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102. Choose the correct preposition. He is not very good…. doing sums. A) on B) in C) with D) at E) upon

10-11 класс

Mmishaa 30 янв. 2015 г., 13:43:02 (5 лет назад)
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30 янв. 2015 г., 16:22:06 (5 лет назад)

He is not very good…. doing sums. A) on B) in C) with D) at E) upon


Устойчивое выражение to be good at - быть способным, преуспевать

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30 янв. 2015 г., 17:13:39 (5 лет назад)

He is not good at doing sums.


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определить залог и время сказуемого new subjects will be studied next year

the text has been already written by them
the text is being translated at the moment
the work will have been done when he comes
these toys are made by children

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проверьте,плиииз*-* i want to tell you about my friend Alex. He always manages to be cheerful, energetic and full of life. He is the a helpful

person and every time he tries to do her best to help somebody, when he has problems. He is kind, honest. Alex is good conversational. Of course, he has some drawbacks. Sometimes he is a bit stubborn. Alex has a pleasant appearance. He has straight medium lendht hair and not large gray-green eyes. My friend has a beautiful smile. He is not very hight. He has fair complexion.

Choose the correct preposition.

1.It is nice to have a shoulder to cry (in/to/on)
2.He is also an energetic man,full(of/in/with) beans
3.Listen to them carefull.That will help to work(out/up/in)some musunderstandings and get(in/on/to) well(with/to/up)everybody

Choose the right pronouns. Выберите правильные местоимения.

1. These are Misha's friends. They /Their ball is new.
2. This is Misha's cat. His/He name is Pafnutiy.
3. This is Misha's sister. Her/She name is Masha.
4. This is Misha's mother. Her/She is happy.
5. This is Misha’s father. His/He is not very happy.
6. This is Misha’s town. It/Its isn’t very big.
7. This is my family. We/Our are on holidays.
8. Hi. Peter! Your/You are late.

Part 1. Choose the correct item. 1. ... old furniture in the house. a) Tere is b) There are c) It is 2. I usually visit my friends three

times ... month.

a) a b) the c) -

3. ... answer the question.

a) He is b) He must c) He'd like

4. There is nothing funny in the text, ...?

a) is it b) is there c) ins't there

5. Read the text on ... page ten.

a) a b) the c) -

6. You must learn ... poem.

a) two b) second c) the second

7. - Who took the money?

- I don't know. I didn't see ... .

a) it b) them c) they

8. Nobody ... this food.

a) eat b) eats c)doesn't eat

9. What ... in the bottle?

a) there is b) is it c) is there

10. I didn't see ... interesting.

a) something b) anything c) nothing

Part 2. Correct the mistakes.

1. Who did close the window?

2. They have bought this book three months ago.

3. The money is on the table, you can take them.

4. Have you translate the text?

5. When have you written the dictation?

6. What have you done yesterday?

7. Million of people collect stamps.

8. There will a museum in this street next year.

9. Have you invited much people to the Nwe Year party?

10. I am sure the film will interesting.

Choose the correct answer.

1. I am living in London now. - What does this sentence mean?
a) I have moved to London to stay there for ever.
b) I am in London only for a lmiited period of time.
c) I am going to move London soon.
2. We are meeting Tom tonight. - What does this sentence mean?
a) The action is arranged for the near future.
b) The action is taking place now.
c) The action might take place.
3. I'm working hard at the moment. - Is the sentence correct even if I am not working at the moment of speaking?
a) yes
b) no
4. He is playing football. - Which situation cannot be expressed by present progressive?
a) To express that the match is going on right now.
b) To express that he does not play football regularly, but only for a lmiited period of time.
c) To express that he plays football regularly,
5.Look! The Millers are moving house. - Which of the folloving situations is expressed by the present progressive?
a) They are in the middle of the action.
b) The action is going to take place next week.
c) They will come back to this place one day.

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