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Many people in Russia live in the ______

1-4 класс

_ _un_ _ _

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Many people in the Russia live in the country


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Помогите,пожалуйста,из данных предложений составить вопросительные предложения.

Начинать вопрос со слов в скобках.
1.My father gets up at seven o'clock.(When)
2.Nick always goes to the sports ground at four o'clock.(Where)
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помогите пожалуйста перевести текст и вставить пропущенные слова. спасибо

our favourite tv shows are all cartoons! The Simpsons and Rugrats are the two cartoons we like best of all. We like homer,_the father, because when he does something silly, he says that funny word doh! PEOPLE laugh when he says that. Margie,________, is great because of her big, blue hair. Were all simpsons fans because of bart__________. Bart makes the show more interesting . We like lisa ,____ because lisa play the saxophone and we like music. maggie ,________is a lusky and cute baby.

Jane has invited a lot of g..... to Christmas party.

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Answer the questions . 1) do all people in Britain live in their own houses ? 2) how many floors are there in a traditional English house? 3) which rooms

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Irkutsk the capital east Siberiaю One of the oldest cities in Russia. Him three hundred and fifty years. Irkutsk is located on the banks of the Angara

River, in sixty three kilometers from lake Baikal and a lot of tourists visit it every years. In the old part of the city there lots of interesting ancient buildings. You can visit art museum, the house-museum Volkonskogo, icebreaker museum Angara. You can also visit musical a theater, theatre drama, opera and puppet theater. Tourists can see the Catholic Cathedral or Spasskaya church they very beautiful. There are some fantastic restaurants in the Irkutsk. You can have lunch at one of the many cafes in the centre of the city. Baikal is one of the oldest lakes in the world. The depth of the like is one thousand six hundred thirty-seven metres. The water is fresh clean and clear. In the lake there are many fish: omul, harius, sturgeon, cig and seals. Tourists usually go to like Baikal. They can buy souvenirs and eat fish there. In Irkutsk there are more six hundred thousand people and third of people of different nationalities^ Russian, Buryats, Tatars Poles, Germans, and another. All the people are friendly, live and work together. Пожалуйста проверьте ошибки и исправьте. Заранее вам благодарна. Это домашнее сочинение.

СРОЧНО!!!Перевидите часть текста: I think you know the name of W.Disney.To many people in our century his name means the world of

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В каких случаях are в каких is? К примеру: There ... a nice garden behing the horse. There ... a lot of big apple trees in the garden. There ... a cow and

a horse near the river.
... there a brigde over the river?-No, there ...n't.
... there many forestes in Russia?-Yes, there ... .
Пожалуйста напишите что вставить в примере плизик.

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