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Написать по одному общему и по одному специальному вопросу к 4 предложениям: 1) We went to the park yesterday. 2) They liked swimming in summer. 3) Ann

10-11 класс

was at school yesterday. 4) They were in the forest last Sunday.

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1) Did we go to the park yesterday? Who went to the park yesterday?

2) Did they like swimming in summer? What did they like in summer?

3) Was Ann at school yesterday? Where was Ann yesterday?

4) Were they in the forest last Sunday? Who was in the forest last Sunday?

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23 февр. 2014 г., 7:50:07 (7 лет назад)

1) 1.Did you go to the park yesterday?2.Where did you go yesterday? 2)1.Did they like swimming in summer?2.What did they like to do in summer? 3)1.Did Ann be at shool yesterday?2.When did Ann be at shool? 4)1.Did they be in the forest last Sunday?2.Who were in the forest last Sunday?


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— He will read it tomorrow.
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— They are playing tennis.
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— Has our teacher told us to write or to read? He has
told us to write

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