращая внимание на субъективные и объективные инфинитивные обороты.

3. Помогите перевести предложения, содержащие герундий и герундиальные обороты.

Помогите, пожалуйста, перевести на английский (без программ): Если бы я была ученым, я была изобрела робота, который находил бы потеренные вещи,

помогал готовить ужин и ухаживать за детьми и стариками. Он знал бы китайский, английский и русский языки. Он был бы похож на человека. Его бы любили дети и взрослого. Робот понимал бы человеческую речь и умел общаться с людьми. Я думаю, что многие люди мечтают о таком роботе.

Помогите! Как составить предложение : "Если бы я сдал экзамен вчера, то мне бы разрешили купить машину." Придаточная часть понятно - поставить Conditional

в третью вторую форму, но с главным что делать? Ведь это натуральный пассив, а как в Conditioal впихнуть еще и пассив? Помогите пожалуйста! Или тут вообще не Conditional используется?

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