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сочинение на тему Some people think that in the nearest future the majority of people will live in cities and towns not in the countryside Пожалуйста,

10-11 класс

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There has been a highly debatable topic about whether or not car driving in the city area should be prohibited. Most people suggest no drive in the city center while other oppose the view. As far as i am concerned, That policy to regulate car driving in the urban area would serve to the larger community goal of health. In this essay, i will represent the all supporting reasons for banning a car. 

First, People's concern on public health issues is increasing in the recent years in the developing countries. Thousands of car are generating a considerable amount of smoke that is harmful to children and elder's health system. As a result, city citizen's respiratory system is badly damaged by smoke car produce. For example, in Delhi, 9 million car is the main contributor of air pollution. Therefore, Car is also other reason of stressful life. We finds car as stressful as car horning noise is very disturbing to your safe and calm life. 


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нада зделать то что написано в задании! перевод не нада!
задание: make the following sentences interrogative and negative.

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