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упражнение 1, стр 11 Написать глаголы в past indefinit drink buy eat make grow send

10-11 класс

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drank bought ate made grew sent


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1) It often ( rain ) in this part of the world.2) My wife always ( make ) a plump-cake on Sundays.3) Dad usually ( work ) on Saturdays.4) We sometimes ( go ) to the cinema.5) Jill ( speak ) five languages.6) He ( not like ) pop music.7) She ( not want ) to buy a new TV set.8) … he ( like ) to eat ice-cream.9) … you ( want ) coffee? – No, I … .10) We always ( come ) in time for classes.

2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Indefinite ( прошедшее время ). Обратите внимание на глаголы: нг – неправильные, пг- правильные:
1) We ( not have ) a holiday last year. ( нг )
2) I ( buy ) a new dress last week. ( нг )
3) Don’t worry about your letter. I ( send ) it the day before yesterday. ( нг )
4) When … he ( finish ) school? ( пг )

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вообщем должно получится 8 предложений

1)Выберете глагол в Past Perfect Tense: After she … cried she felt better.

2)Выберите фразу, которая не находится в Present Continuous:
Look! We are flying over the ocean.
Listen! Somebody is playing the piano.
Mary has never helped her mother.
I can’t go there. I am cooking my dinner.
Look! Sue and Tim are running to school.
3)Выберете глагол в Past Continuous Tense: They … supper when he came to see them.
are having
were having
is having
will be having
was having
4)Выберите правильный ответ: I'll phone you as soon as I … a room.
will book
shall book
5)Завершите фразуI … a newspaper today.
don't reading
was read
didn't read
haven't read
will reading


Употребите глаголы в скобках в Past Indefinite Tense
1. He (to lose) his balance and (to fall). 2. Ann’s grandfather (to build) his house in 1901. 3. Clearing out the form I(to find) these old letters.4.the lion (to jump) and ( to string) at her. 5. I suddenly (to see) a face in the window.6.the train (to start off) with a jerk 7. The police (to open) fire and (to wound) two criminals. 8. He (to lie) there for an hour till someone finally (to hear) his cries for help.9. We (to meet) last summer.10.I (to deside) to stay with my uncle until i( to find) a flat.11. As it (to grow)darker, we (to find) it hard to walk.12. The critic (to write ) a very bad review of my play.13. We (to go) for a walk every day before lunch. 14. It (to happen) a long time ago.

X.Раскройте скобки , употребив глаголы в Past Indefinite Tense

John Ruggles (to like) anything which (to move) quickly on wheels. He (to know) he make of almost every car on the roads and most of his free time he (to spend) hanging around garages and filling stations.We also (to go) to the 91 large Car Park where drivers sometimes (to give) interesting information on the different cars in the park.
The Car Park (to be) a very interesting place and when the day of adventure (to come), John (to have) no difficulty to decide where to begin. It (to be) early when he (to arrive). There (to be) no tourists about, no cars at all except one in which (to sit) a large dog which (to show) such fine teeth as John(to come) near that he (to retreat) quickly to a seat under the Castle walls. From time to time he (to look) at the sky. He (to hope) it wasn’t going to rain. The clock of the church (to strike) ten and a few cars (to begin) to arrive. Soon a large car (to come in). John (to put) bo
th his hands into his pockets and (to stand) looking at the car at a distance. A tall young man followed by a lady (to get out). John (to hear) the young man calling him. He (to run) up to the man and the man (to give) him a coin and (to ask) him to look after the car.

раскройте скобки,употребляя глаголы в past indefinite и past continuous

1.while she (to play) the piano,i(to write) a letter.2.he(to go) to the university,when i(to meet) her.3.Our triends(to discuss)simething when we(to interrupt)them.4.My mother(to watch)TV,whenI(to come)into the room.5.I haven't seen him since he(to move)to his newflat.6.When I(to look) out of the window,I(to see)that it(to rain)hard and people(to hurry)along the street.7.We (to leave)the house,when thr telepone(to ring).8.I(to sit)on the river bank , when my friends(to join)me.9.When I (to come)up to him,he(to speak)to his friends.10.We (to meet)her when she(to walk)home.11.When she(to enrer)the romm ,I(to stand)at the window.12.When we (to enter)the room he(to smoke and to speak)to h7s friends.13.I(to wach)TV when somebody(to knock)at the door.14.What you(to do),when I(to ring)you up yesterday?15.Her son(to cook)dinner,when she(to come)home.16.She(to water)the flowers,while her husband(to wach)TV

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