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Cross green street. the circus is on your ...

10-11 класс

Sanechka8811 10 окт. 2014 г., 9:51:50 (3 года назад)
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10 окт. 2014 г., 11:59:58 (3 года назад)

Cross green street. The circus is on your left/right.


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Автор спутал все случаи употребления Present Perfect и Simple Past в этом упражнении. Помогите найти ошибки и объясните их. 1. She has read a

lot of books last year. 2. We didn't go to the theatre this month. 3. Did you have holiday this year?— Not yet. 4. What are your plans for summer? — I didn't think about it yet. 5. We've discussed some of these problems last time. 6. When have you bought this car? — Two years ago.

Вставьте нужную по смыслу форму глагола to be:

1.He... a doctor now.
2.She... a teacher last year.
3.We... students in a year.
4.They... first-year students four years ago.

Present simple or Future simple

She (stay) at home until she (feel) better
If you (see) Betty?tell her about the party

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Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями в именительном или объектном падеже.1. The vase is on the table. 2. Mother often sends Ben to buy

milk. 3. Are Bess and Helen ready to do the work? 4. Nick and Benspend their holidays at the seaside. 5. The man is in the park. 6. The managers are not at work now. 7. Helen and I are good friends. 8. Is Ben at the lesson now? 9. Where is the calculator? 10. The newspapers are on the table. 11. The child is in the garden with his mother. 12. Our parents are always glad to see us. 13. My brother and I are good football players. 14. Bess knows Ben. 15. I see the picture very well. 16. The students have lectures every day. 17. The boy plays football every Sunday. 18. The teacher asks the students. 19. The students write tests every week. 20. Look at the picture! 21. I have the book at home. 22. Max wants to speakto Helen.

СРОЧНО!!! ПЕРЕВОД!!! When your ship leaves Honolulu they hang leis round your neck, garlands of sweet smelling flowers. The wharf is crowded and the band

plays a melting Hawaiian tune. The people on board throw coloured streamers to those standing below, and the side of the ship is gay with the thin lines of paper, red and green and yellow and blue.

When the ship moves slowly away the streamers break softly, and it is like the breaking of human ties. Men and women are joined together for a moment by a gaily coloured strip of paper, red and blue and green and yellow, and then life separates them and the paper is sundered, so easily, with a little sharp snap. For an hour the fragments trail down the hull and then they blow away. The flowers of your garlands fade and their scent is oppressive. You throw them overboard.

Перевести не с переводчика.This is the little Red Hen.Her name is Jen,or Jen the Hen.Jen the Hen is very clever.Jen the Hen got a family.She has got thr

ee little children-three little chickens.They live in a brown house in Green Street.Jen the Hen has got one son and two daughters.They are yellow.They are very,very nice.They like to run and jump.How Jen the Hen loves them all! They are a happy family.Jen the Hen has got three friends.They are a cat,a dog,and a duck.This is Cat.The Cat-s name is Pam,or Pam the Cat.She is big grey cat.She lives in Green Street,too.

They will not deliver the new sofa on Friday. 2 You can use this saucepan for cooking spaghetti. 3 I have to finish my homework tonight. 4 You must tidy

your bedroom. 5 You ought to put these clothes away. 6 The boss gave the secretary some letters to type. 7 We should eat this cake immediately. 8 Sally sent Peter a birthday card. 9 You must take the dog for a walk.10 The cat is not chasing the mouse.11 Do they produce oil in Spain?12 Did a dog bite him?13 Edward has not recorded a new song.14.Someone left the front door open.15.Jenny didn't break the window.16.Someone is using the computer.17.His brother taught him to drive.18.Many people speak English.19.The doctor had already told him to go on a diet.20.The author is writing a new book. НУЖНО ПЕРЕВЕСТИ В ПЕССИВ ПОМОГИТЕ

How many of us used to dream of joining the circus when we were children? Well, Chris Sayers, a trapeze artist at Zippo’s Circus, did just that. It took

him ten years of training before he felt confident enough to perform six meters above the ground. Since then he has become one of the few people in the world who can do four somersaults one after the other. There are many risks involved in this job. Trapeze artists need to work with a partner the can depend on. When flying though the air at 60 mph, they have to be sure their partner will catch them. “Many times in the past, if I hadn’t had a partner I could trust, I would have fallen and probably hurt myself seriously,” says Chris. People who work in the circus love the risks and the thrill of their profession. Broken bones are part of their job. “I just wish they didn’t take so long mend,” Chris explains. He earns £500 per week, but it is certainly not easy money. найти в тексте глаголы прошедшего времени

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