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Your voice Complete the sentences with your own words and these object pronouns. Us, them, him, her, it, me. 1 ... and ... are my favourite subjects. I

1-4 класс

love ... 2 ... is a horrible subjects. I hate ... 3 ... is my favourite singer. I like ... 4 ... is a terrible singer. I like ... 5 ... is a great teacher. He/She is king to ... 6 ... is my classmate. He/She sits next to ... , Прошу срочно помочь.

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1. Maths and .Phisics are my favourite subjects. I love apples. 2 Chemistry is a horrible subject. I hate it. 3 Madonna is my favourite singer. I like her. 4 Serdyuchka is a terrible singer. I don't like him. 5 Petrov is a great teacher. He is kind to us. 6 Masha is my classmate. She sits next to me.


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составить предложения.

busy/ the afternoon/am/ i/ in.
works/ never/ the garden/ she/ in
mum/ phone calls/ is/ making.
she/ letters/ does/ often/ write?
he/ playing/ is/ footboll?

Помогите задание по англ.яз.

Look at the picture.Say who Bill(Mag) is for....
1 his/her grandmother
2 his/her father
3 his/her sister
4 his/her grandfather
Example: Bill is a son for his mother
Если честно задание не понятно....:(

Помогите пожалуйста)))))
помогите пожалуйста . compare according to the model. example : a long tail - a longer tail - the longest tail. a) A SHORT tail , a funny monkey ,a

long nose ,big ears , a clever dog , an old man , a long street , big animals , new toys , a nice pet , short legs , big shops , a long walk , a funny story

open the brackets to complete the sentences

1. Paul ( watch) TV when his mother (come) into the room.
2. Michael (drink) coffee while he (read) the newspaper.
3 Don (write) a letter at 5 o clock yesterday.
4 Ken (use) to prepare breakfast early in the morning.
5. Don and Kim (talk) while they ( play) chess
6. Last Sunday Patty and her younger brother (drive) to the seaside for the weekend. помогите пож.

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1. Look at Tom's timetable. Complete the sentences with going to.

Monday | cook pasta for dinner
Tuesday | eat Chinese food with Laura
Wednesday | meet friends at a cafe
Thursday | go to the supermarket with Mum
Friday | go shopping for clothes with Bob
Saturday | have a party
Sunday | visit a food festival with Kate
1. Is Tom going to cook pasta for dinner on Tuesdays?
No,he isn't.
2 ... Tom and Laura ... Chinese food on Monday?
No,they ... .
3. ... Tom ... his friends at a cafe on Wednesday?
Yes,he ... .
4. ... Tom and his mum ... to the supermarket on Friday?
No,they ... .
5. ... Tom and Bob ... shopping for clothes on Friday?
Yes,they ... .
6. ... Tom ... a party on Friday?
No,he ... .
7. ... Tom and Kate ... a food festival on Sunday?
Yes,they ... .
2. Write which of the following *you are/aren't going to do* this weekend.
(\/-да, ×-нет)
1. I ... (cook fish for dinner. (\/)
2. I ... (watch) DVDs. (×)
3. I ... (do) my homework. (\/)
4. I ... (have) lunch with friends. (\/)
5. I ... (go) to a party. (×)

помогите с заданием Complete the sentences with the present simple past simple future simple forms of have to

1. It was cold yesterday and I ____________wear my jacket
2. My friend was ill.He ______________in bed for a week
3. I've got a cold. I ____________ some medecine
4. My sister wants to go to the cinema with us but she _______________ stay at home
5. My dad ____________________ work next Sunday.

1 Write sentences with have got or has got: affirmative (+). negative (-) or guestion (?)

а) he / a computer (-)
б) Paola / a cat (+)
в) she / a nice bedroom (?)
г) we / a small kitchen (+)
д) you / a riler (? )
е) they / a car (-)

2 Complete the sentences with a, an or the.

We've got (1)__________ old house with (2) ________ garden. (3)________ garden is big.
I've got (4)_________ cat and (5)_________ dog. (6)__________ cat is called Suzy and (7)__________ dog is called Chico.
She's got (8)______________ interesting book for our project. (9)________________ booc has got old photos of Cambridge.

3 Complete the sentences with This, that, these or those.
1 Who are __________ people in the street?
2 What are __________ on my desk?
3 Come here. Look at _______ exercise.
4 Pass me ______ dictionary, please.

D Complete the sentences with correct word.


Помогите очень нужно

помогите как читается Help your mother set the table With a knife and fork and spoon. Help your mother set the table Every afternoon. Help your

mother clean the table, Take the knife and fork and spoon; Help your mother clean the table Morning,night and noon.

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