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перевести текст:Rock and roll began in the 1950s in America. Some of its first starts were black. They brought traditional rhythm and blues to

5-9 класс

people. Then white singers appeared and the most popular of them was Elvis Presley.

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Рок-н-ролл появился в Америке в 1950ых годах. Некоторые из его первых звезд были чернокожие. Они принесли людям традиционный ритм и блюз. Затем появились белокожие певцы и самый знаменитый из них был Элвис Пресли. 


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помогите перевести с русского на английский но пожалуйста только не переводчиком!!!

Многие люди свои летние каникулы проводят дома или уезжают за границу. Что касается меня июнь июль просидела дома а август я путешествовала на машине по городу.
Июнь июль сидела дома читала книги, играла в компьютер. Когда была хорошая погода выходила на улицу гулять с сестрой и с друзьями.
Но самый запоминающий месяц для меня был август потому что я побывала в очень интересном городе. я наверно никогда не забуду. конечно в первый день я увидела только большие здания. их было так много что на первый взгляд не понравился. Наследующий день мне показали много красивых мест. например парки и аттракционы. Но из всего что я увидела мне понравилось что город был очень чистым. а природа была просто великолепная. Самое главное что люди были очень вежливыми, добрыми.
Мне этот город понравилась надеюсь следущее лето провести там.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form . Give reasons.INFINITIVE OR ING FORMS. 1.Did you remember .... (feed) the cat today?

Sorry, I forgot!I promise .... (do) it as soon as I get back.

2.Let me ...(give)you a lift to the airport.

Don't worry.i have decided ...(take) the train.

3.Do you like ...(watch)wildlife documentaries?

Jot really.I prefer ...(watch) ones about technology.

4.There's no point in ....(try) to make him change his mind.

I know!He seems ...(be)very stubborn.

5.I can't ....(reach) that box!

Why don't you try ....(use) a ladder?

6.I meant ...(tell) you there's a chance of rain tonight.

That's OK.I don't have any plans ....(go out)anyway.

7.What would you like ...(do)tonight?

Let's ...(go)to the cinema.

8.It's no use ...(talk)to him.

I know.He is too angry ....(listen)to anyone.

9.I want ....(help)the animal shelter.

Great!How about ...(collect donations for them?

Переписывать не надо, просто поймите смысл и напишите глаголы в нужной форме!!!!

Two of the most important … ………… in the United States are Independence …………….. and Thanksgiving. Independence Day, the Fourth of July, marks the United

States’ declaration of …………… from Great Britain. It is usually …………… with parades, family picnics, and ……………. . In most cities, it is also a ………………… to have fireworks on Independence Day. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. This is a day when people …………….. the early settlers. In most …………… , it is tradition to have a large dinner with roast turkey. Both Thanksgiving and Independence Day are …………………. holidays. barbecues custom families independence remember celebrated Day holidays national

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Перевести тексты! Помогите пожалуйста! 1)……. Journalism has a long history. The first people who wrote down the news were Roman Senators in the

1st century BC. The first Roman papers were written out in more than 2,000 copies and sent everywhere in the Empire. They were hung up in public places. People who could read called out the news to people who could not. For centuries news travelled very slowly and reached few people until the printing press was invented in the 15th century. The first printed papers were published in Germany and Belgium in the early 17th century 2)…….. In most countries the press is taken very seriously. Journalists – to – be get special training in universities. Their duty is to inform the public in everything that happens in the country and abroad. Journalists are supposed to give fair comment on the events and are not supposed to change facts or tell lies. The stars of European an and American journalism are very well known to the public and have real influence. Some of them write about politics, others – about economy, culture, morals, sports or other things that interest people. Their articles may be reproduced in hundreds of local papers across the country. Governments understand a special role of the press. The British Parliament invites journalists to its daily question time when Mps address questions to ministers. It has become a tradition in the USA, Russia and some other countries to hold presidential press conferences where presidents speak to the press and answer journalists questions. 3)… Very often journalists do more than just reporting and commenting on events, they investigate crimes or produce evidence of corruption or bad behaviour of officials. Many things that are hidden away become known with the help of journalists. Being a journalist is a difficult and even dangerous profession. one should have a lot tact as well as courage. But this profession is really rewarding.

in the 1950s young women and teenage girls wore skirts with petticoats and cardigans . Tight trousers or jeans with oversize jumpers were in fashion

for both teenage girls and boys. In the period from 1960 to 1967 the miniskirt and tights appeared. Young woman and teenage girls looked like children in baby-doll dresses and pinafores which they used to wear with high boots. Black polo-neck sweaters became popular thanks to the Beatles. Jeans were popular and denim was also used for shirts jackets and hats . Fashion was also becoming universal for girls and boys. In the period from the late 1960s to the 1970s individuality was above all.The ethnic style came into fashion together with hippies.Clothes were often customized with imbroidery. In 1969 the maxi was introduced. As to footwear young men and woman wore platform shoes. in the early 1970s 'flares' and 'bags' came into fashion. From 1975 narrow and straight trousers bcame trendy again. To be up to date with the fashion woman wore trouser suits. During the mid-1970s the punk style appeared but soon in the late 1970s sportswear came into fashion. In the 1980s shoulder - padded shirts and jackets became trendy. Tracksuits leggings and training shoes become fashionable uniform that men and women of all ages wore.Переведите текст!=)

Поверьте написание текста и можите еще что-то добавить. In the future I want to become a teacher because I love children and it is a

worthy vocation for women. Nowadays teachers difficult to teach children, but there are kids who are willing to acquire new knowledge. And for the sake of these children want to be a teacher.
I am proud of my teachers because they spend their strength and nerves that, in the future we can become smarter and get a prestigious job. They give us their love
I want to be as good a teacher as my teacher.

Помогите перевести текст на русский язык:Tourists in London always visit Westminster and Big Ben.They want to see the clock in its tower and hear the be

lls.Big Ben is really a bell.The bell is over two metres tall and chimes every quarter of the radio:"tHIS IS THE BBC.The time is six o` clock".And then you hear the deep boom of Big Ben six timesThe tower of Big Ben is a symbol of Lndon and of Britain.

Read the notes.In pairs ,ask and answer questions using who,where,when,and what,as in the example. )35-year-old British

photographer,Carolyn Jenkins
)on safari in South Africa last week
)2 guides and 3 students from the University of Kent
)approach lion in jeep
)leave jeep to take pictures -get close -lion attack
)guides scare the lion away-take her to hospital
)South African Tourist Board-warn tourists not to approach wild animals while on safar

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