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5-9 класс

Neither Jack nor Paul .....(has/have)got a computer
We ....(do/did/have done ) everything

Katee007 10 янв. 2017 г., 19:46:11 (4 года назад)
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10 янв. 2017 г., 22:30:42 (4 года назад)

Neither Jack nor Paul has got a computer
We have done everything

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11 янв. 2017 г., 1:22:25 (4 года назад)

has got
we have done...


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Слова написаны как попало помогите сделать правельные слова! vrirer-river eloht- krpa-park ehatret- raektm-






Listen and match .Where do they live.Думайте,советуйтесь где они дивут"

1.Nick a)in a village

2.Saran b) in a towh

3.Dave c)in a city

4.Saran is aunt

5.Dave is dog

помогите с переводом
помогите открыть скобки How many words this list ( include ) ? 2 Weathermen say that the temperature ( rise ) now and soon we ( have ) good weather . 3 Wha

t terrible soup ! You ( waste ) all the good vegetables and meat . 4 The chemical plant ( poison) the waters of this beautiful river from many years . 5 Look at George , he (pile) food on this plate , he eats so much . 6 When we disaster ( happen ) ?7. You ( clear ) the table . Good ! Then we can play a game of chess . 8 . What the picnickers ( do) when it (begin) raining ? 9. People ( destroy) the forests of the Amazon Basin for dozens of years . 10. When Ann and I met , our families (stay) at the Black Sea coast .

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Упр. 9 Вставьте

артикль, где необходимо.

1. When my grandfather was ... young man, he studied ... physics.

2. Do you speak ... Spanish?

3. My uncle is ... great specialist in ... biology.

4. ... Japanese is more difficult than ... English.

5. Yesterday at ... lesson of ... geography ... teacher told us ... very
interesting things about ... famous travellers.

6. My father speaks ... English and ... French but he does not speak ...

7. We had ... lesson of... mathematics yesterday. We wrote ... test
paper... teacher said: “I shall correct... test-papers in ... evening and
tomorrow you will know ... results.”

Упр.11 Вставьте
артикль, где необходимо.

1... Thames is ...

вставить слова вместо точек. Christmans is the ... in modern Britain on which a lot of tradition ... by most ordinary people. In Britain it ... on 25 De

cember.Today it ... with ''making money by shops'' that is now of tradition:most people ... the tradition of buying gifts for their family members.People also buy a Christmans tree.This tradition came from Germany. It ... in the nineteenth century.Every Christmas,London gets a gift from the people of Norway-a Christmas tree that is 23 metres high.It stands in the centre of London,in Trafalgar Square and it is decorated with 500 white lights. Christmans is a time that ... families. At night people get together to ... Christmas. Celebrating Christmas ... a Christmas dinner and listening to the Queeh's Christmas ... when the Queen speaks directly to ''her'' people on TV and on the radio. There are many royal traditions in Britain. The Queen's telegram is not a very old custom but it is very old people. Every British person gets a telegram from the Queen on their ohe-hundredth ... . The Changing of the ... is very beautiful tradition.Every morning tourists go to watch the ceremohy at Buckingham Palace. At 11.30 the guard that stands in front of the palace change. слова которые нужно вставить; guard, speech, was introced,includes,is connected,occasion,is celebrated,follow, mark, are preserved, unites anniversary.

Задание 1, Вставьте подходящие по смыслу притяжательное местоимение.

а) I can't find___foves
b) She's going to prepare___lunch
d)They are reading___books
c) We want to meet___Friends

Задание 2. Вставьте предлоги on. in или into, to, at или on, with или by.
1) ____Sanday I usually get up____nine o'clock or____half past nine. But last Sunday I slept very long and got up only___noon. 2.Where is the book? - It is___the table. 3.The boy cut his finger___a knife. 4. Put the plates___the table. 5.Put the book___the bag. 6.My birthday is_____the ninth of July. 7. Do you like yo read___bed? 8.It is very late. Go___bed at once. 9. I get up___seven o'clock or___a quarter past seven. 10.Where is the tea? - It is____the cup. 11.He wrote his letter___a pencil. 12.He was scolded___his mother. 13.We did not want to stay___town on such a hot day so we went___the country.

Задание 3, Вставьте подходящую формулу глагола to be.
1. She__a teacher
2. You___pupils last year
3.____they in the shop?
4. Who__you?
5. This__my bag
6. He___not a doctor
7. These___my bags
8. Mary____born in 1965
9. London___the cpital of Gr.Britain
10. My friends___students next year

помогите пожалуйста... у нас весь класс на 2 написал тест. дали домой переписать. помогите с некоторыми: выбери и вставь подходящее по смыслу


1)Our city museum is not ... an art gallery at all

. a)founded b)like c)real

2)Where is Don? - He is running at the ... .

a)stadium b)art gallery c)tower

Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме:

1)This little kitten ... a warm house and a hospitable family.

a) is needing b)needs

2)Look at that group of strange tourists ... along the street.

a)going b)go

3)We ... a lot of balloons through the window.

a) sees b)can see

помогите? спасибо

Вставьте "Some" или "any"

1) Would you like ___ coffee?
2) There isn't ___ cheese in the fridge.
3) Can you get ___ butter, please?
4) Shall we make ___ biscuits?
5) I hardly eat ___ fruit.

Вставьте somebady, anybody, nobody или everybody.
1) The question is so difficult that ... can answer it.
2) ... left his bag in our classroom yesterday.
3) Has ... in this group got a dictionary?
4) It is too late. I think there is ... in the office now.
5) ... know that plants like water.

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