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Match the verb with its definition:

10-11 класс


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a. to cover a surface with paint - 1. to paint
b. to make something new, especially to invent something - 2. to create, 4. to design
c. to become noticeable or to be present - 3. to appear
d. to join together as a group, or to make people join together as a group; to combine - 5. to unite
e. to ask for something forcefully, in a way that shows that a refusal is not expected - 6. to demand
f. to learn about a subject, especially in an educational course or by reading books - 7. to study
g. to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult - 8. to manage
h. to (make something) to become larger in amount or size - 9. to increase


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I. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.( суффиксы и приставки) 1. Many people find their work rather___________(bore). 2. He

did not pass the exam. He was very______________(appoint) 3. Peter liked all animals and little children. It ____________( character) him like a very kind man. 4. The only thing poverty leads to is ___________(happiness) and ____________(literacy). 5. It was such an ______________(interest) excursion! 6. Susan is a _____________(charm) girl with lovely figure. 7. The ____________(distant) between S.Petersburg and Moscow is about 600 kilometers. 8. My Mom does the ______________(cook) in our family. 9. Your behavior is awful! You are ________________(polite) and ___________(moral)! 10. She had the ______________(appear) of an actress. II. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глагол в нужное время или форму (герундий). A) Обратите внимание на времена сказуемых в главном и придаточном предложениях!!! В) Обратите внимание на условные предложения!!! 1. If you_____________ (phone) me earlier, we could have bought this book. 2. I can’t stand Mr. Brown! He__________________(always / tell a lie). 3. Steven______________(work) at this problem for three months. We’ll be able to see the presentation next week. 4. We________________(just / buy) a new car. We can go to the see. 5. Before Olga came to London, she___________________(learn) English for three years. 6. When her mother came home, Helen____________________(clean) the room since morning. 7. Thank you for_______________(come) in time. 8. There is no reason in______________(argue). 9. If the train _________________(come) in time, we would not have been late at the concert. 10. Yesterday at 5 o’clock Tom _______________(do) his homework and could not go for a walk. 11. Yesterday by 5 o’clock Tom_______________(do) his homework and could go for a walk. 12. If you ________________(phone) me, I would go to the cinema. 13. When her mother came home, she______________(write) the letter and___________(go) to the park with her friends. 14. If he _______________( buy) a car, we’ll go to the see. 15. If he___________________(buy) a car, we would go to the see. 16. If he____________________(buy)a car , we would have gone to the see. 17. My father _________________(work) here for three years. 18. My father__________________( repair) this car since morning. 19. If I had learned the grammar rules, I __________________(not /get) a bad mark. 20. If I learned the grammar rules, I_______________________(not/ get) a bad mark. 21. If I learn the grammar rules, I_______________________( not / get) a bad mark.

помогите пожалуйста Write the correct form (negative form,positive form,or question form )of ''used to''. 1. We (not have) a long holiday , but this year w

e're going to the Egypt for two months! 2. She (be) really responsible, but now she's really irresponsible. 3. I never (eat) American food but now I go to McDonald's twice a week . 5. I go ) to the disco four times a week ,but not any more .I'm too busy. 4. She ( go ) to the opera every week ,but she doesn't have time now. 6. He ( not like)apples, but now he loves to eat them. 7. (you / wear ) formal clothes when you went to school? 8. (they / go ) to the seaside a lot when they were young?

поставте эти предложения в вопросительную форму

1) You drink tea with milk every day
2)I went to bed late yesterday
3) He likes coffee
4)We will eat lunch in the park tomorrow
5) She played piano a letter tomorrow

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Match the words with their definitions.

1 tennis court a)the person who is a leader of a team
2 athletics track b)the place where you play tennis
3 ski slope c)if you do a lot of exercise,you will...
4 get feet d)the place where athletes run
5 captain e)the person who is in charge of a team
6 coach f)what players do before they start playing
7 referee g)the people who watch a sport
8 warm up h)the person who controls e.g. a football match
9 train i)the place where you ski
10 spectators j)what professional sports people have to do every day

People often do these things when travel. Match the verbs with the correct phrases/

1.buy 2.confirm 3.collect 4.go through 5. queue
a) security b)a ticket c) at the chtck-in e) their luggage

6.watch 7.take 8.book 9. do 10. check in
a)a hotel room b) some shopping c)at the hotel d) an in-fight movie e) a bus or taxi

надо распределить буквы по цифрам Pair work. Match the verbs with the suitable nouns to form commonly Pair work. Match the verbs with

the suitable nouns to form commonly used expressions. Make as many pairs as possible.

1. to establish
2. to populate
3. to award
4. to border
5. to found

Match each word with its definition.

1 achievement
2 adjustment
3 attitude
4 failure
5 grade
6 method
7 percentage
8 progress
9 record
10 report
a. a way of doing something
b. the process of developing or improving
c. a written account of what has been done
d. something that you have done successfully
e. an amount of something, expressed as if it is part a total which si a hundred
f. a document that is written by a teacher, giving details of a student's school work
g. a level of quality of a student's work
h. a small change that you make to improve
i. a situation in which you do not do something that people expect you to do
j. the way that you think, feel or behave

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