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5-9 класс

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Дэниэл: Это мои первые каникулы потому что,у нас вечеринка. Стюарт поднимает флаг. Отец готовит еду:хотдоги и гамбургеры. Мама делает торт. Вечером,Стюарт и я запускаем фейерверки. Но Мэлони не запускает. Она маленькая.

Пол: Мне нравятся эти каникулы больше всех потому,что они проходят весной. В деревне все зеленое. Это действительно красиво. Мама готовит традиционную еду. Я помогаю ей красить яйца. Наши родители дают нам шоколадных кроликов. 

Клэр: Эти каникулы-мое первое желание (вероятно,так будет правильнее,но вообще choice-выбор) потому что,мы получаем подарки. Мама всегда готовит рождественский пудинг. Это очень вкусно. Папа украшает дом и елку. Джей и я вешаем на стену открытки  и чулки на наши кровати. 


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Нужно ответить на вопросы! The British are said to be polite and well-mannered people. Polite words or phrases such as "Please", "Thank you" and

"Excuse me" are used very often in Britain. Queuing is a national habit. At bus stops and cinemas, in shops, banks and post offices and in lots of other places you'll have to join the queue and wait for your turn. "An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one", said George Mikes. The British are said to be reserved. They don't like displaying their emotions even in dangerous and tragic situations. But they are not un¬emotional. They control their emotions because they are taught that it is best not to show their feelings. The English hardly ever lie, but they don't tell you the truth either. English people take everything with a sense of humour. You can easily offend them if you tell them they have no sense of humour. Englishmen tend to be rather conservative, they love familiar things. They are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. Britain has more living symbols of its past than many other countries. Tradi¬tional uniforms are still preserved in Great Britain. There are also a lot of traditional ceremonies such as the "Changing of the Guard" at Buck¬ingham Palace, "Trooping the Colour", which is performed on the Queen's official birthday, or the "Ceremony of the Keys", that takes place every night at the Tower of London. The English are practical and realistic, prudent and careful about al¬most everything. Everything is orderly: the lawns and the trees are neatly trimmed. Every Englishman is said to be a countryman at heart. The Eng¬lish countryside is many things to many people. It means peace and quiet, beauty, good health and no crime. Most Englishmen love gardens. Gar¬dening is one of the most popular hobbies among Englishmen. They usual¬ly prefer a house with a garden to an apartment in a modem block of flats. The British people are considered to be the world's greatest tea drink¬ers. They drink it at meals and between meals. The English tea is usually strong and with milk. The British love animals very much. Millions of families have "bird-tables" in their gardens. Nearly half of the households in Britain keep a least one pet. The English take good care of their pets. They are pet lovers.

1. Are the British polite? Why? 2. Are the British reserved or communicative? Why? 3. Why are British people said to be conservative? 4. What traditional British ceremonies do you know? 5. What are traditional British dishes? What do the British like to drink? 6. Do the British keep everything in order? How can you prove that? 7. Do the British like their couuntryside? 8. What is their attitude yowards animals? 9. Can you describe the British using 3 adjectives? 10. What is your personal attitude towards the British? 11. How different or alike do you think the Russians and the British are?

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2. The harbor was constructed during the early part of the 19th century. There are many deep-water docks in Bristol.

3. Important public buildings are the exchange, Cols ton Hall, the museum and art gallery. Bristol possesses the oldest public library in the British Isles, dating from the 15th century. Bristol is noted for its university. It also has soap works, tanneries, tobacco factories, chocolate factories, shoe factories, copper, lead, iron and chemical works, and shipbuilding yards.

4. The city is confronted by buge problems of housing shortage and of disrepair in both the council and the private stock. Government cannot tackle these problems effectively and the situation is rapidly deteriorating. The council's housing waiting list has doubled in the last three years and now stands at a total of 13.500 families. This is acknowledged to be only tip of an iceberg.

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''Number Forty-Six!''Mrs.Pepperpot heard the starter shout. ''On your mark...get set..go!''And Number Forty-Six,with Mrs. Peperpot in his cap , started off.
''Somebody has lent him some wax,''she thought . ''There is nothingwrong with his skis , anyway.'' Then from under the cap she shouted, '' Don't overdo it ,now , or you'll have no breath left at the end !''

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Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It is one of the largest cities in Europe. Around eleven million people live there. Many tourist visit Moscow every year to see its famous sights and fantastic architecture и дальше там ещё пожалуйста переведите это из учебника Spotlight 6 класс в конце учебника 5 стр

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