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Какое слово можно придумать и букв: p, u,i,m

10-11 класс

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opmu- что с древнегреческого переводится как "великолепный"
ipum- что переводится с латинского как (извините за выражения) "испражняться"


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Ann has got a red hen
1. Knowledge…power.

a) is
b) are

2. Is … a park behind the hotel?
a) it
b) there

3. … his composition is not bad, but he’s made many grammar mistakes.
a) a
b) the
c) –

4. There is … map on the wall.
a) a
b) the
c) --

5. He performs … than his partner.
a) better
b) more good
c) best
d) gooder

6. What is … day in the year in this part of the country.
a) the coldest
b) the colddest
c) the most cold
d) most coldest

7. What’s … means of transport for you?
a) the most convenient
b) convenientest
c) the convenientest
d) most convenientest

8. What’s … film you saw last year?
a) bad
b) badest
c) the most bad
d) the worst

9. They…all sorts of things here.
a) are selling
b) sell
c) have been selling
d) were selling

10. Did you like the film? – I…it is boring.
a) think
b) was thought
c) am thinking
d) was thinking

11. I was told you…Mr. Stone before.
a) had met
b) met
c) were meeting
d) meet

12. He…up, …his breakfast and… .
a) had got, had, left
b) got, had, left
c) had got, had had, left
d) had got, had had, had left

13. Scissors … to cut different things.
a) are used
b) uses
c) use
d) was used

14. The results … great progress in science.
a) are shown
b) show
c) were shown
d) shows

15. I think his telephone number … some days ago.
a) was lost
b) looses
c) is lost
d) lost

16. The television is a great thing. When …?
a) did it invent
b) it was invented
c) it invented
d) was it invented

17. Had I know you were coming, I___ you at the airport.
a) could have met;
b) might met;
c) should have meet.

18. As long as he___ hard, he would do well at school.
a) would study;
b) studied;
c) had been studied.

19. You___ to see me at work, if you wanted to.
a) could have come;
b) came;
c) could came.

20. If the baby___ , it probably has a stomachache.
a) is crying;
b) would be crying;
c) was crying.

21. If he had passed the exams, he___ to University.
a) might have gone;
b) might have go;
c) would gone.

22. We wish our exams (be) over.
a) were
b) are;
c) be.

23. All their vacations long they heard the roaring waves…against the rocks.
a) to be crashing
b) to crash
c) crash
d) be crashed

24. Have you ever heard him…at anybody?
a) to scold
b) scold
c) scolded
d) to be scolding

25. I can’t let him…the bus.
a) miss
b) to miss
c) to be missing
d) missed

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