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Write questions. ask your friends- Who can..., Can you..., When can you...

10-11 класс

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Who can make you happy?
Can you do something important to your family?
When can you drive a car? 

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Write an opinion essay.

Some towns have banned fast food restaurants from opening closer than 400 metres to schools and parks. Is this a good idea?

Эссе должно быть написано по всем правилам. Объем 200-250 слов.

Match the verb with its definition:


I. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.( суффиксы и приставки) 1. Many people find their work rather___________(bore). 2. He

did not pass the exam. He was very______________(appoint) 3. Peter liked all animals and little children. It ____________( character) him like a very kind man. 4. The only thing poverty leads to is ___________(happiness) and ____________(literacy). 5. It was such an ______________(interest) excursion! 6. Susan is a _____________(charm) girl with lovely figure. 7. The ____________(distant) between S.Petersburg and Moscow is about 600 kilometers. 8. My Mom does the ______________(cook) in our family. 9. Your behavior is awful! You are ________________(polite) and ___________(moral)! 10. She had the ______________(appear) of an actress. II. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глагол в нужное время или форму (герундий). A) Обратите внимание на времена сказуемых в главном и придаточном предложениях!!! В) Обратите внимание на условные предложения!!! 1. If you_____________ (phone) me earlier, we could have bought this book. 2. I can’t stand Mr. Brown! He__________________(always / tell a lie). 3. Steven______________(work) at this problem for three months. We’ll be able to see the presentation next week. 4. We________________(just / buy) a new car. We can go to the see. 5. Before Olga came to London, she___________________(learn) English for three years. 6. When her mother came home, Helen____________________(clean) the room since morning. 7. Thank you for_______________(come) in time. 8. There is no reason in______________(argue). 9. If the train _________________(come) in time, we would not have been late at the concert. 10. Yesterday at 5 o’clock Tom _______________(do) his homework and could not go for a walk. 11. Yesterday by 5 o’clock Tom_______________(do) his homework and could go for a walk. 12. If you ________________(phone) me, I would go to the cinema. 13. When her mother came home, she______________(write) the letter and___________(go) to the park with her friends. 14. If he _______________( buy) a car, we’ll go to the see. 15. If he___________________(buy) a car, we would go to the see. 16. If he____________________(buy)a car , we would have gone to the see. 17. My father _________________(work) here for three years. 18. My father__________________( repair) this car since morning. 19. If I had learned the grammar rules, I __________________(not /get) a bad mark. 20. If I learned the grammar rules, I_______________________(not/ get) a bad mark. 21. If I learn the grammar rules, I_______________________( not / get) a bad mark.

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Помогите пожалуйста срочно! A Give news about yourself and other people to a friend of yours. Use the words given to make sentences in the Presen

t Perfect Tense.
Example: My sister/get married. —My sister has got married

1.I/find/a new job. 2. My father/retire. 3. Jane and Mike/go to work/to Australia. 4. I/buy/a new motorcycle. 5. My niece/start to walk. 6. The Browns/move/to another town. 7. Jack's Grandpa/die. 8. I/join/another football club. 9. Nick and Rita/divorce. 10. John/receive/ a fortune, he/become/a millionaire.
В Ask your friend who is in the USA questions about what he or his relatives have seen or done (use the Present Perfect Tense).
Example: You/have/a good journey? — Have you had a good journey?
1. You/already/see/the Great American Lakes? 2. You/be/to Broadway? 3. Mike/manage to see/the Statue of Liberty? 3. What/new places/your brother/show to you? 4. Ann/visit/the White House? 5. Your father/get/ promotion? 6. You/receive/your driving license? 7. Your
brother/change/a car? 8, What kind of house/you/buy1
С Say what you or your friends have not done yet (year, month, etc.).
Example: I/not be/to the theatre/this month. — / have not been to the theatre this month,
1. Sue/not read/Gone with the Wind/yet. 2. Jill/not enter/London University/this year. 3. Larry/not produce/ a new film/yet. 4. Peggy and Paul/not move/to another flat this month. 5. Pete/not finish/his project yet. 6. My cousin/not get married/this month. 7. Mrs. Brown/not recover/yet. 8. They/not go/on business/this week.

You ... do your homework every day You ... climb on the teacher's table You ... keep your desks clean You ... take your pet to the lesson You ... do

what your teacher says You ... speak loudly in the classroom You ... sleep in the classroom You ... answer the teacher's questions You ... translate from English into Russian You ... talk witn your friend at lessonss You ... draw on the walls of your classroom

You’ve got a letter from your British pen-friend. He/she writes you that he/she likes to dress well. He/she tries to buy his/her clothes at famous

fashion designers’ shops. But it is very expensive and his/her parents don’t want to buy such clothes for him/her. Write a letter to your friend in which you: • express your opinion about present-day fashions • write what clothes you usually prefer to wear • where you usually buy clothes and who helps you to do the shopping • give advice to your friend what he/she should do in his/her situation помогите написать

Преобразовать из прямой речи в косвенную 1) "What do they want ? " she asked me 2) "What is your from ? " he asked me 3) "Where are you from ? " he said 4)

"Who speaks Spanish ? " the man asked 5) He said, "Do you know this boy ? " 6) He said, "Do you want to travel to Europe or to the USA?" 7) They said, "Heve you ever been to England before?" 8) She said, "Is the man your father or your husband? " 9) She said, "We are going out. Will you join us? " 10) She asked, "Can you help me translate the text ?"

You were going to visit your friend in London at the beginning of June. But unfortunately the schedule of the independent testing has been changed.

Write a letter to your friend and:
• Apologize for breaking your plans
• State the reason of your not coming
• Express your regret about postponing your meeting
Ask if it is possible to come later in the summer

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write your own name, any dates, addresses or other personal information.

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