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1)Perhaps we'll go to Crimea for our holiday

1-4 класс

We......ti Crimea for our holiday
а)can't do
б)must go
в)may going
г)might go
2)Don't go into bathroom.Josh ............ a shower
б)is having
в)has had
г)is having got
3).................won eighteen gold Olempis medals
а)Michael Phelps
б)Sanya Richards-Ross
в)Mo Farah
г)Allyson Felix
4)Luke hasn't got a watch.He's always late.
Luke(1)..........Late if he(2)..........a watch/
а)(1)would always be;(2)Hadn't dot
б)1)wouldn't always be;(2)Had
в)1)won't always be;(2)Had
г)1)wouldn't always be;(2)Has
5)A.........provides Legal advice
6)I won't leave home until Nick
а)will phone
в)would phone

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1. - г
2. - б
3. - а
4. - б
5. - а
6. - г


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пожалуйста очень надо!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 класс.

Составьте вопросы и ответить на них. 1) did, to school, come, you, what, time, yesterday

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4) did, to bed, you, go, time, what?

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