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Complete the sentences using one of these words: means, series, species.

10-11 класс

1. A ... is a group of animals or plants that have the same characteristics.
2. A bicycle is a ... of transport.
3. The bicycle and the car are ... of transport
4. ...She is writing a ... of articles on the ecological state of the region.
5. There are a lot of American TV ... shown on Armenian TV
6. When we were walking on the island we saw many ... of bird

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1. species2. means3. means4. series5. series6. species


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There were probably as many reasons for coming to America as there were people who came. It was a highly individual decision. Yet it can be said that three large forces — religious persecution, political oppression and economic hardship — provided the chief motives for the mass migrations to the country. They were responding, in their own way, to the pledge of the Declaration of Independence: the promise of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

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economise (3)_______ economist

(4)______ sales (5)____representative

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2. My dog are blac.
3. A girl like milk.
4. A boy musts go.
5. They has ten pencil.
6. His friend cans swim and ran.

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IV. Choose the right form to complete the sentences. 6 points

1. John lost his keys. If John (didn’t lose / hadn’t lost) his keys, he would (get/ have got) in his flat easily.
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She was crying quietly in her room then.
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1. Complete the sentences with a past participle from the task 1.

A) Have you ever won the prize?
B) I have ___two e-mails.
C) Have you ever ____anything online?
D) Have you ever ____anyone famous?
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We, our, the future, care for, a lot of, don`t, problems, if, have, generation, world, will, health.
Если мы не будем заботиться о нашем мире, у будущего поколения будет много проблем со здоровьем.
3. Complete this sentence using the Second Conditional.
If I ____a forester, I ________trees every year. (but I`m not a forester, I don`t plant trees every year)
4. Put in like or as.
A) It`s raining again. I don`t like weather ____this.
B) A few years ago she worked ____a secretary.

Use these verbs in the correct form and complete the sentences Go,

use these verbs in the correct form and complete the sentences
Go, see, watch, do, work, listen, want.
1.I... to make a cake. Have you got four eggs?
2.We... to the theatre.Do you want to join us?
3. I can not call mother now. She... TV.
4.Where is Sam?-He... on the computer.
5.Plese be quiet. I... my homework.
6.I can not find my book.- Oh, I... it. It is under your bed.
7. What is this noise?- Jack... to his favourite music.

Помогите плиззз это очень срочно через час нужно сдать!!!!!заранее спасибо 1 Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative from of

the adjective in blackets.

1 )this restourant is _____(cheap) than the other one in this street.The food is realy good.Ithink it*s the____(delicious) food in town.

2)who is the____(popular)sction in your country?

3)Michael is a good player,But Peter is the ____(talanted) player in the team.

4)Could you tell me the _____(quick)way to get to London from here?

5)Eva is generous,but Laura is even_____(generous)than her.

6)I*ve never been_____(happy).This is the___(happy) day of my life.

2 Complate the sentences.Use as...as and a word from the box


1)I don*t think a hippopotamus can run____a lion.

2)today is warm?but isn*t not____yesterday.

3)i*m early.The journey didn*t take____I expected.

4)the children are asleep,so i*ll be____i can.

5)i got an A.The exam wasn*t____Iexpected.

6)the Alps aren*t______the Himalayas.

7)My curry isn*t_____yours.

8)I didn*t expect the film to be_____it was.

Пожалуйста помогите, прям очень-очень срочно!))) Заранее спасибо) Complete the sentences . Use the negative form of the


Example: We had talks on Tuesday but we didn't discuss the terms of payment.

1.I looked through some newspapers but I ...

2.I went to the bank but I ...

3.We met out suppliers but we ...

4.The businessmen discussed the prices but they ...

5. The manager received some catalogues but he ...

6.Mr Blake was busy on Thursday but he...

7.I spoke on the phone with my (sister) but I ...

8. The director went on business to New York but he ...

9. The children watched TV in the afternoon but they...

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1. Our company made some contracts ...

2. I left the office ...

3. We invited some friends to dinner ...

4. Mr Blake visited Moscow...

5. We stayed at home and watched TV...

6. There were some terrorist acts in Russia ...

7. My friend played football (tennis, voleyball) when ...

8. I went out for lunch ...

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