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Начиная с 9, глагол поставить в презент симпл или в презент континиус....

5-9 класс

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9 am making 10 is trying 11 helps 12 makes 13 doesn't get 14 do 15 enjoy 16 like 17 don't


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Помогите пожалуйста с домашней работой. Здесь после каждого предложения даны варианты форм глаголов, которые нужно у потребить в предложении:

present Simple

About 85 percent of American students …public schools, which are supported by state and local taxes (attended; have attended; attend) What …American public schools teach? (are; do; does) Wise kings generally …wise councillors. (to have; has; have) All historical places of London …in the West End. (had been; were; are) The city of Montreal …70 square miles. (covering; covers; is covered) Man …live by bread alone (do not; does not; is not)

Present Continuous

I know you …an advanced geography course now (were taking; is taking; are taking) Now she …difficulty in putting facts in order (is having; has been having; had) The world sea surrounds the earth and …to us all. ( is belonging; belongs; has belonged) Scientists in many different countries …to explain its mystery (are working; have worked; worked) These are just a few of the questions to which they … their energies (are devoting; had devoted; is devoting)

Present Perfect

…you ever a film in which a train crashed or a ship sank ? (did…see; have…seen; do…see) Recently BBC experts …a new system that lets the deaf understand TV programmes (have invented; invented; to envent) The nation’s income and productivity …enormously over the past 70 years ( rose; has risen; have risen) American schools for many years …federal aid for special purposes. ( have received; received; receive) Like it or not, television …the supreme holiday attraction ever since it upstaged the cinema by showing old films ( has been; is ; was) He … … everything except his last paper (did; have done; has done)

Present Perfect Continuous

It … since early morning (rained; had rained; has been raining) You are a good football-player. Since when …you…football ? (have …been playing; did …play; had …been playing) My brother …music lessons for three years now (have taken; has been taking; took)

Future Simple

Perhaps in the future men …on the sea, away from the crowded and noisy cities on land (will live; would live; are living) The student …as an apprentice to a trained worker next week (shall work; will work; would work) During the apprenticeship period the student …to earn money (shall begin; would begin; will begin) We …take a vacation this month ( is not; did not; shall not)

Past Simple

Sir Walter was a proud knight, and …to think that he had to submit to the commands of a tyrant lord (had hated; was hating; hated) …you…the ancient stone carvings at the museum last week ? (have …seen; did…see; had…seen) Dinosaurs …millions of years ago (died out; had died out; were died out) In the year 1620, a ship named the ‘Mayflower’ …120 Englishmen to the rocky coast of America (has brought; brought; had brought) It was late in the year when the Pilgrims …and founded a colony ( were landing; had landed; landed)

Past Continuous

When Jim came out of the army he … what to do ( is wondering; has wondered; was wondering) His parents were sick, they didn’t have much money, so they …pretty desperate (were getting; are getting; have gotten) Meanwhile in the village most people … …to go skiing. (was preparing; were preparing; are preparing) Those who couldn’t do it …TV or looking through the newspapers (were watching; have watched; are watching)

поход в зоопарк сочинение

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Gary (to help) his grand motherю ( в паст и презент симпл)

Birds (to fly) in the sky. в паст и презент симпл)
She (to feed ) old dog. в паст и презент симпл)

Поставьте в нужное время презент симпл или презент континиус)Срочно и правильно

Name _______________________________________________________ Date___________________________Put the Present Simple or the Present Continuous1. My friends ____________________ (not/like) skating very much, but they _______________ (love) skiing.


Надо выбрать правильную форму глагола) Презент Симпл или Презент Континиас.
1. He...(think) or changing his job.
2. I really have to go now. My plane...(leave) at 10:30.
3. We...(go) to the cinema tomorrow afternoon.

Поставить в презент симпл тенс! Срочно!

He talks in Spanish well. Family of Браунов have dinner at home. John smokes much.She dances well. They love the Mexican meal. They know him well. We want to buy a new machine. She rides in school on a bus.

Помогите в презент симпл и континиус

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