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Prepositions.Put a preposition from the box into each gap. From,on,at,in,about, into,of,than f)_____ saturday I visited my grandparents . g)Come and see

5-9 класс

me _______ seven o'clock. h) France is much bigger ________ England. i) He put it _______ his bag.

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f) On Saturday I visited my grandparents .

g) Come and see me at  seven o'clock.

h) France is much bigger than  England.

i) He put it into  his bag.  


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He runs fast ,but she runs

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поставте будь ласка

Письмо напишите пожалуйста
переведите текст

There are 4
rooms in Carol s house: a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen a bathroom. There
is a hall and a toilet. There is not any study in the house. There are some
flowers on the fire. There are not any plants on the fire. There is a carpet in
front of the fire. There s a VCR and books on the shelf. There are

some hooks.

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2. Write "some" "any" in the graps.

a.I have got _____ pens in the office.

b. There is not_____ sugar in the dining room.

c.Have you got_____ photographs of Tom?

d.Peter put _____ water and____ glasses on the table.

e. There was not _____ petrol in the car.

f.There were ______ flowers on the table.

g. Would you like _____ juice?

3. Put the verb into the correct tence : the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

a.We usually___ (take) the bus to town; but today we (go) by car.

b."Where ____ you usually___ (go) on Friday evenings?" "To a disco".

c."It is 11.30 Why ___ you___ (work) so late?" "Because I ____ (have) a lot of homework"

d. "What __ you usually ____ (have) for breakfast?" "Toast. But today I ____ (have) some fruit because there is not any bread"

e." The telephone ____ (ring). Can you answer it?" ""Ok.

4. Present Perfect and Past Simple. Choose the correct sentence.

a.I went to London last week.

I have been to London last week

b. Have you ever been to Spain?

Did you ever go to Spain?

c.He won a competition last month.

He has won a competition last month.

d. She has finiched homework 2 hours ago.

She finished homework 2 hours ago.

e.I have not seen that film yet.

I did not see that film yet.

5. Questions and tenses. Ask questions about the sentences.

Example: John went to New York. When did he go?

a.I do not go to work by bus. How ___ you___?

b.He bought a new car. WHAT kind of ____?

c.She`s watching TV. What____?

d. We saw Bill yesterday. Where____?

e. He has left the party. Why___?

f.They`re going on holiday. Where____?

g.He does not work. Why____?

6. Prepositions. Put a preposition from the box into each gap.

слова: from,on,at,in,about,into,of,than

a.We went shopping _____ the worning.

b.Is it far ____ your house to your cshool?

c.I`m reading a book ___ the history or English.

d.WHAT`s the longest river ______ the world?

e.Can you buy a bottle ______ lemonade?

f._______ Saturday I visited my grandparents.

g.Come and see me ____7 o`clock.

h.France is mush bigger_______ England.

i.He put it______ his bag.

7.Comparative and superlative adjectives. Put the correct form of the adjectives into gaps.

a.Maths is... ihan history. (difficult)

b.The weather is ... today than yesterday. (bad)

c.My grandfather is the ... in the family. (old)

d.This is the ... hotel in our city. (exptnsive)

e.My brother is ... than me. (young)

f.I`m... today . (good)

g.He`s the ... pupil in class. (good)

h.It`s the ... car. (fast)

i.Your house is ... than mine. (big)

Put the worlds from the box into each gap
Exercise2. Choose a verb from the box and complete the story. Put the verbs in the Past Simple.

come think do see fall take get look open run

A dog once ____________ a large piece of meat from the food shop and ________
away. Soon he _________ up to the river. He __________ into the water and ________ a dog with a piece of meat in his mouth. "Now I'll have two pieces of meat," ___________ the dog. He __________ his mouth to take the other piece of meat. When he _________ so, of course, his meat _________ into the water. So, the foolish dog ________ nothing.

Fill in the words from the box. happens , gets into trouble , missed , arguments, tries to do his best , out of luck , argues , worry


My friend James is realy nice. He........................at school and he is very good at Maths and Physics. But he is a person who always "troubles trouble".He always .................... with the teachers about his marks , and naturally it's the teachers who always win these.................... .James is often late for his classes because something always.................to him on the way to school.Once he missed his bus, the next time he feel asleep in the bus and...................his stop,then he was locked in the school cloakroom. He.................much more often than anybody else from the class,people say that he is .................. . That is why I.....................him when he is out of the classroom.

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