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Read the text answer the question:Petey was a good puppy, wasn't he?

10-11 класс

Give examples to back up your answer. там 2 текста

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ну ты и реши хороший он или нет. некоторое переведи в переводчике,тогда и ответишь на вопросы


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1. Read the text below. Fill in each gap with one word which best

1. Read the text below.
Fill in each gap with one word which best fits each space(1-4).
Ukrainian Art
1)............. galleries feature beautiful art works such as
paintings, graphic arts, design, sculptures, crafts,pysanky, and
fotographs from both local and international artists, visitors can enjoy
exquisite works of arts created by highly-talented artists. Several
great artists from Ukraine have become 2)................ worldwide for a
variety of artists styles. An important religious art form is the
3)..............., a hihly stylized painted image of a religious figure
or event; icon art came to Ukraine from Byzantium with the
Christianizing in 988.
Ukrainian folk art is rich and colourful. The
tradition of the Easter eggs has its beginings in Ukraine, where these
4)........... are called pysanky. Weaving and woodcarving are also
important in Ukrainian art.
2. Write down five special questions to the text of task 1 .
Дуже терміново !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Помогите пожалуйста: Задание: for guestions 1-6, read the text below. Use the words in the capitals to form new words that fit the same numbered space

in the text : *Tomas Edisons most famous (1)_____(INVENT) is probably the light-bulb *The phonograph,he said,wouid (2)______(PLACE) shorthand typists andit would be used to teach languages. *He believed that a phonograph and a clock would (3)______(ACTUAL) say that the time was. *Edison also believed that people would listen to (4)______(WORLD,FAME) musicians on phonographs in their own homes. *People have (5) _____(LARGE) forgotten Edisons invention,but it was actually the (6)_____(EARLY) kind of record or cassette player.

Read the text and mark if the following sentences are

true or false.

Mr. and
Mrs. Barker were having a quiet day ay home. Their 17-year-old daughter was
away in Scotland staying with a friend. At 12 noon, Mr. and Mrs. Barker had a
phone call from the friend where their daughter was staying. They said that the
girl had disappeared. The parents were going to call the police when the phone
rang again. A hoarse voice informed Mr. Barker that their daughter had been
kidnapped and unless he paid a ransom of 1000 dollars he would never see his
daughter alive again. The voice gave him instructions about where and when to
hand over the money. The voice warned Mr. Barker not to tell the police or to
attempt to have the phone traced. Mr. Barker went to the bank and immediately
withdrew the money out of his bank account and left on the next train to
Brighton. When he arrived, he entered the Grand Hotel at five to six and
carefully placed the briefcase beside a sofa as arranged. At six o’clock
precisely, a woman in a scarf and raincoat approached, took the briefcase and
walked away quickly.

At 10 p.m.
the same evening, to his great relief, his daughter returned home. She could
hardly refrain from laughing. Imagine Mr. Barker’s surprise when she handed him
his briefcase containing the 1000 dollars. It turned out that she and her
friend had decided to play a practical joke.
The parents did not appreciate the joke as much as their daughter did.

Read the text and answer the questions: 1) When and where was Caxton born? 2) Where did he start his business? 3) How many books did Caxton print?

William Caxton is the first English printer. He was born in Kent in 1422. His father was a farmer . William did not want to be a farmer like his father. So his father sent him to London. He worked in an office that is traded with other countries . William loved to read new books that have been published in Europe. When Willian Caxton was thirty , after the death of his master he started his business in Belgium. In 1471, he left his business and began translating French into English . He became interested in the press and at IAST he recognized him. William would like to have your own news one day, and he did it. In 1476 he brought his own print shop in London . Printing was the work of the devil. Some people like to break his press . Caxton printed his first book in 1477 . It was the first book printed in English . The book has been translated Caxtons French Tales of Troy William Caxton about eighty printed books. He turned thirty-one books from French. Caxton died in 1491

Read the text. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space (23-30).

Alex understood that her husband was Charles Lamaitre who had killed three wives! She was to become another of his victims.

But what (23) ___ her? What could possibly have saved her?

Had he changed his mind at last moment? No, the answer was the old gardener.

She now understood her husband's uncontrollable anger. Doubtless he had paved the way by telling everyone he met that they were (24) ___ to London the next day. Then George had come unexpectedly and had spoken about London to her. She had contradicted the story! Too risky (25) ___ away with her that night. But what an escape! If she hadn't happened to mention that (26) ___ to Gerald, she would have been killed.

But there was no time (27) ___ . She must get (28) ___ before he returns. Alex threw the papers into the (29) ___ and locked it. But suddenly she hears her (30) ___ voice. He has returned! He is smiling to himself looking at a new spade!

23. A) about B)above C) away D) along

24. A) leaving B) going C) walking D) riding

25. A) will do B) would do C) to be done D) to do

26. A) question B) answer C) conversation D) word

27. A) to be lost B) to have been lost C) to have lost D) lost

28. A) out B) away C) in D) above

29. A) draw B) drawing C) drawer D) drew

30. A) husband B) husband's C) husbanded D) husbandin

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