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Написати запитання до : 1.She works in a school. 2. Her father is a doctor. 3. They live in England. 4.I have got a pet. 5.His family is small.

1-4 класс

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Is she works in a school ? Is her father a doctor ? Are they live in England ? Have I got a pet ? Is his family small ? 


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HI !I am JILL..I haven't got a room of my own.I shareit with my brother.Our room is nice and large.There are two desk next to the window.There is a

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Написать вопросительную форму:

-She works in a school,
-They live in England


Where does he have breakfast.
At home.(He has breakfast at home.)
How many lessons do they have?
Six.(They have six lessons.)

At scholl.(Mike has breakfast at scholl)
At home.(Ann has lunch at home)
Four.(The boys four lessons every day)
Sex.(She has sex lessons every day)
5.At home.(The pupils have breakfast at home)

315.Спроси,где это было. Дайте ответ.
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She worked in the bookshop.
________________in the park.
________________the apples?
________________them in this shop.
________________him at scholl.
_______________lunch at home.
______________in this house.

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