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10-11 класс

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III. Заполните пропуски, употребляя местоимения: somebody, something, anybody, anything, nobody, nothing, everybody.
She said something but I didn`t understand it.

5. Is there …………. you`d like to clarify?
6. I`m afraid there is …………… wrong with your order.
7. Will ……………. help me with the documents?
8. ………… must go to the airport to meet Mr. White

Текст во вложениях.

Не могу вникнуть в смысл, у кого получиться, объясните смысл текста.
Что за курсы, какова их задача, какое назначение у них, и тд

Напишите как все это читается правильно ) love spring. .It is my Favourite Season It think it is a wonderful season.Spring comes and nature awakens

from its winter sleep. The days become longer and the nights become shorter.The birds begin to sing .Many poets have devoted their works to spring. In spring the weather is not very warm and not very cold.

Тема: predictions, intentions, arrangements.

Чем отличается употребление будущего с: will, may, be going to, Pr. Continuous, Pr. Simple ???

В чем различие употребления слов: will, may, be going to...

Объясните на примерах, я ничего не понимаю.

помогите перевести пожалуйста

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Помогите ответить на письмо, пожалуйста. I love everyone in my family and they are very nice to me. However, there is something that troubles me

a lot and makes me feel a kind of disadvantaged. The point is that there is no sense of family in our house. We never fight with each other, and there are no family rows. We try not to get on each other's nerves, but we never do anything together. Everyone is preoccupied with their own business. Mum normally does some cooking, looks through some papers or discusses something with her collegues on the phone. Dad either watches TV or upgrades his car. My brother, who is eight, draws something or plays computer games. As for me, I just feel bored and lonely. To conceal it I pretend to be very busy with my homework, or go out even when I don't feel like doing it at all. Is it the same in other families? If you happen to have some ideas on how to help us. I'd really appreciate it. What could we do together to feel that we are together.

Нужно ответить на это письмо, используя предложения ниже, их нужно закончить.

doing something together is crucial to family happiness...

from my personal experience i can say that...

i can honestly say...

it can be interesting to different generations...

to involve everyone in...

i suppose everyone will enjoy...

why dont you arrange...

you can try...

it will give you a feeling...

if it doesn't work...

Пожалуйста помоги срочно нужно.....нужно ответить на вот это письмо "Last month our class went to Washington to visit the National Museum of

American History. It was my first visit there and it was fun! How often do you go to
museums with your class, if at all? Which museum is your favorite or what
museum would you like to visit? Why do you think people should go there?
This summer we plan to go hiking with my parents."

И в письме должно содержаться:

1-ответы на вопросы в письме

2-задать 3 вопроса про летние планы

3-написать 100-140 слов

Составить ответ на вопросы : 1) Would you like to go to Canada? Why would you like to go there? 2) Where would you like to go in Canada? Have you ever

heard about Ottawa, Toronto, Sydney? 3) Why do you think Canada might be a good place to live? ответ на каждый вопрос надо расписать подробно в виде 5 предложений.,

Ответить на вопросы по тексту THE SYSTEM OF LAW IN OUR COUNTRY Law is а system of rules established by the


The main aim of law is to consolidate and safeguard the social and state system and its economic foundation.

The system of law in our country consists of different branches of law.

Constitutional law is a leading branch of the whole system of law. Its principal source is the country’s Constitution. It deals with social structure, the state system, organization of state power and the legal status of citizens.
Administrative law is closely connected with constitutional law but it deals with legal forms of concrete executive and administrative activity of the government and ministries.

Financial law regulates the budget, taxation, state credits and other spheres of financial activity.

Civil law is connected with relations in the economic sphere of social life, with relations involving property, its distribution and exchange. The right в property is the central institution of civil law.

The rules of labour law include the legislation on the labour of industrial and office workers and matters arising from labour relations.

Criminal law defines the general principles of criminal responsibility, individual types of crimes and punishment applied to criminals. Criminal law takes the form of а criminal code consisting of а general and special part.

Ответьте на вопросы

1. What is law? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. What is the main aim of law? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What branches of law does the system of law in our country consist of? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
4. What does each branch of law deal with? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Помогите пожалуйста !!!Ответьте на

Помогите пожалуйста !!!
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