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Всместо многоточия нужно вставить артикли : THE ; -- ...boiling kettle filled ...kitchen with...steam .

10-11 класс

i don't mind staying at ...home and looking after ...children this afternoon .
If you went to ...Indonesia for...summer you would enjoy it there.
...Royal Hotel was almost completely destroyed by fire last saturday .
You can't expect ...kindness and ... support from your family of you don't give ...same to them.
...guests didnt have to clear up after ...party . ... staff did all ...cleaning...next day.
... birds can fly high in ...sky.
they manager to arrive on ...time despite ... heavy snow storm.
...National gallery is located in ...Trafalgar Square .
in sprite of ...fact that ...music was quiet...neighbours complained.
...goverment plans to help ...poor and ...unemployed.
...temperature will drop significantly during ...afternoon.
...Drought this year has been less severe that last year.
I enjoy talking to ...old people.
Arthur Clarke began writing ... science fiction in...1930s.
Could you turn down ... music? It's too loud.
Cover ...pan with a lid when ...sauce has boiled and let it simmer.
He promised he would never bet on ...horses.
he is having ...financial difficulties now.
...blood is thicker than ...water.
...Sahara , ...largest desert, stretches across ... north of...Africa.
...Uncle Tom and ...Aunt Margaret are going to visit their son Tommy at ...university.
have you heard that ... Thompsons are moving from ... Springfield to ... Indianapolis?
...learned people of ...ancient world knew ...earth was round.

...archaeologists now believe that...craft of...metallurgy first started in what is now ...Thailand.
Chinese always produced ...best bronze items to be found in....ancient world.
...earthworms very benefical to ...fertility of...land .
...police continuously directed ...traffic during ...heavy downpour.

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The boiling kettle filled the kitchen with steam.
I don't mind staying at home and looking after the children this afternoon .
If you went to Indonesia for summer you would enjoy it there.
The Royal Hotel was almost completely destroyed by fire last saturday .
You can't expect kindness and .support from your family of you don't give the same to them.
The guests didnt have to clear up after the party. The staff did all cleaning the next day.
Birds can fly high in the sky.
They managed to arrive on time despite a heavy snow storm.
The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square.
In sprite of the fact that the music was quiet the neighbours complained.
The goverment plans to help the poor and the unemployed.
The temperature will drop significantly during the afternoon.
Drought this year has been less severe that last year.
I enjoy talking to old people.
Arthur Clarke began writing science fiction in 1930s.
Could you turn down the music? It's too loud.
Cover the pan with a lid when the sauce has boiled and let it simmer.
He promised he would never bet on horses.
he is having financial difficulties now.
Blood is thicker than water.
The Sahara , the largest desert, stretches across the north of Africa.
Uncle Tom and Aunt Margaret are going to visit their son Tommy at the university.
Have you heard that the Thompsons are moving from Springfield to Indianapolis?
Learned people of the ancient world knew the earth was round.
Archaeologists now believe that the craft of metallurgy first started in what is now Thailand.
Chinese always produced the best bronze items to be found in the ancient world.
Earthworms are very benefical to the fertility of the land .
The police continuously directed the traffic during the heavy downpour.


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вместо многоточия нужно вставить предлоги: FOR; OF; BY; TO The job ... of pilot is a very demanding.

We could hear the noise ... the passing traffic.
The legs ...the trousers were too long.
Hamlet was written ....Shakespeare.
There are no simple solutions ...the problem of overpopulation .
This picture ...their country house.
We regret to infirm you that your request ... a loan has been refused.
The key ...a successful career is to find a job that you really enjoy.
I don't like the idea ...staying in town on such a hot day.
The tomb ...Tutenkhamun was discovered in Egypt in 1922.
A galaxy is a collection ....millions ....stars.
I can't think of answer ...your question.
I have written several times but I haven't received a reply ...my letters.
He says he has never seen any paiting ...Turner.
Emily didn't give us a convincing reason ....not coming to the party.
I can't see the attraction ...spending all day on the beach.
Her friends' messages ....sympathy were a comfort ...her during her illness.
the spread of drugs is a threat ...the stability of he country.
a complete rest is the best cure ....your disease.


сюда нужно вставить time words : first/ as soon/ as/ after/ etc|When|befort.... и т.д.
и слова weather: cloudy|wet|sunny|... и т.д. помогите срочно надо очень

one Danish village in 2007 was discovered the skull, which is called Силендским. Studies have shown that it was several times перепрятан and that its owner had existed in the 13th and 14th centuries. Dimensions of the skull in one and a half times the human and the most interesting feature is the huge orbit - judging by their size the owner of this skull could see well in the dark. And the smooth surface of the cranial bones indicates that it is being successfully surviving in cold conditions

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