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1. Do you know any_of these girls? 2. There are ____ foreign

10-11 класс

visitors in the palace. 3. ____ of my friends live in this house. 4. We

haven’t ____ time. 5. Do you like ____ of these animals? 6. Yes, I

like ____ of them. 7. No, I do not like ____ of them. 8. Give me

____ water. 9. We don’t see ____ flowers here. 10. What fruit do you

want to buy? — ____ fruit that is good for small children. 11. If I

have ____ free time, I shall go with you to the cinema.

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10 нояб. 2013 г., 11:11:02 (3 года назад)

2) some 
3) some
4) any
5) any
7) any
8) some
9) any
10) some
11) any

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10 нояб. 2013 г., 14:09:20 (3 года назад)

Some some any any some any some any some any

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10 нояб. 2013 г., 15:37:55 (3 года назад)

Уважаемая, а задание то какое?

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10 нояб. 2013 г., 17:55:35 (3 года назад)

9. Поставьте вместо пропусков неопределенные местоиме-
ния some или any.


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5. New Year’s Day has traditionally been the occasion for starting new programs and giving up bad habits. People talk about “turning over a new leaf”. Many Americans make New Year’s resolutions, promising themselves and their families to improve their behaviour. Typical New Year’s are to spend less money, give up smoking, begin a diet or control one’s temper. For Americans it is a very serious but rather happy occasion to start New year.

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What are typical New Year’s resolutions?

1. Typical New Year’s resolutions are to earn more money and to get a better job.

2. Typical New Year’s resolutions are to give up smoking, begin a diet or control one’s temper.

3. Typical New Year’s resolutions are to become happy.

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