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Write questions using the present simple. 1. Jane/ like/ burgers? 2. They/ read magazines? 3. Kate/ want/ go to the zoo?

5-9 класс

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1. Does Jane like burgers?
2. Do they read magazines?
3. Does Kate want go to the zoo?

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1. Do Jane like burgers? 2. Do they read magazines? 3. Do Kate want to go to the zoo?


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Помогите!Переведите пожалуйста небольшой текст,я его переделала своими словами(для пересказа), на английсский,но не через переводчик!!!

Миссис Моррисон захотела сделать покупки.Она спросила девочек, не хотите ли вы со мной в Селфридж?.В Селфридже шла белая распродажа.Миссис Моррисон хотела купить одеяло,пару простыней и полотенец.Она купила полотенца.Это сделка,-обычная цена 11 фунтов,а на распродаже 9.Также она купила простыни и одеяло,но не купила подушек.

Which sentence is the correct one?

1)you didn*t be in the party yesterday
2)you didn*t were in the party yesterday
3)you weren*t in the party yesterday

Помогите )

Надо вставить слова (слова в упражнении не даны)

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Очень очень нужно завтра сдать, помогите сделать 1)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present contin


hi isabel,
i'm in the beautiful city of oxford. I 1 (study) German and Russian at the university here. I 2 (find) both languages interesting but German
3 (be) more difficult. All the other students on the course. 4 (feel) the same way,too. We 5 (meet) once a week to discuss the lectures. This week,e 6 (go) to the theatre in London to see a play. I 7 (stay) on the campus for the moment but a few of us. 8 (look) for a house to share. the foof in the halls. 9 (not/be) very good,so we usually. 10 (have) lunch at a restaurant nearby.
I hope to hear from you soon
Take care,

2)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present perfect

1. A : When did you move (you/move) house,David?

B: Three days ago but I (not/unpack) yet.

2. A: Do you like Chinese food?

B: Actually, I (NEVER/TRY) it

3. A: I (just/finish) my essay

B:Really? I (write) mine yesterday evening

4. A: How long (you/live) in America?
B: I (come) here in 2004

5. A : (you/type) the letters yet?

B: Yes, I (finish) them half an hour ago and (give) them to Mr Harris

3)))Fill in : has/have been/to,has/have gone to

1. A:Have you ever been to France?

B:No, haven't but I'd like to go one day

2. A:I'm afraid Sue and Pam can't come with us. They want to visit their grandmother.

B: She _____

3. A: Haw long ___ Mexico?

B:For nearly three uears

4.A: Do you know where Mum is?

B: I think she ___ the post office to get some stamps.

5)))Put the adjectives in the right order

1 a new/woollwn/red/smart/hat ( a smart new red woollen hat)

2 a(n) modern/luxurious/italian/car (______ )

3 two/long/blue/beautiful/dresses ( ______ )

4 a gold/tiny/round/Russian/coin (_____)

5 a plastic/blue/little/spoon ( _____ )

6)))Choose the correct answer

1 We used ... in flat but now we live in a big house a) live b) to live c) living

2 I'm used ... up very early in the morning, so it doesn't bother me a) to get b) getting c) to getting

3 It was difficult at first but Max is getting used ... on the left a) drive b) to driving c) driving

4 Dad didn't use ... on Saturdays but he does now a) work b) working c) to work

5 When Helen was little, her father used ... her stories before going to bed a) tell b) to tell c) telling

6 I never got used ... German when I lived in Germany.It was difficult for me to learn a) to speaking b) speaking c) speak

7 Neil isn't used ... Chinese food a) to eat b) to eating c) eating

8 Tom used ... in Rome but now he's moved back to London a)live b) to living c) to live

1)what is the 3rd person singular of these verbs in the present simple? go do watch finish be drink










2)complete the sentences using the correct form of these verbs in the present simple: WATCH, STUDY, WRITE, BUY , START , THINK, SPEND, DRIVE , GIVE, SPEAK.

A).......me a coat and I'll put it in my bedroom.

б)Margaret ......her diet today.

c)Mrs Ellison ....... 5 kilos of meat every Saturday.

d)The doctor...... Marcy is in great shape.

e)Mary says you ............ five languages. You must be very intelligent.

f)Every Monday I .............. a composition in school.

g)My family always ..................their hilidays in the sounth.

h)JAMES ............television 10 hours a day!

i)Janice is such a good student! she ...........3 hours every night.

5. a) Read again and complete the sentences. Use the present continuous. 1) Patsy ... to Glasgow. 2) Ann ... to the airport. 3) Pats ... a skirt and a

blouse. b) Explain the phrases in bold. What is the weather like in Glasgow? 6. a) Read the sentences. Which verb form do we use to talk about habits/routines, actions happening now? She always wears boots in winter. She is wearing a raincoat now. b) Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous. 1) ... (it/rain) often in winter? 2) Where ... (you/live)? 3) What ... (you/do) now? 4) She ... (go) to school on foot today. 5) He ... (not/swim) well.

Write sentences. Use the Present Simple or Present Continuous.

Example: I usually GO (go) to the cinema on Saterdays but this evening I AM PLAYING (play) Monopoly
Simon___(make) a presentation about Stonehenge in his room.
He ____ (like) history. He _____ (want) to become an archaeologist.
2. Where is Betty? She ______ (sleep).
What has happened to her? She usually ____ (draw) or ____
(watch) TV in the afternoon.-She has Fallen ill.

Write the statements and questions.Use the present perfect simple and yet or already.

A:Have you seen the new James Bond film yet? (you/see/the new James Bond film)
B: Yes,and..................(I/ buy /the DVD too)

A:....................? (your brother / go / to university)
B: Yes,and...................(I /move/ into his old bedroom)

A: I love thei music but ............. .( I / not buy/ their new CD)
B: Well,don't buy it! ................and it's awful.( I / listen to it )

A: Dias? ...............? ( you/ do/ your homework)
B: Nearly......................... .( I/ finish / the Maths, But I / not star / the Geograpi)

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