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Пожалуйста помогите написать сочинение о Дон Кихоте или о Робинзоне Крузо

5-9 класс

Pahanyh 11 нояб. 2014 г., 2:22:28 (2 года назад)
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11 нояб. 2014 г., 3:17:18 (2 года назад)

The hero of the novel by Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote became world-famous during the life of the author. Common people loved the image of the noble knight , traveling to Spain of his imagination .
I, too, the image of Don Quixote seems to be very interesting and unusual . In the past some dodgy Hidalgo led economy , enjoyed well-deserved reputation among neighbors , loved hunting . However , re-reading a lot of romances , the hero imagined , " if all this jumble of nonsensical tales - the real truth is that for him, the whole world there was nothing more reliable ." So , becoming a brave knight , Don Quixote goes on a journey - towards " feats " .
All met them on the way people take it for a madman , eccentric, freak , because skinny nag no one but the owner can not see the noble horse, and in the mills - the giants.
But is it really so ridiculous and stupid Don Quixote , as it may seem at first sight? Is the advice given to them Sancho Panza , who suddenly became governor , heard from the mouth of a madman? Is "Don Mutt " would risk , if not life, then their health , in the name of protection of honor and justice, peace and sacrifice their own well-being to help the poor and oppressed , persecuted and oppressed ? Nobility and decency, a deep sense of self-esteem of Don Quixote can not cause our respect.
So who is he - noble knight or a madcap ? I would call Don Quixote awesome dreamer , not born at the time . And so I feel sorry for him .

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11 нояб. 2014 г., 3:55:18 (2 года назад)

In the work of D. Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe" the main hero Robinson Crusoe, which remained a man in difficult conditions.
Robinson Crusoe since childhood he was drawn to the sea, and he wanted to become a sailor, but his father wanted him to become a judge and so cursed son. Robinson sometimes regretted not obeyed his father and ran away from home because his father had warned, how many tests he will have to endure.
The first test of Robinson was captured. When he sailed on the ship, they were attacked by pirates - Moors. Robinson has been in captivity for a long time, but there he learned the tricks. Finally he escaped from captivity, using his cunning.
The most severe test was hit Robinson Crusoe island, where it was expecting a lot of difficulties.
On the island, anyone can be savage, but Robinson persistently fighting for their lives. Although Robinson and frightened difficulties, he managed to cope with them.
First, Robinson had to visit the fear, the fear of wild beasts, hunger, attacks savages. He was afraid to become a savage, to stoop to this level.
Robinson heroically overcome all difficulties of my lonely life. Robinson has collected all the will power and remained a man in almost neverovich conditions.
On the island of Robinson not only that man left, he again went through all the stages of technological development. He built himself a house, without missing any detail, was to breed a herd of goats, he had his barley fields, he made himself a nice fence, not worse than wall of China, and, most importantly, he became a believer, but when he ran away from his parental home, he was a stupid jerk. Anyway island helped him make a person. As they say, a blessing in disguise.
I think that Robinson remained a man because of his work, the other one would either have turned into a savage, or lay down and died. Robinson has helped the labor and the ability to cope with difficult situations.

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11 нояб. 2014 г., 4:44:08 (2 года назад)

на английском

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11 нояб. 2014 г., 7:15:02 (2 года назад)



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