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Вставьте глаголы в правильной форме:

5-9 класс

Do yiu like hedgehogs?We do. Yesterday we.....(to visit)/ Hedgehog Hospital at prickli ball farm.We.....(to see, ....(to touch), and....(to learn a lot of intresting thinghs about these funny animals.You...(to have) two hedgehogs im your garden,......(to do0 you? Then you should....(to leave) some bread and milk for them at night.
At the farm we also.....(to feed) little lambs,...( to whats) baby animals,.....(to take) care of the little pony,....( to ride)
donkeys and even...(to collect) eggs.
In The afternoon we...(to have0 delicious cakes and tea in the Whole Hog Cafe.The visit....(to be) full of funn.....(to be) you ever....(to be) there?
Next time we...(to take) you with us.

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1. visited (Past Simple)
2. saw, touched, learnt (-ed) (Past Simple)
3. have (Present Simple)
4. didn't (Question tags)
5. leave
6. fed (Past Simple)
7. whats -? ("watched", you probably made a mistake) (Past Simple)
8. took 


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Помогите срочно!!! use past simple or past progressive to complete the sentences.

1) When we (arrive) at the hotel there (be) no rooms available. The conference of ecologists (open) that day. 2) When i (enter) the dining room Kitty (sit) at table. Not being hungry she (pick) at her food. 3) We (walk) along the street when suddenly we (see) Graham. He (drive) a brand-new Mitsubishi. 4) Jane (sit) in the armchair for a quarter of an hour and then (fall) asleep. 5) John was an obedient child as a rule but that day he (be) extremely naughty. 6) The boys (play) football all day long. 7)We all (stay) in the sitting room during the ceremony. 8) The whole day all members of the family (prepare) their cottage for the occasion. 9) The old gentleman (stroll) along the path for a while, then abruptly (turn) back and (start) for the house. 10) Jack (tell) me that his elderly aunt (feel) much better at the moment. 11) I (phone) you several times in the morning but nobody (answer). 12) I wonder what he (do) at nine o'clock in the evening. 13) While Jenny (clean) the floors her little sister (play) on the computer. 14) It (be) early autumn. The sun (shine) in the blue sky but the trees (get) yellow and the birds (fly) to warm countries. 15) Mrs Evans (stand) on the edge of a cliff admiring the view.

Поставить в нужную форму

1) I (to write) now.
2) I ( to stady) English for 4 years already.
3) I ( to stady) English now.
4) He ( to work) here for several years already.
5) He ( to work) seven hours a day.
6) It ( to rain) now. Dont go out.

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вставьте глаголы в правильную форму: 1.What does Judy ...(have) trouble with? -She...(have) trouble speaking a foreign

2.Great Britain...(have) rather changeable and cool climate has not it? -Yes it ...(do).
3. Come and stay in our big city! It...(be) rich in famous museums and parks.
5. Why does Sam look so sad? - He...(have) trouble with his new mobil phone.

Пожалуйста раскройте скобки и вставьте глаголы в правильной форме (Спасибо!)

I Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense form
When Mr Smith 1 _________ (get up) in the morning the weather was very bad. It 2
_______ (be) very bad. It 3 _________ (be) cold outside and it 4 _________ (rain)
heavily. He was about to leave for his office when he 5 __________ (find) that all his
umbrellas 6 _________ (be) out of order. So he 7 __________(take) his umbrellas to the
umbrella-maker and 8 __________ (say) that he 9 _________ (come) back and take them
in the evening. In the afternoon Mr Smith 10 _________ (go) to have lunch at a restaurant.
A lady and 11 __________ (come) in 12_________ (sit) down at his table and 13
________ (have) lunch. Mr Smith 14 ________.(leave) earlier. By mistake Mr Smith 15
_________ (take) her umbrella and 16 ________ (go) to the door. However, the lady 17
_______ (ask) him to give her umbrella back. "Oh, I 18 ________ (be) sorry," 19
_________ (say) Mr Smith. In the evening Mr Smith 20 _______ (take) his umbrellas
from the umbrella-maker and 21._________ (get) on the train. The young lady 22
__________ (be) on the same train too. She 23 _________ (look) at his umbrellas and 24
_________ (say), "You 25 ________ (have) a good day, ________ you?"

вставить глагол в правильной форме и перевести.

Mark spends all his free time online. Don't you tnink he .........too addicted to the computer?(become)
It's not a good idea to display your private information on the Internet. You never know what kind what of people may get to it and how it can ............. by them. (use)
The Internet ........in the twentieth century. It's difficult to imagine nowadays that only fifty years ago people lived without computer. (invent)

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