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Помогите с английским языком 4 класс, авторы: К. М. Баранова, Д. Дули, В.В. Копылова , Р.П. Мильруд , В Эванс. Страница 107 № 2.

1-4 класс

Сказка The Stjne Flower :
One day in the forest, Danila hears a 1) ........... . He sees a beautiful woman, but then
she 2) ........ ! He goes to 3) ......... and finds a piece of malachite. He takes it 4) ..... and starts to make his vase. Danila finishes the vase, but he is not 5) ........ . He decides to 6) ........... Katya, but the day before the wedding he goes to Serpent Hill again. Then he sees the 7)........ of Copper Mauntain again!
Помогите пожалуйста!

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переведите пожалуйста текст The mice chased every elephant out of the palace. But now the poor king was right back where he started (пришел к тому, с чего

он начал)! Mice! Mice! They were everywhere! Mice! Mice! Eating his cheese! "What can I do?" the king thought. For three long days the king sat and asked himself that question. After three days of thinking, he thought of the only answer. The king called all the mice together. "Listen, mice, let's make a deal (давай договоримся)," said the king. "I'll learn how to get along with you (уживаться с вами). And you'll learn how to get along with me." From then on (c тex пop), the king shared his cheese with the mice and the mice learned to eat with very nIce manners.


Circle the correct words.
1.Popsy have got/has got a cat.
2.Bugsy and Dilly have got/has got green eyes.
3.The twins have got/has got red hair.
4.They have got/has got a computer.
5.Fred have got/has got a car.

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английский язык 4 класс, авторы Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева
Помогите :)

Помогите сделать английский язык,5 класс. Надо составить 7 предложений из этих слов (перевод не надо):

get up early
make new friends
wear a school uniform
be happy to meet old friends
get good marks
talk with my friends during the breaks
take pictures (make a video) of my friends
give flowers to the teachers
have many (a few) lessons
get a new timetable
carry a new school bag
have lunch with new friends
have fun during the break

помогите пожалуйста английский язык 4 класс рабочий тетрад millie unit 9 lesson 1,упражнение 1.Look at the picture and complete the dialogue. Wh

ere did you go for a (1) ---holiday?

I(2)---to Tokyo.

How did you (3)---there?

I traveled from Tula to Moscow by (4)----.

Then I went from Moscow to Delhi(5)---.

From Delhi to Kalkata I travelled(6)----and from Kalkata to Tokyo I traveled(7)--.

What did you(8)----there?

I went to the (9)----.Isaw a beautiful(10)----and a big blue(11)----.

Помогите с английским языком 4 класс!

Нужно составить из букв слова и написать по образцу:
You are CLEVER, but Ann is CLEVERER
You are ............., but Ann is ................. (REBVA)
You are ............., but Ann is ................. (LATL)
You are ............., but Ann is .................(HORTS)
You are ............., but Ann is ................. (GRONTS)
Заранее спасибо!

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