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10-11 класс

20. Anybody knows how many students study at the university.
19. I asked him if there is a library in his office.
18. We speak neither Spanish not German.
17. He isn`t take the job unless they offer him a good salary.
16. I have just did it myself believe me.
15. Have you ever be to the United States of America&
14. She said that after graduating the institute she will work as a teacher of English.
13. Have you get any parcels from your foreign friend last month&
12. A lot of places of interest was seen by our delegation in London.
11. He said that he will help us at once.
10. If this student will come in time he will hear the report.
9. When my son grows up he will becoming an engineer.
8. Instead of cleaning her room she is dancing at her friend.
7. Everybody know that he is one of the best pupils at our secondary school.
6. One of his teeth are in a terrible condition.
5. A lot of wonderful films was seen by my classmates last year.
4. She promised that she will learn the dialogue by heart.
3. If the teacher will explain to him the new rules, he will understand everything.
2. When summer comes we shall going to the country.
1. My friend told me that he would go for the seaside.

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20. Anybody know now many students study at the university.


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СРОЧНО НУЖНО ПЕРЕВЕСТИ НА АНГЛИЙСКИЙ!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!политика государства во многом оказывает большое значение на движение человека по жизненному пути.

Политически образованный человек может и должен защищать свои права и свободы, которые в наше время очень часто нарушаются сторонними людей, работодателями, отдельными органами власти.
Часто всплывает тема фальсификации результатов выборов. Очень распространено сейчас мнение, что те, кто стоят у власти, сами определяют, кто будет президентом, какая партия займёт большинство мест. Сейчас я понимаю, что если фальсификация и имеет место, то только по вине самого общества в лице представителей кандидатов в президенты, партий на избирательных пунктах. Но суть не в том: общество сейчас настолько политически бедно, что на выборах отдаёт голоса не за тех, чьи взгляды разделяет, а за тех, кто имеет больше средств для проведения рекламных кампаний. Грубо говоря, политически необразованную часть общества можно разделить на две группы: люди, которые ничего не понимают и не хотят понимать в политике; и люди, которые умеют только осуждать власть и разводить демагогию.
Стоит ли в светской беседе затрагивать вопросы политики? Конечно, стоит. Однако при этом люди должны быть политически образованными и не должны рьяно осуждать верхушку власти. Потому что прежде чем осуждать, нужно представить себя на месте осуждаемого, ведь это не так легко - управлять целым государством, а также вспомнить причину, по которой на верхушке стоят именно те, кто стоят – ведь в нашей стране власть выбирают люди.

She (to work)in the garden
Помогите пожалуйста!!! Какое из этих предложений написано в Pr.Continuons Tense и как вы опрелили? 1. A company’s accounts

provide a picture of how the company is doing.

2. Our system of national income accounting allows us to assess the performance of the economy as a whole.

3. No allowance is made for production unreported by tax evaders.

My mother suddenly fell ill (was suddenly taken ill). She was feverish and felt very bad. She had a splitting headache and a terrible cough. We telephoned

for doctor Ivanova, our district doctor.
Doctor Ivanova came, took her coat off and put on the white gown which she kept in her bag. The doctor asked mother to strip to the waist. She examined her, felt her pulse, took her temperature, and measured her blood pressure. The doctor said it might be pneumonia and told mother she must go to hospital for investigation and cure. But mother wouldn't hear of it. So doctor Ivanova prescribed her penicillin injections, a gargle, a cough-mixture, tablets, mustard plasters and a hot-water bottle at the feet. Next doctor Ivanova wrote a note for an X-ray and blood examination. The doctor put down everything she found in my mother's patient's file. The prescription which the doctor left was made up at the chemist's (at a chemist's shop).
We followed the doctor's instructions and in two weeks mother felt much better. I took her to the polyclinic for a check-up. Mother went to doctor Ivanova's consulting-room while I remained in the waiting-room. I looked through the stands containing diagrams with first aid measures and the coloured photographs of certain diseases and their symptoms, covering the walls. Soon mother came out. The doctor said she was on the mend. (She was recovering). перевод

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1.did he say her anything interesting ?
2. There is for you . I hope you will like the book.
3.they are going to Vladimir for few days.
4. I have had this bike since two years.
5. We haven't read the unit seven yet.
7) when have you bought that book?

В каждом предложении есть одна грамматическая ошибка (времена глагола). Найдите ее и исправьте. 1. He have a diploma of an account. 2. We are not like the

terms of the contract. 3. I am at the exhibition yesterday. 4. We did not received your payment yet. 5. How do you send the letter tomorrow?

Найдите ошибки, пожалуйста

Education in Australia is one of the best in the world. Students, who received higher education in this country, can easily find a job anywhere. In Australia, there is a very rigid system of the requirements applied to learning programs. The state guarantees a high level and the quality of knowledge.
Higher Education in Australia has a multi-level system consisting of three levels: Primary education, Secondary education, Tertiary education. A mandatory requirement for admission to the University is the completion of the twelfth grade, English proficiency and getting good grades in the exam.
There are thirty-seven state universities and two private universities with a total of six thousand students, including students of daytime, evening and correspondence departments. All universities are located on the coast of the ocean. Universities Australia has invariably included in the top thirty of the best universities in the world in the rating of the newspaper Times. Due to its unique geographical position, universities in Australia give a good education in oceanography, shipbuilding, marine biology.
In Australia, does not exist ranking of universities. But each university receives a "star" - from one to five. In evaluating accounted academic success of students, number of teachers with advanced degrees, research and many other factors, and, of course, the employment of graduates in the first three months after graduation.
Australian universities have the world's best research base in the field of natural sciences, information technology, maritime transport.
Unlike most European universities have two Australian term admissions students - in February and September-October. The academic year in Australia begins in late February and ends in early November, and is divided into two semesters.
In the initial university courses can obtain an advanced degree (two to three years) or Diploma (one to two years), which demonstrate practical skills in areas such as business, science, education, agriculture and others.
Education Bachelor's degree in Australia takes three or four (honorary degree) years. Some areas - medicine, dentistry, engineering sciences - require longer - from 4 to 6 years - the period of study. Most Popular Business, Business Administration and Economics, and more than half of foreign students come to these courses. The second most popular area of expertise - the natural, human and social sciences, and the arts. Third - engineering and technological specialization.
A master's degree can be obtained in 1-2 years. A master’s degree is awarded as a result of the end of the training program or performs research work. Duration of training of one to one and a half years, the implementation of the research work takes two years. The diploma can be obtained, after studying for two semesters, and a certificate - one. PhD - the highest qualification awarded by the University as a result of the research work.
Australian universities are equipped with the latest technology for research. One of the cons is the high cost of education. Minimum training costs approximately $ 15,000 per year. But the price is much lower than the cost of education in Europe and the US. Because of this, the quality of the theoretical education is not very high.

Most universities provide a dormitory for students. But is always possible and quite simply rent a room or apartment by yourself or with another student. Students in Australia are free to use the library at the university, attend gyms, computer rooms and laboratories. For students granted recreation centers, car parks.
The very first university - the University of Sydney, which opened in 1850. It has educated two Nobel Prize winners.
The best university - The University of Melbourne, located in the state capital of Victoria. He entered the top 200 ranking of world universities (36th place). Especially on high-level teaching is done medical and natural sciences. Is one of the leading research centers in Australia, thanks to which attract a broad stream of government subsidies and grants.
At the moment In Australia is not enough highly qualified specialists in different areas. So foreign students who have graduated from high school in Australia and having a degree not lower bachelor are now eligible to work full-time for two years.
Thus, education in Australia is very prestigious and popular. Knowledge gained in the universities of this country, given the opportunity to get a high paying job around the world. In them are trained not only local students but also foreigners who have the opportunity to stay and live in this country after graduation. Here, not only created the perfect conditions for learning, but also for recreation and entertainment. And also live in Australia are friendly people who can help in any situation.
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Пример: Antonia is Italiana.
Antonia is Italian.

1. My wife beautiful.
2. Hans is businessman.
3. You family is very nice.
4. Buses in London are reds.
5. Where is you from?
6. How old is your children?
7. London is a city very big.

Проверьте пожалуйста и найдите ошибки (грамматические) МНОГО БАЛОВ ЗА 9 ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЙ

1. My mother's school was located in the town center.
2. Mother got there on foot because she lived nearby.
3. There were 32 students in a class in her school.
4. Their classrooms were very small, and that's why they were sitting to close to each other.
5. The discipline was strictly observed at school.
6. Usually they have 6 subjects a day.
7. After-school activities have not very popular, because it was not fun.
8. They had a school uniform and was compulsory.
9. Lunch at school was cold and tasted bad.

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