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10-11 класс

Write David a 100-word letter and answer his questions.
1) Do you think Russia is a welfare state? Could you give me some facts ?
2) Is anything special about the way the system of social service works in Russia ?
3) what social benefits do people receive in your country?
4)What benefits does your family receive?

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Написать Дэвид 100-слово письмо и ответить на его вопросы.
1) вы считаете, что Россия является социальным государством? Не могли бы вы дать мне некоторые факты ?
2) ничего особенного образом, система социальной работы в России ?
3) какие социальные преимущества получают люди в вашей стране?
4)Какие преимущества имеет ваша семья получит?


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Fill in another,the other,eatch other or every other

this book is mine and ......are dave's
they aren't talking to....today
this magazine comes out....week
that watch is gold,......are silver
you have ...two days to register for the course.
some people work during the day,.....work at night
we usually help .....with our homework
i have my hair cut...month
would you like...biscuits?
brothers and sisters look after ....
i saw mark...day
can i have ...piece?
where are ....children?
are there any....questions before we go?
2.fill in the gabs with the correct pronoun or pos adjective
if you saw a person in trouble,wouldyou help?
somebody has parked...car across the drive.
my aunt left ....bag ere when she visited us this morning
if a colleague of mine got promoted,i'd be hapy for...
everyone brings .....own lunch to work with....
my mother has cashed....car
he told each person to order whatever...
the police inspector askeed everybody in the room to give...names

нужно заменить существительные с предлогом of существительными в притяжательном падеже: 1) the title of the book 2) the toys of my children 3)

the hobby of my wife 4) the handbags of these women 5) the life of animals 6) the voice of this girl 7) the letter of Peter 8) the questions of my child 9) the newspaper of last Saturday 10) the photo of her boyfriend 11) the economy of the country.

Помогите с написанием письма, пожалуйста..

You have received a letter from your English-speaking friend Peter who writes:
...At school we are making presentations on festivals in different countries. Could you tell me what festivals are the most popular in Russia? Which of them are especially popular in your region and where I can get more information about them?

Заранее спасибо

Исправить ошибку в предложениях. Помоги пожалуйста СРООЧНО ПОЖАЛУЙСТА !!!

1 I can a lot of friends
2 We are in the town
3 my sister are speak English well
4 the pupils can play computer games well?
5 what you can do well?

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ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА СДЕЛАТЬ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ ЗАДАНИЕOpen the brackets.Put the verbs into the Future Indefinite.
1.I (not to go) to the Hermitage tomorrow.
2. Kate (to give) it to you this afternoon.
3.We (to have) orange juice.
4.He (not to phone) her tonight.
5. I (to help) you with it.
6. They (not to have) coffee.
7. It is hot here, I (to open) the window.
8. I (to get) a taxi.
9. It is cold here, I ( to close) the window.
10. I (not to tell ) anyone what happened.

Помогите, пожалуйста, восстановить идиому: "Неоперделенный артикль + синоним прилагательных "beautiful, cute" + кухонная утварь для чая +

предлог, означающий принадлежность + водное животное.
Получается, или a или an + wonderful, pretty + teapot + of + какое-то водное животное. Помогите пожалуйста!

Помогите пожалуйста перевести текст и как произносить его на русском языке.

Dear friends,
Welcome to Green School!
Let's read and write in English.

Let's run and jump in the forest!

go to school together!
Mr Greenwood and his pupils

Помогите пожалуйста дописать предложения в рассказе и перевести его.
1) He is an elephant.
2) His _____________ is Thomas.
3) He isn't angry.
4) He is _________________________.
5) He can _______________________________.
6) He can't ________________________________________.
7) We _____ to school together.

Помогите пожалуйста !!!Ответьте на

Помогите пожалуйста !!!
Ответьте на вопросы

Ребята помогите пожалуйста срочно

Ребята помогите пожалуйста срочно надо!!!
Write the following word combinations in the plural form using

possessive case(Напишите следующие комбинации слов во множественном

числе используя притяжательный падеж)
например:This boy/ bag- these

1)this engineer/work.......
2)my sister/clothes......
3)this woman/secret.....
4)that country economy.....

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