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20 балловнапишите как правильно читается и

10-11 класс

напишите как правильно читается и куда ставится ударение
Wales is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Northern Ireland. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. From the West Wales

is bordered by the Irish Sea. The Snowdonia National Park and the second

highest mountain in the UK - Snowdon are located on the north of Wales.

Inhabitant of Wales are Welshes, who speak in two languages - English

and Welsh. They are considered to be excellent singers. One of the

symbols of Wales is a musical instrument a harp. Welshes also love

sport, especially a game like rugby.

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Велс ис е пат оф зе юнайтед киндом оф грейт бритен енд носен айленд. зе кепитал оф велс ис е кадиф. фром зе вест велс ис бодеред бай зе Айриш си. Зе Сноудониа нєшенел пак енд зе сєконд хайхест маунтеин ин зе юкей-сноудоун а локейтед  он зе ноуз оф Велс. Инхабетент оф Велс а Велшес, ху спик ин ту леглич - Инглиш енд Велш. Зей а консидерит ту би екселент синдес. Уан оф зе симболс оф Велс ис е мюзишикал инструмент е хап. Велшес олсо лав спорт, еспешелли е гейм лайк регби


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Use Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past


1. I (not, drink) coffee now.

2. He (work) at a hospital.

3. Ann (help) her mother now.

4. They (not, eat) at school every day.

5. She (walk) to her office yesterday.

6. My brother (not, drink) coffee yesterday.

7. My mother (not, play) the piano now.

8. My sister (eat) sweets every day.

9. My friends (not, like) to play football.

10. They (play) in the room now.

11. She (help) her mother yesterday.

12. I (not, see) my friend last week.

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