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Срочно!Помогите пожалуйста!!! нужен перевод 1 и 3 абзацы ( не по переводчику) . + ответить на вопросы. PUBLIC BEHAVIOR IN THE UNITED

10-11 класс


1. Britons, and the English in particular, are notoriously undemonstrative. The “stuff upper lip” is not just the stuff of fiction and emotional displays, positive or negative, are generally frowned upon. Gestures such as backslapping and hugging are discouraged and a wide distance should be maintained between participants in a conversation. Maintaining eye contact may be necessary when you are trying to emphasize important points but you must avoid any temptation to “eye-ball”. Talking loudly is unacceptable and shouting is beyond the pale. Some old-fashioned interlocutors may not hear you if you have your hands in your pockets. The British do not gesticulate frantically.

2. Introductions can be tricky. Ideally the British prefer third-party introductions but in certain situations, like a drinks party, it may not always be possible and, though awkward, you may just have to go ahead and introduce yourself. Firm handshakes are the norm as part of a formal introduction but may not be expected at subsequent meetings or on social occasions; a gentleman should always wait for a woman to proffer her hand before squeezing it gently. The continental habit of exchanging kisses has gained currency especially amongst the young and the affected but is not recommended for visitors – even the natives are unsure of the correct procedure.

3. “How do you do?” is a greeting not a question. It is used when people are introduced for the first time only and the correct response is to repeat “How do you do?” which is a more or less sincere enquiry as to your well-being.

4. This emotional detachment or even apparent indifference also explains the British abhorrence of Americanisms such as “Have a nice day”. The objection lies not in the sentiment itself but in the lack of sincerity that is implied to the stand-offish British mentality.

5. If the British use few words, it is because they prefer to mean those they do use. They are polite and courteous for the most part. They expect to be treated with respect, in turn for which they will treat you with respect, so: – if there is a queue, go to the back of the line and wait patiently; - do not use the “V” – sign (raising the index and middle fingers) unless you are sure which is the Churchillian version signifying peace or victory (palm outwards); the use of the alternative version (palm inwards) is less common nowadays but is still vulgar and offensive.

6. A service charge of 10-15 % is almost always included in hotel and restaurant bills and you should be wary of establishments that leave the credit card slip open for you to include an additional contribution (if you wish to reward exceptional service give cash directly to the staff). Do not tip bar staff in pubs where there is no table service. Otherwise taxi drivers (especially in London), hairdressers, porters, etc. will expect 10-15 % or a couple of pounds, whichever is the greater.

IV. Ответьте на вопросы к тексту:

1. What kind of people are Britons?

2. What kind of introductions do the British prefer?

3. What does “How do you do?” mean in Britain?

4. What are the norms of public behaviour in Britain?

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1) Britons  are notoriously undemonstrative.

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1.Британцы и англичане ,в частности, как известно, сдержанные."Материал верхней губе" не только материал, из художественной литературы и эмоциональных проявлений, положительный или отрицательный, как правило, с неодобрением. Жесты, такие как панибратства и обньятия не приветствуются и расстояние должно поддерживаться между участниками беседы. Поддержание зрительного контакта может быть необходимым, когда вы пытаетесь, чтобы подчеркнуть важные моменты, но вы должны избегать искушения "глазного яблока". Неприемлимо говорить горомко и кричать. Некоторые пожилые люди могут не слушать вас(не разговаривать с вами),если у вас есть руки в карманах. Британцы не жестикулируют.


3."Как поживаете?" Это приветствие,а не вопрос. Он используется, когда люди встреаются впервые  иправильно будт сказать  "Как поживаете?".Это является более или менее искренние вопрос относительно вашего благополучия. Эмоциональную отстраненность и даже видимое равнодушие также объясняет британское отвращение к американизму, например: "Хорошего дня". Возражение заключается не в себе, а в отсутствии искренности,что подразумевается издержками британского менталитета..

Вопросы просто поищи в самом тексте.Найдешь быстро.Они звучат так:

1.Какие люди британцы?
2. Какое поедение предпоитают британцы?
3. Что значит "Как поживаете?"  в Британии?
4. Каковы нормы общественного поведения в Британии?


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Помогите, пожалуйста, нужен пересказ текста, на английском языке.Вот текст, примерно 9 предложений должно получиться в пересказе, заранее благодарю:

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"Yes. I am. I'm 90." the old man replied.
"Could you give the children here some advice about a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle?" Mr Small asked.
"Sure. Follow my example. Don't smoke, don't drink, don't eat too much sugar or fat and drink lots of water."
At that moment Dr Foam found another old man. who looked older than the first one. He was sitting in a wheelchair, but his eyes were merry and bright.
"How old are you, sir?" Dr Foam asked.
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"Can you tell us why you have lived so long?" Doctor Foam asked.
"It's easy. I always do exercise, and I don't smoke or drink. I spend a lot of time in the open air and I'm a vegetarian." Just then Mrs Bulmer decided to join in the conversation. She saw a very, very old man in the corner of the room. He had no teeth or hair and he couldn't see or hear very well, so she had to come very close to him. The children followed her.
"May 1 ask you a couple of questions, sir," she shouted.
"Yes." the old man whispered.
"Why have you lived so long, sir?" Mrs Bulmer asked.
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"OK, then. I smoke thirty cigarettes a day and drink a bottle of whisky every day. Sometimes I also have two bottles of beer. I never eat vegetables or fruit and I live on chocolate and cakes."
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На голосовании 3 года назадВот перевод этого текста, правда не идеальный:

В комнате, где г-н Малый. Д-р Пена и миссис Балмер разговаривали с детьми, было несколько очень старых людей. Г-н Малый подошел к одному из них. "Я вижу, что вы очень старый человек. " сказал он.
"Да. Я. Я 90." Старик ответил.

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