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1)Complete the text with the passive form of the verbs in the box.

10-11 класс


Thousand og young people apply to take part in this programme.They send video tapes to the producers and a group of them (1) ____ to take part.During the series,they live in a castle,where they (2) ____ to sing and dance.They (3) ___ not ___ to speak to their friends or family and every moment of their life in the castle (4) ___. Their lives (5) ___ on TV every evening and,on Saturday,there is a special show. A famous TV star (6) ___ on the show and one of the contestants sings a song with him or her. At the end of the programme, there is a vote and one person (7) ___ home.At the end of the series,the winner is (8) ___ a contract to make an album.

2)Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentences.
For Love or Money
1.This programme showed/was shown on American TV for the first time in 2003.
2.In this programme,fifteen women tried/were tired to win the heart of a rich young man.
3.In the first episode,the women learnt/were learnt that there was also a prize of $1 million.
4.The women told/were told to keep the prize a secret from the young man.
5.The man and the women took/were taken to different Californian cities to go out on dates.
6.At the end of each week,one woman left/was left in the show.
7.In the final show,the last woman told/was told she must choose between the man and the money.

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Thousands of young people apply to take part in this programme. They send video tapes to the producers and a group of them (1) are


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Помогите найти в предложениях глагол-сказуемое и определите его видовременную форму, указав его инфинитив.

1. All historical places of London are in the West End.
2. Recently BBC experts have invented a new system that lets the deaf understand television programmes.
3. The student will begin to work as an apprentice to a trained worker next week.
4. In three months he will have been here for a year.
5. In 1620 a ship named the “Mayflower”, brought 120 Englishmen to the rocky coast of America.

Перепишите предложения в косвенную

'Ihave learnt a long poem'said mike to the teacher
'don't play in the street'said the man ti the boys



Переведите ,пожалуйста ,на английский :" пульпит может быть болезненным и безболезненным ,но даже безболезненная форма может стать болезненной .Например

,под действием ,электрической или термальной стимуляции.Пульпит может вызывать сильные боли.Пульпит не всегда развивается из-за кариеса .Он может быть результатом травмы .пульпит может быть обратимым и необратимым .пульпит из-за кариеса обратимым до тех пор,пока пульпа ге будет атакована микроорганизмами.Затем его обратимость будет зависеть от степени завирусованности."переведите как можно быстрее

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Complete the text with the present simple or present continuous forms of the verbs in brackets and translate.

Population (mean) _______ the number of people who live in a particular area. The population of the world (not stay)_________ the same. At the moment it _______ (grow) at an increasing rate. ln fact, scientists d (believe) that the world population will increase until 2200, and then stop growing. However, things are not the same in all parts of the world. At present in many Western industrial countries the population (fall)___________. This (happen) ________ because families are small, and health conditions are good. In developing countries, on the other hand, the population (rise) ____sharply. In Ghana, for example, most families (have)______several children. Many children in Ghana(die)_____ from illness, so it is important to have lots of children. They earn money for the family and (look after) ______their parents in old age.
Complete the text with it or there in each space.
Tropical forests grow near the Equator where ____ is warm and wet. ______are only two seasons, rainy and dry. ______ is normally 20-25°C in a tropical forest and _____is only a drop of about 5°C in the coldest months. _____is a lot of rain, on average more than 200 cm per year._____ is poor soil, and ____ is difficult for plants on the forest floor to develop, as tall trees (25-35 meters) block the light. ______are many plants, birds, animals and insects. _____are different kinds of tropical forests with different kinds of trees. ______ depends on the temperature and the amount of rainfall.

4) Complete the quiz questions using comparative forms of the adjectives in brackets. 1) Which are …: the

Carpathians or the Rocky Mountains? (high) 2) Which month is …: February or March? (long) 3) Which is …: driving or flying? (dangerous) 4) Which city is …: Tokyo or Seoul? (expensive) 5) Which town is …: Moscow or Madrid? (old) 6) Who was …… when he died: Mozart or Shakespeare? (young)
5) Complete the text with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. Budapest is one of the 1) …… (beautiful) cities in Europe. It has many good cafes and restaurants. Two of the 2) … (popular) in the city centre are the Gresham and Gerbaud. Gerbaud is 3) … (old) and 4) …… (big) than the Gresham but many people think that Gresham serves 5) …… (good) coffee. There are many museums, too, and the museum of Fine Arts is one of the 6)…… (good) in the city. One of the 7) …… (famous) souvenirs is paprika and the 8) …… (cheap) place to buy it is the Central Market.

Complete the text with the past simple or the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt is one of the fastes men on Earth.
He ____ (break) the world 100m and 200m recn
several times and he also holds the record for the 4 x 100m
relay with his team mates. However, Usain ___
(nor be) a runner all his life. When he was a child, he '___._ (spend) his time playing football and crick the street with his brother.
Ii wasn't until the age of 12 rhai anybody____
(realise) how fasr he could run. He ._ ._ —(win)h first gold medal at the 2002 World Championships, where
he was so nervous that he actually"_ _____ .. (put) h
running shoes on the wrong feet. Since then, however, he
7____ (learn) lo deal with his pre-race nerves an
they no longer affect him.
More importantly, Bolt is loyal to his country. A number o
American clubs ___ (offer) him a contract ove
years, bui so far __ (say) that he doesn't w
to leave Jamaica.

Умоляю кто - нибудь, пожалуйста срочно надо, я в английском дуб... помогите сделать это) 1) Complete the sentences with correct forms of the


a) If(have) more free time, I ( take up) a new hobby

b) I (be) happy with my future job if the working conditions(be) good.

c) if( work) long hours, I ( get) tired by the end of the week.

d) if I (have) to deal with difficult clients, I ( need) good interpersonal skills.

e) if I (want) to be a lawyer, I ( have) to get some qualifications first.

f) I ( get) a lot of work experience if I ( try) some odd jobs in summer.

g) I ( be) well- paid if my job (be) really dangerous.

h) I ( be) happy if my future career ( involve) creative work.

Travelling. Complete the sentences with a form of have to.

1. Martin ... leave from Victoria station for his trip.
... he ... leave from Victoria?
2. The Browns want to fly to England.
They ... fly to London.
... they ... fly to London?
I known they ... fly to Scotland first.
3. Julia had to go by train on her last trip.
... she ... to go by train?
She wanted to go by plane.
4. ... we ... take this bus to the Zoo?
No, you ... . This bus goes to the cinema.
5. We ... cross the river by boat if you want to get there quickly.
... we ... go by boat? Why not use this bridje.

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