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Choose the correct answers. 5. Can he play the piano?

5-9 класс

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Can he playS the piano


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Пожалуйста помогите!!!!

Make guestions using USED TO.
ask, be interested, drink, get up, have, stay, swim, take, travel, work

DID YOU USE TO play the guitar?
1 ...............................early?
2 ...............................in Mathematics?
3 .............................. Cola?
4 .............................. long hair?
5 .............................. hard?
6 .............................. many guestions?
7 .............................. books from the library?
8 .............................. by car?
9 .............................. in the swimming pool?
10 ............................ at the hotel?

Complete the sentences.

a) Ann became a vegetarian because...
b) She told her parents...
c) She eats...
d) She feels that being a vegetarian...

Просто арктики вставить)

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AEO ”NAZARBAYEV INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS” TASKS FOR COMPETIVE SELECTION OF STUDENTS English, 8 grade 1. Choose the best answer: - Where can I have this

ironed? - ......................... A) At the laundry. B) At the bank. C) At the shop. D) At the post-office. E) At school. *** 2. Choose the best answer: A police officer…. car was parked at the next corner stopped and arrested them. A) whose B) who C) when D) where E) which *** 3. Complete the sentence: Andy said that no other car could go ... his. A) as fast as B) as fast like C) as fast that D) so fast like E) so fast than *** 4. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech: Jane said: “Did you see that film last month?” A) Jane interested if I had seen that film the previous month B) Jane ordered if I had seen that film last month C) Jane asked that I had seen that film last month D) Jane asked if I saw that film last month E) Jane interested if I seen that film last month *** 5. Choose the appropriate word(s): Sara and Kelly were getting treatment in the ... hospital. Their cases were.... A) same/similar B) similar/same C) best/same D) bad/same E) bad/best *** 6. Choose the best answer: If you ……… to him, you ……… a lot. A) listen/will learn B) will listen/will learn C) listen/learn D) will listen/learn E) listened/ will learn *** 7. Find the appropriate modal verb: It is raining. You … take your anorak. A) should B) couldn’t C) shouldn’t D) mustn’t E) are must *** 8. Find the right variant: Sergei Bezrukov … as a talented actor by all. A) is recognized B) is recognize C) recognize D) was recognize E) were recognize *** 9. Find the appropriate modal verb: I have got toothache. I … go to the dentist. A) must B) mustn’t C) can have been D) should have done E) should be *** 10. Complete the sentence: He … the newspaper at the time you rang. A) was reading B) read C) was read D) were reading E) readed *** 11. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech: John said to Tom: “Do you want to go to the cinema?” A) John asked Tom if he wanted to go to the cinema. B) John asked Tom he wanted to go to the cinema. C) John asked Tom did he want to go to the cinema. D) John asked Tom if do he want to go to the cinema. E) John asked Tom he had wanted to go to the cinema. *** 12. Choose the right variant: By the time the police arrived, the thieves ……. the stolen money. A) had hidden B) hide C) will have hidden D) are hiding E) hid *** 13. Choose the best question: Bill reads newspapers in the kitchen every morning. A) What does Bill do in the kitchen? B) Where do they read newspapers? C) How many newspapers does Bill have? D) Who cooks in the kitchen? E) Where does he buy newspapers? *** 14. Choose the best question: It usually takes her 15 minutes to get to the office by underground. A) How long does it take her to get to the office by underground? B) How long does it usually take you to get to the office? C) Who got to the office in 15 minutes? D) It usually took her 15 minutes to get to the office by underground, didn`t it? E) Where do you get in 15 minutes? *** 15. Choose the right order to make up a story: 1. Meat comes from animals. 2. People cannot live without food. 3. Where does our food come from? 4. People eat domestic birds too. A) 2,3,1,4 B) 4,2,3,1 C) 1,2,3,4 D) 2,1,4,3 E) 3,4,2,1

помогите пожалуйста WRITING I Choose the correct answer 1 If you drop the vase my mother … you. a) punishes b)

will punish c) would punish

2 If she … not so slowly she would enjoy the party.

a) were b) is c) will be

3 If we had a chicken we … it.

a) cooked b) would cook c) were cooking

4 If you … my library book I will have to buy a new one.

a) will lose b) lost c) lose

5 If she … you were in hospital she would have visited you.

a) had known b) knew c) would have known

6 If I have a computer I … Computer Studies.

a) would learn b) will learn c) learn

7 If the weather had been nice we … go on excursion.

a) went b) would have gone c) will go

8 If I … you I would visit Jane yesterday.

a) was b) had been c) were

II Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct tenses

1 If he (eat) all that he will be ill.

2 If he had known the whole story he (not be) so angry.

3 If we had more rain our crops (grow) faster.

4 If you (paint) the walls white the room would be much brighter.

5 Ice (turn) the water if you heat it.

6 If she knew that it was dangerous she (not come).

7 I (take) a taxi if I had realised that it was such a long way.

8 The police (arrest) him if they catch him.

III Form the right type of the conditionals

1 If you (go) to bed earlier you (not fee) so tired.

2 If you (come) to my place I (show) you my collection.

3 If I (know) her well I (phone) her at home.

4 If she (not drive) so fast she (not crash).

5 If he (love) her he (stay) with.

9. Choose the correct answer: Jim rebooted his computer ____ the screen would stop freezing.

1) in order
2) in case
3) so that
4) to
22. Choose the correct item: Jill finally managed ____ his computer when she had understood the cause of the problem.
1) fixing
2) to fixing
3) to fix
4) to be fixing

I. 1.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant. 1) He was guite ... with us. a. Frank b.Frankly 2) ... speaking I don't

like casual clothes

a.Frankly b. Frank

2.Fill in the blanks choosing the correct variant.

1)She was siting at the table and he was standing ...

a. beside b. besides

2) All the children ... Tom decided to go on excursion.

a.besides b.beside

1.Choose the correct item.

1)We (live/have lived) in Hastings now.
2)I (got/have got) two brothers and a sister.
3)He (plays/is playing) football once a week.
4)We (are/have been) here since the shop opened.
5)I always (am drinking/drink) black coffee.
6)(Has/does) he got a camera?
7)When did you (got/get) home last night?
8)(We are/We) going to stay at home today.
9)We (knew/have known) them for a long time.
10)I (worked/am working) there two years ago.

2.Put the words in the correct order.
1)I /on Saturday/ didn't/ you/ at the party/ see/ night.
2)Some/ in the library/ we / interesting/ books/ found.
3)Walked/ around the town/ have/ I.
4)Every week-end/ do/ clean/ you/ the house?
5)Slowly/ he/ getting/ is /better.

3.Put the verbs in brackets into Past or Present Simple Passive.
1)The pet (feed) every day by a girl.
2)The thief ran away but he (find) by the policeman.
3)She always (dress) in funny clothes.
4)Both boys (take) home where they (ask) questions by their parents.
5)He (say) to be my best friend.
6)The cathedral (build) by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire.

4.Choose the correct preposition: out, of, on, at, in, for, to, if necessary.
1)Please take that long pencil ... ... your case and put it ... the table.
2)Please, don't go ... there.
3)Where is Jack? He's ... the blackboard. He's lokking ... it.
4)I usually go ... the office ... the morning.
5)Take your pen ... ... your bag and write this sentence.
6)... what language do you speak ... classes?
7)Peter is always ... time ... his lessons.

5.Fill in proper article.1)When we want to write ... letter, we take ... piece of paper and .. pen. We first write our own address and ... date in ... right-hand corner. Then on ... left-hand side we write ... greeting. We must not forget to leave ... margin in ... left-hand side of ... page. At ... end of ... letter we write ''Yours'' and then sing our name..

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