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5-9 класс

Our eating habits affect our feeling during the day. What happens if I have no breakfast, or
poor breakfast? I'm likely to be glad or cross, and, of course, hungry till having lunch.
Food is a form of fuel. It gives us energy, helps us to grow, resists diseases, forms strong
teeth and bones. No single food can take care of all body's needs. Different foods do different
things for the body. Some foods are better than others in helping make strong muscles. Among
them are meats, eggs, fish, and poultry. Some foods are better than others in helping keep
bones, teeth, skin, and blood. Among these foods are fruit, vegetables, milk, and cheese.
There are so many kinds of food - fast food, snacks, junk food - that it may be difficult to
follow a healthy diet. In the past, sailors who went on long sea voyages stayed on their ships for
many months without going ashore. They did not get fresh food and so often suffered from a
disuse called scurry. Scurry is caused by a lack of vitamin C, which is found in fruit and
In our country, bread is an important part of our everyday food. My granny says that if
there is no bread, there is no food.
1. How do our eating habits affect our feel?
2. How does food help us?
3. What makes strong muscles?
4. What kinds of food do you know?
5. What happened with the sailors in the past?
6. What is the most important part of Russian food?

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1. How do our eating habits affect our feel?

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1. How do our eating habits affect our feel?


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Помгите написать короткое эссе на тему "я ем чтобы жить,но не живу чтобы есть" По плану: 1)What are vitamins?(что такое витамины) 2

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Спасибо заранее

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How to Keep Fit
•Take a lot of exercise. Physical activity is good for all of us at any
•Begin your day with morning exercises. They give you enough energy for the day.
•Be sporty. Join a sports club or go to the gym and work out.
•Take enough sleep. Most people need eight hours of sleep to feel
•Leave some time for relaxing after a hard working day.
•Spend some time out of doors every day. Fresh air does us a lot of good.
•Limit the time you spend in front of your television or computer to an hour — an hour and a half.
•Keep to a healthy balanced diet. Don't overeat.
•Don't eat junk food. Some kinds of food are harmful.
•Don't smoke or drink alcohol. Never use drugs.

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Переведите пожалуйста текст: Where’s the beef? It’s Saturday afternoon and you are at the shops with your friends. You' ve been

shopping all morning and you' re starving! But where are you going to eat? There’s а good chance that you' ll go to а fast food restaurant like Pizza Hut, Burger King or Wendy’s. The biggest problem is choosing one because there are so many.

In the last thirty years fast food has become а major part of our diets. Fast food is cheap, easy to find and easy to eat. You can even eat а burger while you are

driving. Try doing that with а bowl of spaghetti! Families stop at Pizza Hut on the way home from а day trip. Teenagers meet at McDonald s for а burger at lunchtime. Busy office workers buy tasty sandwiches at Subway. It s so quick and easy.

But is fast food healthy? Richard Benton is а nutritionist and he says that fast food can be healthy food. 'Most fast food restaurants have healthy choices like salads and lean chicken sandwiches,' he says. 'Fast food is ОК as long as you don' t eat too much of it.'

People who do eat too much fast food can have health problems. In the United States, 300,000 people а year die from illnesses related to obesity. Twenty per

cent of children in the United States are overweight. The problem has spread as Western fast food has become popular in countries like China, India and Japan. Five to ten per cent of Chinese children are now overweight.

Also, some fast foods contain а lot of fat and sugar. Some health experts believe that high-fat and high-sugar foods change children s behaviour. А recent

survey in Japan found that badly behaved children ate more fast food than well-behaved children.

The good news is that fast food is changing. It is becoming healthier. Thai, Turkish, Japanese and Filipino fast food is becoming popular in the United States.

You can have а quick snack in Elephant Jump (Thai), Jollibee (Filipino) or Yoshinoya (Japanese) if you don' t want а pizza.

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