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Aboriginal people lived in what's now Canada long before any European landed on its shore. Archaeologists believe that North American Aboriginals originated in Asia and came over the land bridge connecting Siberia and North America during the Ice Age. It is believed by scientists that Aboriginals first lived in Canada anywhere from 10,000 to 13,000 years ago. However, some Aboriginal tribes believe that life on Earth began with their creation in North America, and entirely reject the notion they immigrated here at all.

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1. Who lived in modern Canada before European settlers started to arrive?

2. Where did North American Aboriginal originate from according to archeologists?

3. How did the Aboriginal reach the North American shore?

4. What are the beliefs of some North American Aboriginal tribes are?

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Сколько вопросов, Алина?

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Алина -лишнее )

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4 достаточно) Меня зовут Дина)

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Ну вот и познакомились :)

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I_______like tigers and lions.
ON OR AROUND October 12,1999, a Very Important Baby will be born somewhere in the world. The baby`s arrival is not in itself big news, since three are

born every second,but this one will mark world population reaching six billion.The five-billionth baby isn`t even a teenager yet, having been born in 1987. It took all of human history until 1800 for the population to reach its first billion; the second took only until 1930. A mere 69 years later, six billion will be crowding the planet.
In 1999. The population of the world is twice what it was in 1960. Onetenth of all the people who have ever lived on the planet are alive today. We are adding new humans at a rate of 78 million year, and we will continue to do so for most of the next decade. Statistics like these are frightening, but they aren’t the whole population picture. The good news is that fertility rates are declining rapidly all over the world (with the exception of Africa), and have already reached below replacement levels in most industrialised countries. On average, women around the world today have 2.7 children, a dramatic drop from the five they had in the 1950s.
97 per cent of population growth is occurring in developing countries, where health services and family planning remain scarce. By 2050, the developed world will have 1.16 bn people, slightly fewer than today. But the developing world will have doubled, from 4.52 bn in 1995 to 8.2 bn in 2050.
The world’s poorest countries are also the hardest-hit by global disasters like Aids. In the 29 African countries most affected by HIV, average life expectancy has declined by seven years. In Botswana, where one in four is infected, people could expect to live until 61 in 1995. By 2005. Aids is expected to drop life expectancy to 41. Despite that, a phenomenon called “population momentum” will still double Botswana’s population by 2050.
This momentum occurs because the population is becoming not just economically polarised, but demographically polarised, but demographically polarised as well. In 1998, only 66 m people were over 80, but that figure is estimated to increase sixfold by 2050, reaching 370 m. The population has also got younger. The group of young women about to enter their childbearing years is the largest ever.
Momentum accounts for 60 to 70 per cent of population growth, but its impact can be blunted by actions we take today. Demographers point out that girls are stayling in school longer in most of the world, and that educated women want fewer children. Another positive trend, frequently seen in young women who’ve completed secondary school, is a delay in childbearing. If couples uniformly delayed marriage and their first birth by five years, demographers say, the population in 2050 would be two billion less than if they had not waited.

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1.Какое было время года?
2.Во что были одеты работники банка?
3. Центр города выглядел оживленным,не так ли?

4.Почему работники банка остановились?
5. Сколько длился спектакль ?

6.Что делают участники флешмоба?
7.Прохожие были удивленные ?

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Мой папа работает в газовой службе на экскаваторе проводит газ людям.
А моя мама дома хозяйка.


ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА СДЕЛАТЬ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ ЗАДАНИЕOpen the brackets.Put the verbs into the Future Indefinite.
1.I (not to go) to the Hermitage tomorrow.
2. Kate (to give) it to you this afternoon.
3.We (to have) orange juice.
4.He (not to phone) her tonight.
5. I (to help) you with it.
6. They (not to have) coffee.
7. It is hot here, I (to open) the window.
8. I (to get) a taxi.
9. It is cold here, I ( to close) the window.
10. I (not to tell ) anyone what happened.

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