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10-11 класс

The groups and individuals that represent what is known as the "anti-globalisation movement" began in the late twentieth-century. Their purpose was to combat the globalisation of corporate economic activity and to prevent the free trade among nations that might result from such activity.
Members of the anti-globalisation movement have generally seeked to protect the world's population and ecosystem from what they believe to be the damaging effects of globalisation.Support for human rights is another cornerstone of the anti-globalisation movement's platform.They advocate for labor rights, environmentalism, feminism, freedom of migration, preservation of the cultures of indigenous peoples, biodiversity, cultural diversity, food safely, and ending or reforming capitalism. The movement itself includes diverse and sometimes opposing philosophies of the globalisation process, and incorporates alternative visions, strategies and tactics.

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When did the anti-globalisation movement begin
What was the purpose of the anti-globalisation movement?
What have members of the anti-globalisation movement generally seeked to protect the world's population and ecosystem from?
What is another cornerstone of the anti-globalisation movement's platform?
What do members of the anti-globalisation movement advocate for?
Does the movement itself include diverse and sometimes opposing philosophies of the globalisation process and incorporate alternative visions, strategies and tactics?
Many governments and free trade institutions are seen as acting for the good only of multinational corporations, aren't they?
Do these corporations have privileges that most human beings do not even have according to anti-globalists?
What are these privileges?
What will "free trade" actually result in?
What did many of those involved in the movement show wide opposition to in 2003?
How many people participated in global protests against the Iraq war on the weekend of the 15th of February?
How does the movement manage to successfully organise large protests on global basis?

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Автор: Агабекян.
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Saint Nicholas (Sviatyi Mykolai) is one of the most popular saints of the church. Little is known about him except that he was bishop of Myra (in Turkey) in the 4th century and that he was probably born in Patara (near Kalamaki, Turkey). Legends of his charity, especially toward children, and of miracles associated with him, soon spread throughout Europe. In Ukraine the cult of St. Nicholas was probably introduced by Metropolitan Iefrem, to whom a popular manuscript on the miracles of St. Nicholas is attributed. According to chronicles a church in St. Nicholas's honor had already been built in Kyiv during the reign of Prince Ihor.

In Ukrainian folk tradition there are two figures known as St. Nicholas. One, ’warm Nicholas’, was celebrated in the spring, on 22 May , and the other ’old Nicholas’ was commemorated in the winter, on 19 December. The warm Nicholas was considered to be the patron saint of agriculture. He was said to walk the land, examining the sown fields, ’drying places over-damp, and dampening those over-dry’ after the winter. On the festival, householders would lead their horses into the fields for the first night’s grazing, shear sheep, and sow buckwheat. St. Nicholas was called upon to protect livestock from wolves, and his name frequently appeared in shepherds' prayers. He was also a patron of youth, particularly of orphans and poor girls. The latter he was said to assist in preserving their chastity and in seeking a husband.

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St. Nicholas often appears in carols and legends. In Ukraine icons with his image were greatly cherished and found in virtually every home. His icon was also placed in an important position in iconostases, usually flanking Jesus, the Mother of God, or the patron saint of the church.

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