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Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на различные значения слов it, that, one.

10-11 класс


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1)Каждый должен быть очень осторожен,работая с острыми инструментами. 2)я боюсь, что цены резко увеличатся 3)это модель первого автомобиля.она двигалась с помощью пара(энергии)


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A. Put the verb into the most suitable form with future meaning, Present progressive or Present simple. 1) We (to

have) a corporate party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

2) I (not to go) away for my holidays next month because I haven’t got enough money. They haven’t paid me holiday pay yet. (You/to go) away?

3) Our first job interview this afternoon (to start) exactly at 3:30.

4) George, is it true that you (to work) overtime next week?

5) My seasonal work (to start) May, 25 and (to end) October, 25.

6) What time the (next shift/to end)?

7) Ann, we (to go) to town. (You/to come) with us?

8) Don’t make any plans I (to surf) the Net tonight.

9) Our after-hours activities usually (to start) after 8 p.m.

10) I (to look for) a position of a banker.

B. Put the words into the correct order paying attention to the usage of tenses denoting future actions.

1) Doing/I/ course paper/am/ with/ in the evening/ my father.

2) Company /in our /seasonal overtime/ /starts/ May, 1.

3) Going/a new /vacancy/I am/to find/ my sister-in law/for.

4) You/to place/where/going/your/are/new/ job advertisement?

5) Arrive/your employer/does/when?

6) Colleagues/ for Madrid/are/my/in the next few days/leaving.

7) Become/next year/will/I/a good specialist.

8) With/Playing/our partners/volleyball match/are/tonight/we.

9) Is/to do/ironing/nobody/the/going.

10) Having/friends/we/for dinner/are /tonight.

C. Open the brackets paying attention to the usage of tenses denoting future actions (negative/question/affirmative forms).

1) The meeting (to start) at 10 o’clock.

2) We (to discuss) our project on Monday.

3) The employer (to plan) a series of interview with the applicants.

4) What you (to do)? I (to surf) the net.

5) We (to supply) you with all necessary equipment tomorrow.

6) The train (not to arrive) at 6 p.m. It goes behind the schedule.

7) Your working hours (start) at8 a.m. and (to end) at 5 p.m. Please, be punctual, tomorrow (to be) your fist time at work.

8) (to go) anywhere this week? No, fortunately I haven’t got any business trips.

9) You (not to sell) your car, right? It is new!

10) He (to join) us later, don’t worry.


In summertime, off ___________________________ eastern coast of Canada near Newfoundland, humpback whales gather in large groups, or "schools" as they are called often "singing" to each other and making jumps out of the water. However, if you (to be) ___________________________ a humpback whale, you would have a problem. Today these playful and friendly whales (to catch) ___________________________ in the nets of fishermen who would prefer to save them if they could. Jon Lien and his assistants have been helping to free whales ___________________________ nets since 1998. More than 600 whales (to release) ___________________________up to now. In an interview Jon stated that recently our government (to agree) ___________________________ that the rescue of whales was ___________________________ issue that should be discussed at the international level. But, unfortunately, today some countries, like Japan, (to have) ___________________________ a different view on the protection of whales. Today scientists wish that the government (to finance) ___________________________ the production of "whale alarms" that would tell fishermen where the whales were so that the fishermen could avoid the area when they go fishing. (Although/Consequently/For instance/On the other hand) ___________________________, fishermen wouldn't lose thousands of dollars' worth of nets and fish, and the whales would be saved.

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IV. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их на русский язык, обращая внимание на бессоюзное подчинение (см. Образец выполнения 3)

1. I know he has returned.
2. He has found the book he was looking for.
V. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их на русский язык, обращая внимание на функцию инфинитива.
1. Will you help me to make out the manual?
2. To drive a car in a big city is very difficult.
3. I don't know him well enough to ask him for help.
4. She was sorry to leave so early.

Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на сложное подлежащее:

1) Tsiolkovsky is known to have developed the theory of rocket
2) The experiment was supposed to have been completed.
3) Electric current is known to flow in metal parts.

Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на форму глагола придаточных предложений:
1) Не said that he had read this book twice.
2) We thought that the results of your work would be better.
3) The boy said that he was only eight years old.

1) If he were here now, he would tell us many interesting stories about his trip.
2) If she could, she would certainly help you.
3) Had we known all those facts before, we should have written to you about

Заполните пропуски соответствующей активной или пассивной формой глагола и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The young state (was struggled, struggled) for independence..
2. The House of Commons (is presided, presided) by the Speaker..
3. In 1953 Winston Churchill (was received, received) the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на инфинитивные обороты:
1. He considered this act to be a justified one. Он считал этот закон обоснованным.
2. Margaret Thatcher is known to be the only prime minister elected for the third term
3...Whig Party is considered to be the predecessor of the Liberal Party...
Определите функции инфинитива и переведите предложения на русский язык:
1. Churchill began to work as a journalist.
2. He found people to support him in that hard battle.
3. The number of votes to be given to the leading contender is high.

IV. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на перевод неопределенных и отрицательных местоимений.

1. They have some cousins in Minsk.
2. Do you know any German words?
3. The lecture wasn’t difficult, and the students had no questions.

V. Перепишите следующие предложения, определите в них видо-временные фор¬мы глаголов и укажите их инфинитив; переведите предложения на русский язык (см. образец выполнения 3).
1. The third of March is the time when spring slowly begins.
2. Suddenly we heard Mike’s voice.
3. He will never come back!
помогите пожалуйста срочно нужно(

1. Определите функцию окончания «s». Переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The judge works at the district Court.
2. This crime was committed by a young criminals
3. The district courts consider both civil and criminal cases.
4. The lawyer represents his client at the court.

2. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на прилагательные и наречия в разных степенях сравнения
1. The solution of this problem is worse than we consider.
2. The better we study, the better we know laws.
3.The more he studied the evidence, the better he understood the circumstances of the case..
4.The general rule is that the higher is the status of the judge, the more serious cases he tries.

3. Заполните пропуски в предложениях глаголами to be, to have или оборотом there is, there are, употребляя соответствующую форму в Present Indefinite Tense. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1 .… many large buildings in our city.
2. I … a new modern computer in my house.
3. My friend …in Europe now on business.
4. An accused person … a right to be defended by barristers.

4.Вставьте правильную форму местоимения нужного разряда:
1 Which flowers do you want? or ?
2 Excuse me, is your bag?
3 What will you do with this morning?
4 They were whispering among
5 Where's Tom?' 'That's over there.'
'6 Where's my map?' 'I left on the desk.'
7 She is very handsome. I envy
8They are not reliable. He doubts

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