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Вставьте the где необходимо. 1. When you

5-9 класс

come to _______(1) Moscow for the first time, you should visit ______(2) ______Red Square, _____(3) Kremlin, ______(4) Tretyakov Gallery and ______(5) Bolshoi Theatre.

2. _______(6) New York is the largest city of ______(7) USA.

3. _____(8) Hyde Park is a famous park in ______(9) London.

4. ______(10) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in _______(11) UK.

5. ________(12) Thames is the most important river in ______(13) Great Britain.

6. ________(14) Olga speaks ________(15) English very well.

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1. When you come to __-----_(1) Moscow for the first time, you should visit __the ____(2) _---_-__------_Red Square,      __the ___(3) Kremlin, __the____(4) Tretyakov Gallery and __the____(5) Bolshoi Theatre.

2. __-----____(6) New York is the largest city of __the____(7) USA.

3. __-----____(8) Hyde Park is a famous park in ___----___(9) London.

4. _The_____(10) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in __the_____(11) UK.

5. __THe______(12) Thames is the most important river in ___-----___(13) Great Britain.

6. ___---_____(14) Olga speaks ___-----_____(15) English very well.



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1. This is ... hat. It isn't ... my hat. 2. Is this ... tie? — No, it isn't... tie, it's ... shirt. 3. Is this ... cat, or ... dog? — This is ... dog, it is eating ... bone. 4. My ... pen is bad. Give me ... pen, or ... pencil. 5. ... dog chased ... cat ... dog was big and brown, ... cat was small and white. 6. Sam bought ... newspaper and ... magazine. ... newspaper is on ... table, but ... magazine disap-peared. 7. Tom lives in ... big house not far from ... of¬fice. There is... garden near ... house.
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refrigerator in your ... kitchen? — It is in ... corner of ... kitchen. 4. There are ... flow¬ers in our ... living room. ... flowers are in ... beau¬tiful vase. 5. I have ... tea in my ... cup. 6. He has no ... coffee in his ... cup. 7. What ... book did you borrow from ... library on ... Tuesday? 8. I have ... books, ... exercise books and ... pens in my ... bag. 9. I am ... engineer. I work at ... office. I go to ... office in ... morning. As ... office is far from ... house I live in, I take ... bus to get there. 10. What ... bus do you take to get to ... work? 11. Whose ... pen is this? 12. What ... colour is your ... new ... T-shirt? — It's ... white. 13. She is going to ... music shop to buy ... cassette. — What ... cassette is she going to buy? 14. That's ... man whose ... com¬puter was stolen last night.Упражнение 27Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.Here is ... large window. Through ... window we can see ... room. Opposite ... window there is ... door. On ... door there is ... curtain. In ... corner of ... room there is ... round table. On it we can see ... books and ... telephone. There is ... bookshelf over ... table. On ... bookshelf we can see ... newspapers and ... book by ... Jack London. There are ... two ... pictures in ... room. One ... picture is small, ... other picture is very large. There are ... two bookcases in ... room. ... bookcases are full of ... books. There is ... large sofa in ... room. On ... sofa we can see ... bag. Whose ... bag is that? There is no ... bed in ... room. On ... small table near ... window there are ... flowers and ... glass of ... water. In ... front of ... window we can see ... armchair.

1. Вставьте неопределенный артикль, где необходимо.

1) There is no ___ electricity in this house.

2) I can’t work here. There’s too much ___ noise!

3) I’m looking for ___ job.

4) I love ___ bananas.

5) Would you like ___ apple?

6) We had ___ lunch in a very good restaurant.

7) That’s ___ nice pair of jeans.

8) Subway is ___ means of transport.

9) Ann didn’t go to ___ work yesterday.

10) I’d like to have ___ piano.

2. Вставьте определенный артикль, где необходимо.

1) I’m going away at ___ end of this month.

2) ___ rich should pay more taxes.

3) Do you like ___ music?

4) I don’t drink ___ tea very often.

5) I often listen to ___ radio.

6) Many people are afraid of ___ dogs.

7) I like ___ people I work with.

8) My favorite sport is ___ basketball.

9) ___ information we were given wasn’t correct.

10) ___ water in the pool didn’t look very clean, so we didn’t go for a swim.

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1) We enjoyed our holiday. ___ hotel was very nice.

2) You look very tired. You need ___ holiday.

3) ‘Where is Tom?’ “He’s in ___ bathroom.”

4) Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to ___ city centre?

5) Jane is ___ interesting person. You must meet her.

6) Let’s go for ___ walk.

7) What do you usually do in ___ evening?

8) This doesn’t seem to work properly. Show me ___ better one.

9) ___ young are always more active than old people.

10)Is it ___ third floor?

Упр. 9 Вставьте

артикль, где необходимо.

1. When my grandfather was ... young man, he studied ... physics.

2. Do you speak ... Spanish?

3. My uncle is ... great specialist in ... biology.

4. ... Japanese is more difficult than ... English.

5. Yesterday at ... lesson of ... geography ... teacher told us ... very
interesting things about ... famous travellers.

6. My father speaks ... English and ... French but he does not speak ...

7. We had ... lesson of... mathematics yesterday. We wrote ... test
paper... teacher said: “I shall correct... test-papers in ... evening and
tomorrow you will know ... results.”

Упр.11 Вставьте
артикль, где необходимо.

1... Thames is ...

Вот это надо вставить в текст вместо черточек. “Did you want to be a secretary when you were a kid?” “Does she make a lot of


“How did you learn to type so fast?”

“She’s a lawyer and she doesn’t want money?”

“So how did you become a secretary?”

"Where did you meet Reggie?"

"You have to go to law school to be a secretary in a law office?"

“How’s the money?”

“Where does Momma Love live?”

Вот текст

At eleven, Mark sat down at Clint's desk and looked at the dictating machine. Reggie had a client and they needed to plan strategy for an hour. Clint typed on long paper and took the phone every five minutes.

Mark got bored asked, "How did you become a secretary?" Clint turned and smiled at him. "It was an accident." 1)________________________________?

"No. I wanted to build swimming pools." "What happened?" "I don't know. I almost failed my exams school, then went to college, then went to law school." 2)______________________________________?

"No. I failed the exams in law school, and Reggie gave me a job. It's fun, most of the time."


"It's a long story. We were friends in law school. We've been friends for a long time. She'll probably tell you about it when you meet Momma Love, Reggie's mother. They live together, and she loves to cook for the kids Reggie represents. She makes all kinds of delicious Italian food. Everyone loves it. Reggie takes most of her clients home, especially the younger ones."

The phone rang. Clint took the message and returned to his typewriter. Mark watched carefully.

4)_________________________________ ?

The typing stopped, and he slowly turned and looked at Mark. He smiled, and said,”In high school. I had this teacher who was like a sergeant. We hated her, but she made us learn. Can you type?”

“A little. I’ve had three years of computer at school.”

Clint pointed to his Apple next to the typewriter. “We’ve got all sorts of computers around here.” Mar looked at it, but was not impressed. Everybody had computers.


“It wasn’t planned. When Reggie finished law school, she didn’t want to work for anybody, so she opened this office. It was about four years ago. She needed a secretary, and I volunteered. Have you seen a male secretary before?”

“No. Didn’t know men could be secretaries. 6)________________________________?”

Clint laughed at this. “It’s okay. If Reggie has a good month, then I have a good month. We’re like partners.”


“Not really. She doesn’t want a lot of money. A few years ago she was married to a doctor, and they had a big house and lots of money. Everything was lost, and she blames the money for most of it. She’ll probably tell you about it. She’s very honest about her life.”


“Unusual, isn’t it?”

“I’ll say. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of lawyer shows on television, and all they do is talk about money.”

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